7 Day Pamper Yourself Challenge

One of the biggest struggles I hear about from everyone is self-care. Some of us have full-time jobs while running a business, we are taking classes, we are raising little humans, whatever it may be, self-care is definitely a must. Do you wake up, make your coffee or tea and sometimes forget about it until it’s too cold to drink, forget to take a shower because you are too wrapped up on your latest project and you are researching, typing and creating away? If you can relate to any of these or need a reminder to take a break, this challenge is perfect for you!


Thank you for joining in on my 7-day pamper-yourself challenge! It’s simple and self-paced and can be repeated when you need that extra reminder to focus on self care. I came up with this challenge as I was struggling with setting aside time for myself throughout the day for self-care. I found myself multi-tasking while having breakfast, working out only when I could fit it in my schedule, taking a relaxing bath as a last resort and overall just not being present with anything related to taking care of myself. If you can relate to any of these or need a reminder to take a break, this challenge is perfect for you! You can jump in on any day of the week or plan the whole week out in advance. Day 1 starts out on Monday.

Day 1

You’ve been in front of your computer or desk for over one hour and you haven’t had breakfast…or is it lunch already?! Get up, make your cup of coffee or tea and have a morning snack or hearty breakfast/lunch! Quick breakfast snack ideas:
-a bowl of fruit
-a smoothie
-roasted sweet potatoes
-leftovers are always a good idea

Day 2

• Take a stroll around your neighborhood
• Have a coffee break outside
• Sit outside and recharge Meditate outside
• Listen to your favorite podcast outside
• Read a book outside Hang out at the park


“You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head, you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain.”

Day 3

Relaxing hot baths are not always reserved for Friday evenings or the weekend. Plan a mid-week early evening bath and soak in your favorite bath salts or oils.
-Light a scented candle
-Perfect time to exfoliate with a sugar scrub
-Play relaxing music in the background
-Face mask or hair mask
-Foot lotion/massage

Day 4

It’s time to schedule a coffee date with your BFF, your partner or hey, even your new Instagram friend you’ve been wanting to meet in person. Human interaction almost always brings positive vibes, especially if you have been hustling indoors for the past few days. And if you are having a coffee date with yourself, more power to you, just getting out and being around people, even if it means interacting with the barista or strangers can make you feel human again!

Day 5

There’s nothing wrong with a quick power nap to get you through the day!
Wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on your next project.
Naps are known to increase alertness, improve your memory and power up your creativity!


“If you insist on working this weekend, go ahead, but try to block a chunk of time from your schedule today strictly for work so you don’t end up in front of your laptop all day updating and clicking away! And then enjoy the rest of your day/evening! Have a glass of wine or two, enjoy a sweet treat, buy that favorite outfit you’ve been eyeing! You deserve it!”

We all have our own versions of pampering ourselves and it doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads of money to feel better.”
• Catch up on a book
• Schedule a date night
• Plan a weekend getaway
• Unplug from social media for the evening
• Quality time with loved ones
• Cook your favorite meal
• Try a new workout class


You have completed the pamper- yourself challenge!
Let’s continue sharing our self-care tips and routines via Instagram or drop me an email to share your thoughts! This challenge can be repeated as many times as you’d like or when you need that reminder to “take a break!”
xo, Maria

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Maria Aldana


Maria started Earl Grey Style as a little place to document her adventures and favorites in style, beauty and decor. She recently began her journey towards a minimalist lifestyle and wardrobe and started switching out most of her beauty products to green and natural products.