behind the looks! Celebrity Stylist Enrique Melendez!

When it comes to fashion, styling and distinctive taste in this industry you can’t but stop and think of Creative Director and Fashion Stylist to the stars Enrique Melendez. His work has been nonstop and his story is one that most can relate. Is one that you should not underestimate your desire in achieving something in life that at times you may feel is unattainable. His passion for fashion and creativity started at a very young age, actually as a kid, and it transcended to be what he does now for a living. When you’re doing what you love and what you’re passionate about, it’s no longer a job.

In his early days he started as an intern and from there he began working directly with worldwide music group “Black Eyed Peas” group leader Will.I.Am., which gave him the opportunity to travel the world and take in bits and pieces that would remain with him to bring out in his fashion styling. This opened doors to him and he has been able to work for so many celebrities that the list is too long to mention. Will.I.Am, Bruno Mars, Jenna Ortega, Christina Milian and McKenna Grace. His list goes on and will continue to grow, just to name a few.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Enrique and what was meant to be a short interview because of all the work that he’s had recently with award shows, daytime shows, movies premieres and so forth, it became an interview of more than an hour. It felt as we knew each other for a long time and were catching up on what we’re now doing. Enrique is such an amazing individual and his fashion sense is one that is remarkable, iconic, and memorable. In the conversation below meet and get to know Enrique Melendez the Creative Director and Fashion Stylist but you will also meet the humble individual that didn’t give up on his dream and made it a reality. Enjoy!

How’s it going so far?
It’s going good, it’s been very busy, busier than I expected. Super tired and I had to say to myself “let me take some time off Friday, Saturday and Sunday”.

You actually need it. A lot of times you overwork yourself, you don’t want to miss that moment and we forget to take care of ourselves and you need time for you.
Yes, it’s really important as you said, you really have to have that time for yourself.

We have actually worked and have in common a few celebrities that you have styled. We have had on our cover Jenna Ortega, McKenna Grace and also Christina Milian and her daughter Violet.
Oh wow! I’ve worked with her before for the Emmy’s.

Yes, so I was “Oh my God, we have to try to get in contact with Enrique and get to know more about him, plus we also, Posh Kids Magazine is going to be hosting for the first time LA Fashion Week for Kids. We’re trying to get to know better the fashion world in LA. We’ve already been doing it here in New York for the past year.
Oh cool. When are you guys doing that?

We’re doing it in September here in New York and then in LA we are going in October.
Okay, cool.

Let’s learn who is Enrique Melendez, the Fashion Stylist? Tell me, when did you fall in love with fashion and what were some of the earlier styles that influenced this passion?
Okay, so I fell in love with fashion even before I even realized that I knew it. So both of my grandma’s, well my parents were really young when they had me and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandmothers would watch, from both sides, would always watched these old movies like “The Wizard of OZ”, “The Color Purple” and all these different movies that I grew up watching as a child and I was enamored by the costumes and I would try to draw them the best that I could and would try to reenact them on paper. I just realized I was really in love with clothes and dresses, and all of the different things, all of the different workloads from movies like “Gone with the Wind”. All of the things that I liked, most kids were not really into, but I really realized that at a young age, that it intrigued me and that’s when I think I realized that I loved fashion without knowing it. You know as kids you just go with what you love, but you don’t really know it. It just captures you.

You don’t really know it. You know you liked it, you just didn’t know it was a passion or something you were going to be so into.
Yes and I didn’t know this is something you could do for a job. You grow up as a kid and they tell you, “you have to be a doctor, you have to be a lawyer, you have to be all these different things”, but you don’t really think about fashion as being an option.

You’re right. So, you were probably the kid that would do a lot of dress-up like changing costumes and stuff like that at home or in school?
You know what’s crazy, is that I used to love Halloween, but we used to never afford the costumes and such stuff that I wanted to do. Like my mom was never really there, she worked a lot, so I never really had like a parent that would be “hey let’s make a costume together”. We couldn’t afford it, so I wasn’t, I didn’t start dressing up as much as I wanted to until I was an adult and I could afford making my own costumes, but it was definitely something I loved.

Wow… you knew you liked clothing but didn’t know that that were what you actually was going to be doing for a living, so that has been something that has been with you forever.
You’re right, yes, and I still didn’t realize that a lot of my family members, like my uncle from New York, from Brooklyn, he, right when he passed I saw all these amazing drawings that he did. He was really into fashion and a lot of the people that spoke at his funeral were talking about how he made them all of these dresses. He made one of the women her wedding dress and no one knew any of these things, because he kept it to himself, because as a male, especially in the Latino community, fashion was not necessarily considered a career or a job. It’s more, like, it looked as more as something not a man would do but a woman would do. So I struggled with that as well as a child. It was not that anyone discouraged it in my family, I just took the burden upon myself, you know…

Wow… and probably society as well…
Exactly, society more importantly, more than anything.

What was your first big break?
So, I after I decided I wanted to be in fashion, I started to do these little photo shoots on my own. I would go buy and return clothes and just kind of do little photo shoots on my computer and I would submit a little… what do you call them? Book…

Look book…
Yeah, to interns and stylists and I met this one stylist and she was looking for an intern. So, I started working with her, her name is Lori Phillips and she was working for this group the “Black Eyed Peas” and I was like “oh cool”. I really didn’t know much about the “Black Eyed Peas”, like I knew they had a couple of songs but I didn’t really, it really wasn’t my genre of music, all I knew was they had a couple of songs but I wasn’t really into them. So basically it was like the year that that song “I Gotta Feeling”, “Boom Boom Wow”. One their biggest albums was about to come out and the song, one of the singles came out, I did the music video and I was okay. I lost my… okay, so wait let me go back. So basically, what happened was I lost my job and I was like “okay well, I can’t be interning for free, I have to get a real job”. So, I called my friend and I was like “Yo, I got to come to New York. I have to find a stylist to work with, that’s going to pay me at least. I don’t know, I’m not getting paid over here”. So, Will.I.Am leader of the group heard me saying that I was probably leaving to New York and was “No, you guys, we have to get him somehow, we got to figure out how he could stay on the team” and it went from there and they hired me and I was traveling the world like two months later. It just really happened, like really putting in the hard work, like I worked for free for a year and a half to two years. So, when it was time for me to step up and they hired me, I was traveling with them and it was during the world tours, all the press tours and they had a really crazy style, so it kind of… I had to teach myself because I didn’t really know a lot of the brands at that time you know? I really had to do a lot of research and find things that were different because their style is very, very specific and way out there to stand out, is not just like plain suits and stuff like that, so that’s where it all came along.

Basically from something that can be negative, like losing your job, you were hungry for something bigger and you were able to achieve it, so that’s an incredible story.
Yeah, it’s a really huge blessing because now I was this is all bad, but I’m like “you have to keep on pushing” and then from there on when traveling. We were, well, when you are in a summer tour you end up, you’re usually in the same circuit as a lot of other bands. So through there, I met Bruno Mars, Bruno Mars asking for styling then Jason Derulo, so like that it was just kind of a tumbleweed and so on, and meeting other people and then one door opened and another.

Doors started opening, networking, meeting new people and everything.

And I think that everyone that has worked in this industry, as in media, communications, fashion, style all of these, at some point in our lives when we start we’ve all done free work.
Yes, yes.

So, if you really want to stay in here, you are someone that is just starting you have to understand that you have to work and make your path and eventually it will pay off.
Yes, people just don’t understand that they just think this industry that we are just working and it’s really glamorous, but it’s lots of work and you have to love what you do because if you don’t, you’re just in the wrong field.

Describe your style in three words.
Ok, I will do memorable. I would say like my work, I really like to do things that are iconic, that’s what I strive to do. I just don’t want to do anything everyone else is doing. Another word I can say is innovative, something new. So I guess iconic will be memorable, but I think innovative would be something new and something that kind of touches all of, you know, the entire census and the third would be inspirational. I think that, you know, you get inspired, you don’t want to do, want to do something great, you know. I feel like, when you see someone, you go “oh wow I couldn’t do that, but maybe I could”… I think, a lot of times some of the things that I choose, clients go “oh wow, I wouldn’t do that”, but it’s like, they do and then it’s like “oh wow I never thought I could wear this”, polka dots and stripes together, whatever it is, you know what I mean? Not that specific, but I see that a lot and I love when that happens because you know, I had, I got to show someone another side that they didn’t think they had.

I think those are great words: iconic, inspirational and innovative.

How do you stay updated with current trends and does it determine how you style?
It’s crazy, really, because I really look at magazines and everything, but honestly the best way to stay current with trends is traveling. I feel it’s the best way on how I moved in fashion, how I became so aware of what’s out there and being open to so many different things, is by traveling. That came originally from my first go around with the “Black Eyed Peas”. I got to travel to so many countries; I hit every continent other than Antarctica! I really, must have seen every type of style in fashion and how fashion is influenced by so many different cultures and countries. I think that’s how I really stayed up to date, by paying attention to what’s going on outside the U.S., that’s really how everything kind of evolve, like you see interaction with people and from talking to the same circle of people all the time, you’re never going to grow.

You have to branch out.
Yes, you have to branch out and feel you have to meet new people that don’t have the same view on life and everything is really important and I think that’s how I stay current with fashion. What was the second part of the question?

Does it determine how you style?
I think it does determine in a way. I feel like even if it’s subconsciously, I think it does have an effect on how I style because I’m like, some of our minds are crazy cause you will see something and you just logging it in the back of your head and I’m out, styling something and I’m like “Oh I saw it somewhere” and it just comes up because you saw it somewhere and it ends up looking cool on a client or what not. Then people are like “where did you get the hat?”, “where did you get that idea?” and you use it subconsciously and you’re like “I don’t know either”. You really saw it somewhere, you really thought it was cool, it was intriguing. So it really does determine how I dress a client.

How important is communication between yourself and a client?
It’s sooo… important!!! I can’t even stress the amount of importance. I really think, because it’s been so many times where I’ve been referred by a client and then the manager’s saying “ok, so we want to put them in this, this and that, and this is what they want to do”. And I like, “okay, is there a way we can set up a call with the client so we can just…”, “well, she’s really busy, this is what they told us they wanted”; and then, I’ll give you an example – we were told at a fitting that “oh, she wants pretty gowns, different colors and everything” and we showed up with all these pretty gowns and all these things and the client is “but where is the denim? I thought we were going for the jeans, denim look, like denim on denim”, I’m like, “I have 7 racks of clothes with all these different colorful gowns, all the dresses and different silhouettes, and I’m just like “Oh my god, we literally, what are we going to do here?” You know, so it’s more important to talk to the client like it doesn’t always have to be face to face. I actually prefer it because you can get a feel and vibe of someone in person, but you know, it’s something that not always happens, but definitely at least a phone call, something so you know.

What they want?
Exactly, what they want and what they don’t feel comfortable wearing. What colors they don’t like, what part of their bodies they don’t want to show.

What is their good side or bad side? (laughs)
Yeah, their good side and their bad side. It’s so important and even after, you have been working with a client for a while, it’s still great you can actually shoot them a text like “hey, like what so you think or they have this new thing coming up on Friday, like what are you feeling”, because you can, I can show up and be like “I think you should wear some shorts on this daytime show or whatever it is” and they’re “no, I really wanted to wear a dress” and you’re like “okay, we should’ve talked about that first”.

I know, just to set the mood and know what their expectations are.
Yeah, cause it’s as much what I can vision. I’m not the type of stylist that it’s like “this is the vision; you need to be doing what’s on the runway of Milan and Paris”. Obviously, styling for me is a collaborative effort; I like my client to feel great and confident.

I agree with that, the client should feel comfortable with what they’re wearing, that’s the only way the outfit is going to flow and she will know how to wear it. It’s like the clothing hanger, the person will be the clothing hanger, but the person should be comfortable enough to know how to walk with this outfit, feel comfortable; their self-esteem to be “this is my outfit”; “this is how I’m wearing it”.
You have to own it! If not, it’s not going to work. I’ve seen, even Jenna, just to bring up someone that you know, she can own something and I’m like “I didn’t even realize that you could hold this down. I felt that this could have been too much for you”. She just owns it and she’s like “yeah, I love this”, and it just works, she just owned it otherwise on someone else it could be, like the garment like they say “the clothes are wearing you, you’re not wearing the clothes”, you know? And she’s really great at that.

She’s amazing; it was really easy to work with her. Yes, we had a great time working with her.
Yes, I can imagine. She’s a sweetheart.

Yes and even her mom is a sweetheart, she’s amazing and you can see where she gets it from.
Yes, that’s where it stems from. She’s a product of a great family upbringing. It’s really great to work with her.

The next question is, who are your style icons? Do you have any?
Oh yes, from young I was always a huge fan of Aaliyah, like I always felt she just did so many different styles and she just made them sexy cool, you know what I mean? It was not always sexualized, even with all the different albums she came out with she’s still kind of true to who she was, but she kind of elevated with time, you know? So, she was one of my main ones and she does forever will be and her style is still current.

Yes, it was never ending, all the stuff she used to wear back then you can wear them now and it’s ageless. It doesn’t go away “no pasa de moda”, it stays with you, it flows.
Yes, it’s there, it’s timeless, it just keeps on going. That was one of the main ones. I really love, I love her. It’s a tie between Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, I think they fit in the same category to me because they both, well Rihanna, I say I like Rihanna more because she takes something crazy she’s another one she takes some crazy concepts and she just owns it and you’re like wow again I just didn’t think that you can anyone make this look good but should she’s another one she takes some crazy concepts and she just owns it and you’re like “wow again, I just didn’t think that you can, anyone make this look good”, but she’s really she’s really great at owning it.

She made a “doo-be” become a fashion statement.
Right (laughs) and she just murdered that and it was like “oh man, I couldn’t do that”, but she just rocks with it so great and it’s rare to find people like that. She’s another one of mine. Like for a while now she’s been killing it. Gwen Stephani is up there. If I have to come up with 3 icons a he’s also another whose style is just evolved, she also stays true to herself.

I agree, she’s amazing. I love her! So, what is your approach when you’re first styling someone? Besides communication, what else do you need from them?Honestly, I just ask a bunch of questions and is trying to figure out like cool; I always start out my first fitting with every client, I say “Okay, everything on this rack it’s going to be from mild to wild, so we can go way left or way right” and it’s like “but this is our first time working together, so it’s like if something scares you that’s fine, we don’t have to go that way, but you know, I still have these options here that are toned down”. Again, like I said, I like to do things that are memorable and iconic and it’s like sometimes I work with a client and it’s like “oh it’s too much, It’s cool, but it’s not me” and I can see whether I can be cool. They’ll leave me again, I just have to tone it down or they just get scared and say like “No”, and is usually males that are a little scared as far as actors not musicians, they really have, they really want a strong sense of style, so they’re open to trying a lot new things. So, that’s exactly what I say “everything on this track is from mild to wild, so if something scares you we don’t have to go that way, but it’s there in case you want to try it on, because a lot of things look crazy on the hanger sometimes and then you put it on your body and vice-versa, some things look great on the hanger and terrible on the body. It’s just really about being open and just trying things on. Oh, I know who is my other icon, Pharrell, Pharrell Williams! Sorry that was the male one.

Oh I love him!
Yes, he always takes risks and people always tell him why you’re wearing this, why you wearing that?

Listen, everything he wears works.
Yes, it works and he owns it and he goes back to what I’m saying, he goes to a bigger picture.That’s why Louis Vuitton and all these brands like 10 to 12 years ago chose him to be like a brand ambassador because he was taking these risks. Isaac Mizrahi, Christian Dior, all these people, because he makes all these crazy fashion choices but in the bigger picture people like in Paris and Milan they appreciate the creativity and that’s going to help your son too, being open to these things, really being open-minded like you said “as long as it’s not damaging your character, I think it’s really going to be a great way to help him.

I love the 3 icons you chose – Aaliyah, Rihanna and Pharrell, well Gwen Stefani is in the same category but Rihanna is riskier.
Yeah, for sure! She goes all the way!

What is the most fun part of your job and what is the most challenging?
The best part of my job is when I get to see my clients really happy and excited and confident with what they look like. That’s really what’s my biggest joy out of my job. I really love to see that, and also my vision come to life, so if I have a vision “Oh my God I think this would have not worked and it ends up working, that’s another joy”. The most challenging part it’s dealing with so many different personalities. I think especially when you’re dealing with celebrities’ clientele, you have like so many different people to get where your creativity approved by, like you know what I mean? You have the publicist, you have to manager, you have to agent, you have the client, you have the client’s friend sometimes that are standing in the room, you have so many different people.

And it’s trying to get everyone on the same page and understanding not only your client self-trusting in you, but everyone else that is there, their entourage understanding that you have a vision and you know, to trust your judgment and whatever you’re doing with the client.
Yes and sometimes you’re fitting some things and trying on some stuff and they’re “no, no” and you’re “I’m not done yet”.

You’re like “hello, can I do my job?”
Yeah, but I’m a very patient person and people tell me that “wow I don’t know how you deal with that?” I’m really, really patient. I’ve dealt with so many different type of personalities, so I’m just like “let me finish, we’re not done yet” and we get into it and get to shooting and then it’s like “wow, it looks amazing” or sometimes you know it’s like “oh I still don’t like it” and I’m like “okay cool, let’s scrap it and move on, just let me try to, let me finish what you hired me to do and then if you still don’t like it, then we can move on”, so that’s really the hardest.

I totally agree with you and I seen that many times.
Oh I’m pretty sure you’ve seen that and you’re like “we were thinking this” and then it could be a really cool idea but the parent or the client itself “no, I don’t think that’s going to be okay”, let’s just be a little open here let’s see if the pictures I’m going anywhere then we can change it.

What’s your favorite look that you have styled up-to-date, like so far, what’s been your favorite look?
That’s the other one that I had an issue with…

We can come back if you want. You know every time I ask this question about the favorite, a lot of people do have issues responding to that because sometimes you just don’t have a favorite. You just may have many favorites and make your own.
Yeah, and your favorite for different reasons. That one it’s so hard for me to answer, I feel like all of them have a special, well not all of them have a special reason or place. I’ll say one of them, I can say one, it’s when I work with Will.I.Am we did this video with Justin Bieber called “That Power”. It was like him and six to eight dancers had the same outfit with these really crazy hat and what not…

Yeah, I’ve seen that video.
That hat and it wasn’t, it was that I loved the iconic look of it. What really got me, was when I saw, so the director of that video told me that Beyonce, when he worked with Beyonce on video, he worked with Beyonce on the “Coldplay” video, she told him, like “oh my God that’s one of my favorite videos”, then the director was like I loved everything about that video from the wardrobe, choreography, so that being said that I’m a huge fan of Beyonce’s work, that really meant a lot and then I even seen that like even she did the “Formation” video she kind of had a similar hat on. That Will wore on that video. I’m not saying that she did it, but even some of the net movements and everything kind of reminded me of that. She probably took some inspiration from it subconsciously because it was so cool. But that was a huge compliment for me, because she’s like Beyonce said it and I’m “oh my God”.

I saw the video and what I see is a lot of uniformity, a lot of straight lines.
Yes, exactly.

I was seeing a lot of geometrical shapes, like the circle, the straight lines, the triangle, a trapezoid (laughs). I honestly saw a lot of geometrical forms, but I like the straight lines, the sharp edges and how everything occurred at the same time.
Yes, so when she did her video, she did her and her girls in denim, but even her formation of them was kind of was similar to Will and his male dancers when she had the hats. The hats on the formation tour, I don’t know if you’ve seen in the tour all of her dancers have these big old hats, it was bold, clean and uniform, and I was “this reminds me of that video with that 4 years ago”

It’s a little of good pride.
Yeah and it’s even, I know she’s said it, the director even told her that that wasn’t her inspiration. It kind of got me a little, maybe I had a little influence, inspiration on that (laugh).

Yeah, you never know, you probably did. I think you did.
Well one day I’ll ask her.

Why not and we’ll have a clear mind about that. So, name some fashion “No-No’s” that you stay cleared from? Fashion “No-No’s” something that “No you cannot! Stay away from that!”
I cannot stand when women wear shoes that are too small and your feet are hanging over.

Oh my God that’s one of my pet peeves.

Sandals are made for your toes and your heels to be inside, not out.
Exactly, (laughs) it drives me crazy like oh my God that is one of them!

Or the little toe coming out, no it needs to be in!
Yeah, if it can stay inside the shoe, you just need a lot of people, honestly, I think if I say this honestly choosing things that are not right. People use trends and they see trends, every trend is not meant for everyone or your body type. We have to be really aware of what we’re putting on our body because it’s not; everything is not for you. The things that honestly bring me to a border is the shoes, Crocs, those little sandals shoes(laughs) I don’t like those.

It’s hard in today’s fashion no-no’s. Aren’t those what nurses and doctors wear and people wear them to walk around in the streets?
I hate those, is just really honestly just be aware of what your body and not everything is for you. I don’t, that one is for sure, shoes, Crocs, what am I missing? I think that’s it.

I think it’s kind of hard picking fashion no-no’s in today’s fashion because fashion today is so open.
Yes, so open.

So, its diverse, it may not work on you, but on somebody else it may be like I hit, “like wow” and like you said not everything that is in style is meant for everybody to wear it.
Yes, it’s not. I’m like, how did you not see that? I don’t know why people are not telling their clients “oh this doesn’t look right”. I don’t know why it happens either, when clients, people put their client’s on the red carpet and the shoes that are too big, you can see the space. That’s not okay either. It just looks like you’re swimming in shoes. I hate that more than anything. I’m a huge person on tailoring, everything should be fit to your body. More like, even, if it’s not a tight garment it should still be, like Jenna is 4’9” so I had to get everything tailored. It makes her look taller on the red carpet. And everyone is “Oh my god she looks so much taller”

She’s so tiny.
Yeah, literally I had everything tailored properly for her and I think a lot of times people don’t do that and that’s when they really look bad.

At our magazine cover in the editorial we did on her, she looks pretty tall.
Oh yeah, I saw that, the one with the jumpsuit, the mustard one.

The mustard one and people will think that she’s a tall girl. You need to make it work, you have to know what works for her that will make her look taller in pictures.
Yes, that’s very important, she looked great in that cover by the way.

Thank you so much, my team is great. It was a group effort; not for anything but my team is amazing, it was pretty awesome! Posh Kids Magazine is pretty awesome!
Her mom showed me some things from behind the scenes and everything looked great and I was like “oh wow she looks great”.

What are some essential items that every woman’s closet should have?
Depending on your feet, I feel that everyone one should have an open toe sandal with a heel. You know what I mean, like a strappy heel?

Like just one strap with a sexy heel.
Yeah, I think that goes very well with my sort of clients, it elongates their legs, even if they’re tall it gives a sexy feel with whatever they’re wearing. I think, that’s very important, every client that I have, that’s one thing I make sure they have, it goes well with anything.

I think it has to do with the straps that goes around the ankle.
Yeah, for sure, and it looks great. That and I would say, not sure what other things, like classic items, a great classic coat or blazer. I think is really important to have that, you can wear with anything; throw over like with something more formal or you can throw it over some jeans.

Something you can dress up or dress down.
Yes, that blazer, many things that are traditional because a lot of times we get stuck with trends and you have all these different things like a classic bag, a Louie Vuitton bag or whatever you’re buying. You buy with the trendiest things, like which brand, like you’re stuck with, you know what I mean? and like the pastels and then it’s all these different colors, then it’s like now that you have it they’ll go “you’re wearing the wrong color”, “you’re wearing the wrong bag”, instead of having a classic bag that’s black, navy blue or brown, yes you’re good.

I think I’m good, I have the strappy sandals, I have a classic blazer or coat to go and I do just stick to the black bag, black works with everything.
Yes, you’re good; and what about a good pair of denim? do you have that?

Oh yes, I do!
I think that’s really great.

And my denim, I can be very casual with it and if I’m gonna go out I can just put on and accessorize it. Like, if I have a T-shirt I’ll put on a nice necklace, my heels and nice makeup and I’m good to go out. That should be good; that’s the good thing about having a good pair of jeans, that you can dress it up and dress it down.
For sure.

So, those are the essential pieces a strappy sandals and do a blazer or coat…
The strappy sandal with heel, I don’t want it to be looking like you are out of style.

No, with the heel now, which heel, because I have both the chunky and the thinner heel?
It depends on what you’re wearing.

Ok, so obviously a good pair of jeans that fits well.
Yes, well fitted jeans.

You have styled many celebrities but is there one celebrity you’re looking to work with?
And I don’t have, my thing is that I have worked with many, many celebrities and I think probably the most… I took a break from styling for about a year and I really had to own what I wanted to do. I found out I was doing all these jobs that I wasn’t happy but I really had the most fun working with the new talent and really kind of building their style, their profile, you know like Jenna and even little McKenna at 10 years old and I have another kid that’s 21 years old that he’s about to come out with this big movie and we’re just having fun building their style, profiling and I have more fun doing that than wanting to work with the “Rihanna’s”. I wouldn’t. Rihanna already have her style and profile. All these people that are already big already have their style.

So, it’s not wanting to work with the “Rihanna’s”, I guess you want these new actors, actresses and artists that you wants to be a trend setters.

That’s where you want to start because that can lead to setting a fashion statement.
Yes, exactly.

But if an opportunity comes with a celebrity, you’re not going to pass it down.
Oh no! Of course not, but I’m not the type to say “I don’t want to work with this person”. I love Julianne Moore the actress, I really love her, she’s just… there’s something about her that is iconic.

You know with Julianne Moore she’s like very simple, she’s like a clean canvas and there’s so much you can do, and even how she carries herself is awesome.
Yes, I love that.

How important is fashion week for you?
I find it to be very important because I feel you can look at it like it’s your study time. This is where I can see what’s going on with fashion and what inspiring me, because what’s inspiring me it’s what’s going to help with my day-to-day job you know, and you can be a) I like this or b) I didn’t. And I could be I really want to recreate this and I can see something that may work for my client one here or and I can see something working for my other client over there and they will love that, so I think it’s really important. I feel some people say “I don’t want to hear what’s on the runway, I just want to want to do my own thing” but at the same time as a stylist, you need to know that it’s good to do your own thing but you have to be real, at the time you’re going to pull clothes they are going to be the clothes you’re pulling for a client and you may not be prepared for not studying the runways.

Who are some of your favorite designers that you follow?
I’m loving Tom Ford is one of my favorite hands-down!

I love Tom Ford!
He’s just the epitome of luxury. Even his campaigns and all of the really respective work. Even like his movies, they include the movies that he’s directed, a sharp kin sense of fashion that I just love. I can watch the movie and just visually it’s so great even from the hair to the makeup and obviously, the wardrobe. The next one is Alessandro Michele. He’s the creative director at Gucci’s legacy, I think for a while after it got really blinded and he’s just got really going on and taking it back to the old 70’s glam. He’s really great and it doesn’t work for everyone but just seeing it on the runway it’s so inspiring to me. It’s just, he’s just taking it and running with it. He’s not caring what everyone else is doing. I love that, I love what they’re doing. Tom Ford is like forever. I hadn’t seen Gucci; it hadn’t been exciting to me since he left, so that’s why I kind of like this new guy. It’s just everywhere he goes, it’s like starting his own brand. He’s so timeless.

I totally agree. So, are there any emerging jewelry, handbag, shoes and accessories designer in New York you are excited about?
There is this new handbag that I use for Jenna Ortega, Sandra Roberts NY is her name. They have this really cool rose gold clutch that I use and many other designers that are cool and I like it very much.

With the stress of the industry what is your ideal get away and why?
Anything tropical… like a lot of people hate the heat but I love it. I love humidity, love to be out there. I think it’s great for your skin, you feel like you’re detoxifying. I will love to always be able to go to a tropical place whether be like Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic. If I can’t do that, if it’s a quick getaway, I could just if I can’t leave the country I go to Miami and just like the moment there.

Well I just came back from the Dominican Republic.
Oh really, that’s one of my next spot to visit.

Oh my god! It’s just an amazing place. My sister is getting married there this July and we went for the weekend to finalize everything for her wedding. We stayed in Cap Cana at the Sanctuary Resort.
Ok, Sanctuary.

Yes, Sanctuary it’s a five-star luxury adults resort only and the service there is great they treat you like a king and a queen. When you need to go somewhere and you’re ready you should go there.
Well I’m ready, that sounds amazing have you been to Cuba?

I haven’t but my sister did and she liked it. If you’re into history, the culture and learning you’re going to enjoy it because of the historical aspects. The people are very friendly, she just didn’t like the food.
I like the vibe what I see on Instagram but not everything is on social media.

Well, I love your vibe Enrique and thank you so much for taking some of your time of your busy schedule to allow us to interview you and get to know you better. I can’t wait to meet you in the future.
Thank you so much it’s been a pleasure.