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Editor In Chief, Catriona Lamerique, Born in Manchester, England has always had an eye for Fashion. Growing up watching award shows and fashion shows always inspired her to one day work in the fashion industry. As a mum she is extremely humbled to be able to bring her love of both adult and child fashion together. After meeting with the Publisher of Posh Kids Magazine, it became clear to them she was the one to lead the editorial team.

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How important is it for Mummymoon to keep up with changing fashion trends?
Mummy Moon ~ Mostly it is a common style of mummymoon which took time to be discovered, so the trends fills about 20% of collection. We currently have a clear MUMMYMOON way.

How does it feel when you see a child wearing a piece from Mummy Moon brand?
We are always looking forward for the photos with the kid wearing mummymoon. This is the best assessment when you actually can see how does it looks like and how does the kid feels wearing it. Though mummymoon brand is higher class and design but we are always thinking about child freedom of movement. So we are working with the best sewing team in Lithuania and we are measuring each millimetre for separate children age group. We are asking them about ability to move and so on. I would say, that we are a slow fashion brand, because we always do our maximum to get the final style and seeking for a perfection is never ending.

What are the highlights of the MummyMoon Spring 2016 collection?
Mummymoon SS16 collection is very constructive and specifically style. You can see minimum of trends and much more of minimalist architecture senses. So this collection is devoted to mother which is interested in the broader winds and which wants to search for and always discover something new. We are looking for these moms! We don't want to to be attractive to all. We want to be THE BRAND world exclusivity.

Why are you specifically passionate about children's fashion rather than adult fashion?
Actual children fashion launched just a few years ago. It's marvellous to grow as a brand and to propose new fashion waves all over the World. Jar is full of jam in adult fashion, so I decided to play with fashion for children. Everything is new there and you can do much more. The most fascinating thing is to experiment, cause wherever you go there you can get a response.

Where do you find brand inspiration for Mummymoon?
The biggest inspiration is the time when you can be alone. Whereas I'm expecting my fourth child and even I'm extra working with commercials and movies as a stylist, so naturally sometimes I need silence and loneliness. The daily loneliness brings me to the voice from heaven with whom I'm working most. When you are not trapped to create something in time then you a THE LUCKY ONE person to feel amazing moment of creativity. Of course I'm following the latest trends but only in adult fashion. Sometimes you can find inspiration in abstract painting, sometimes you can see more things in empty thing or empty space. You can find the shadows or new forms to build something new. Thus, creativity is everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What is your favourite piece from your current collection?
Leigh Paroz - Seamstress and owner ~ I am very excited to reveal some brand new transeasonal pieces very soon, however the Paige top/playsuit would be my favourite current item for its unique style, followed closely by the Evie pinafore vintage romper with its fun feature bow and adjustable straps.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What makes your brand stand out in Children's Fashion?
Leigh Paroz ~ Being 100% handmade in my home studio and inspired by my three amazing children, I focus on creating garments that capture the sweetness and playfulness of childhood. All clothing is carefully and lovingly handmade and adventurous in style to provide for the expression and individuality of young hearts (keeping durability and practicality in mind).

POSH KIDS MAG ~ Why did you choose to design for children rather than adults?
Leigh Paroz ~ The Sweet Fable brand was born from my passion as a parent of three creative and imaginative children, a love of sewing for them, and from my long held dream of working in the fashion industry. My love of sewing began at a very young age, a way of life influenced and taught by my grandmother, mother and aunties all of whom have been avid and meticulous sewers. There are many gorgeous garment patterns available and when possible I like to add my own flair and also modify or combine patterns to create new styles. The choice to begin my brand has resulted in a journey of discovery in both running a business and in personal growth, and I am constantly grateful to my customers and supporters for the opportunity to pursue my chosen career.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What is the most important aspect to consider when designing for children?
Leigh Paroz ~ There are so many important things to consider when sewing garments for children, such as high quality of garment finishes and high quality materials to ensure longevity and durability, adhering to safety standards, affordability, consistency of fit and comfort. All of these things and in particular the comfort and safety of my handmade pieces is of the highest priority when creating fashion for my Sweet Fable babes.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What are the motivations and inspirations behind your brand?
Leigh Paroz ~ Long inspired by the flourishes, designs and antique styles of previous eras, the Sweet Fable brand aims to marry classic styles with modern influences to suit playful minds and provide fun and elegant apparel for little sweeties to tell their own unique story. Going forward the focus will be on providing excellent customer service, increased production and social media presence (via instagram @sweet.fable, facebook and our website and delivering a complementary timeless collection reflective of my desires for the brand.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What do you Love about children's fashion?
Leigh Paroz ~ What is so very exciting about children's fashion is that it can be as unique, playful, inventive, evolving and adventurous as are our children. In addition, handcrafted garments are so much more than something to wear, they prompt us to reminisce on styles and traditions, provoke thought and remind us of the innocence of youth and days gone by. Seeing my Sweet Fable pieces enjoyed by parents and little ones far and wide, and being able to connect with others through my craft (which I am carefully and continually honing), is the ultimate privilege and pleasure xx

POSH KIDS MAG ~ Who is Side Street Clothing?
SIDE STREET CLOTHING ~ Side Street Clothing is a collection of beautifully made custom garments and accessories, where every stitch is made with love. I strive for the best quality in my materials and design.

PKM ~ What does Side Street Clothing bring to Kids fashion, & what is your favourite garment from your latest collection?
SSC ~ Each item in my collection is a piece that celebrates childhood. I try include elements in my items that express the sense of wonder that children have when discovering the world and all of the fun and beautiful things in it. My favorite garment from my latest collection is the "Le Petite Stripe Romper." The fabric is a black and white micro stripe taffeta with a contrasting print bow at the front. I get a million compliments whenever my daughter wears it.

PKM ~ Who is Side Street Clothing aimed Towards?
SSC ~ My line is aimed at stylish kiddos, ages 3 months to 4T. I offer items for both boys and girls.

PKM ~ Where Do the motivations and inspirations for Side Street Clothing brand come from?
SSC ~ I look for inspiration from all over the world, as well as in my own backyard. My initial motivation for creating a children's wear line came from an outfit that my mother had bought my daughter when she was visiting Paris. There was the perfect balance of chicness and whimsy in the garments, and they we so beautifully made that i felt inspired to make my daughter items that reflected my own personal style. Many of my designs are inspired by the fabrics that I find at local family owned shops in my neighborhood.

PKM ~ When did Side Street Clothing make a debut in to the fashion world
SSC ~ The first children's piece I sold was in August 2015, It was a distressed stripe "Mommy and Me" set that I still offer. I immediately knew that I wanted to sell children's wear exclusively, and over the next two months I added 20 items to my collection

PKM ~ Is Side Street Clothing available internationally?
SSC ~ Yes, I have sold pieces all over the world including Paris, Israel, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

PKM ~ Did you have any idea that Side Street Clothing would be such a success?
SSC ~ I am very excited with the growth of my brand and have felt very blessed to have such amazing customers. I can not wait to see where Side Street Clothing goes. I plan on offering wholesale in the Spring and launching my own website in the Fall.

POSH KIDS MAG ~ What is your favourite piece from the current Amebel Baby collection?
Amebel Baby Collection ~ My favorite piece from our current collection is our new Floral romper that was just released today! It's so incredibly soft and stretchy - feels like butter in your hands and on your little babes skin.

PKM ~ What makes Amebel Baby stand out in Children's Fashion?
ABC ~ I think that our fabrics are very unique and grown up. Most of the fabrics I use are colors or patterns that I would wear myself. I've always wanted to use patterns and prints that are universally loved by parents and the kids who wear them.

PKM ~ Why did you choose to design for children?
ABC ~ I chose to design for clothes after becoming pregnant. I had worked as a Doula for 6 years and needed to find a way to support my family from home. Because my life revolved so much around babies, it just felt natural to design children's clothing. Sadly, I lost my pregnancy, but the support I have found through my customers and peers while going through IVF has been incredible.

PKM ~ What is the most essential thing to consider when designing for children?
ABC ~ I think the most important thing to consider is that clothes for kids have to be comfortable, stretchy, and durable. What I love about our rompers is that they are SO easy to get on. After taking care of babies for 6 years, I never wanted to see another snap or zipper again, especially at3 am. I started introducing our rompers to my clients and they loved how easy they slip on and off. I also love that older children, 2 and 3 year olds, love to put the rompers on themselves. They go through a phase where they want to do everything themselves, particularly when it comes to getting dressed, and our rompers are perfect for that.

PKM ~ What are the motivations or inspirations behind Amebel Baby?
ABC ~ My main motivation is to create a business that can help support my family. I have been self supporting since I was 18 and have always wanted to provide not only for myself but for my future family. I am also so inspired by my work as a Doula and it's always important to create products that fit easily into a parent's life.

PKM ~ What makes you so passionate specifically about children fashion rather than adult fashion?
ABC ~ I love how many choices there are! There are so many wonderful brands out there. There really is something for everybody.

Posh Kids Magazine: Who is  Caroline Bosmans and who is your brand aimed towards?
Caroline Bosmans: Behind the brand is Caroline Bosmans, mother of 4 kids and psychotherapist in a former life. The label focuses on parents who have taste for fashion and want to express the personality of their children. For fashionable kids with parents with guts.

Posh Kids Magazine: what makes ( C R L N B S M N S ) so unique?
Caroline Bosmans: ( C R L N B S M N S ) is a high-end label, made in Belgium, so quite expensive. I am constantly looking for new, refreshing high-end materials.

Posh Kids Magazine: What does  Caroline Bosmans bring to Kids fashion.
Caroline Bosmans: I am not a fan of stereotyping. I like to push the boundaries. I want a part of my collection to be gender neutral (because I hate the word unisex), pieces with a certain character. I try to transform things that cross my way, or the 'more adult themes', into kidswear. Kids are living on this earth and are part of our society. I don’t think it is necessary to expose them to everything, but we do not need to overprotect them. I try to make sure that they can fit in the current fashion scene without being offending. I think that a lot is possible, but it depends on the way you present it. I’m not a fan of birds and bees and childish drawings or colors on children's clothing. I want to be sure that I keep my own identity. I want to design what I like and I don’t want to go for the easy money… And kids deserve clothes to express their personality. Another important thing is making a collection, not just clothes. Every piece is a part of a complete story, picture. Every piece matches each other piece from the collection. I want every detail to be right. That’s why I work with a limited number of colors and design my own prints. I start every season all over again. Same signature, but totally different work. Humor is the most important thing I take into account.

Posh Kids Magazine: Where Do the motivations and inspirations for Caroline Bosmans brand come from?
I try to transform things that cross my way or the 'more adult themes' into kidswear. My 4 kids are my biggest inspiration.

Posh Kids Magazine: When did  Caroline Bosmans make a debut in to the fashion world.
Caroline Bosmans  ( C R L N B S M N S ) made an entrance in to the fashion world just in time for AW13|14 season.

Posh Kids Magazine: Is Caroline Bosmans Children's Fashion brand available worldwide?
Yes! We have retailers all over the world.

Posh Kids Magazine: What is your favorite piece from your latest collection?
My favorite pieces from our latest collections are all the printed pieces on the mesh fabric!

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