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With the start of a new show that is taking off, Asher Angel is flying high and enjoying every moment of it. The fans are growing and his career is taking off. Asher gave me a moment to chat and tell us what has been going on since the Launch of Andi Mack.

The reviews are in… it is overwhelmingly great! I think the Disney universe, has fallen in love with the show. How great is knowing that your starring in a show, that is becoming more successful each episode?
I remember at the beginning, when the show was about to come out, I was thinking a lot about what the kids were going to be thinking, and if they would be able to relate to the show. When the show came out, it was amazing! I could not believe it. The feedback was overwhelming and everyone was being so supportive.

Are you and your character, Jonah, similar and how?
Yea, we do have SOME things in common. I just don’t have a high school girl. He is really thoughtful, sensitive and really honest. He tries to care about everyone that he can. Something we really do have in common is, that we both play Frisbee. I play a little bit before the show.

What has been the toughest part, so far, since you started filming?
We shoot in Utah, so I would say the tough part would probably be showing up every day, in the morning, at 5am in the morning, when it is snowing. We are the first show to shoot in snow, which is pretty awesome. So, I would just say, showing up there, trying to not to be cold and making sure we have all our lines down.

You seem to be pretty close with your fellow cast members, how has the experience been so far?
It’s been absolutely amazing! It’s been a year since we shot the pilot, and since then it has been amazing. They are like my family. My second family. I am close to all of them.

With whom are you closest— I ask because your fans are falling in love with the photos of how close you and Peyton are?
We are all very close. Sofia and Payton are like sisters. I can tell them anything. Josh is like a best friend and a brother to me. So, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. I like them all, in different ways.

The cast has been doing a lot together, what has been the most fun things you guys have done together, while not filming?
There has been so many moments. Peyton and I, just got back from Disney World. It was absolutely amazing! We were there for a week. We shot some promo and we went on tons of rides. It probably was the best trip I have been on in a long time.

Is there any unknown fact or secret, about the show, that you can share with us?
Wow, sometimes I don’t even know the secrets. They think that the show is good now, but it is really early, we still have a few more episodes to go. It’s going to get a little out of control and a little crazy. I want them to be really pumped about it, because I am really excited. A lot of surprises are going to happen

We love your fashion style, that we’ve been seeing, is there a favorite brand you like?
Totally, I actually went to Radio Disney Music Awards. I really love Dsquared2 and I actually had my Greeps on, which is my favorite shoes.

We saw videos of you with a band, and playing guitar, is music a big thing for you?Music is definitely a big thing for me. I started out doing theater, which is acting and singing, then transitioning into film, which is cool. I want to pursue music again when I am older.

Which Artist inspire you, musically?
I would say, I love Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran. There are so many talented artist out there now.

If you had the chance to sing with someone, who would that be?
That’s a good question. I would say right now Ed Sheeran, he is on fire! His new album is absolutely amazing. Maybe we can do a cover on “Shape of you” together in the future. Definitely, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

Can your fans expect a single or an album soon?
Hopefully, very soon. We are starting to work on it. The fans are really getting excited, after I posted a gospel cover on YouTube. Fans started to say, “wow, you can sing!” I was really excited to see those comments. Yea, hopefully, very soon.

Your photos from the Posh Kids shoot were amazing, but you also have many photos circulating that are incredible also. Is modeling part of Asher’s career path?
No, not really. But I would do anything.

Is there any other talent we don’t know about?
My friends taught me how to play football, baseball and basketball. It has become my other passion, besides acting, singing and dancing.

You have an amazing career ahead of you, what are some roles that you would love to do?
I would say something on the dramatic side.

Is there an actor you would love to work with, that you feel you would work well alongside?
A lot of people in auditions tell me I look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, which is a huge honor to hear people say that. I am like What, Really?! So hopefully, which would be amazing, that I do a movie or show with Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe I could play his son! That would be a dream role to be able to act with Leonardo DiCaprio.

We could definitely see that. Thank you chatting with us for a bit.
No problem, thank you, anytime!

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