beyond the blog: DAPHNIE PEARL

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Lauren, the author of a mother-daughter blog, Daphnie Pearl. Her blog covers fashion, science, mom life and tons of other cool stuff. She has many great pictures and stories with her daughter Daphnie, the main star of the blog. From posting her daughter’s pictures on Instagram, to being a VP of Software and Application Development, Amanda truly knows what it means to be a hardworking mom. She told me a little about her blog, her inspirations, and her love of fashion and the STEM field.

What inspired you to start your blog?
The short answer? – My one and only, the perfect little muse – Miss Daphnie Pearl. I initially started on Instagram, just snapping photos of Daphnie and her adorable outfits hoping to inspire others with her ootds (outfit of the days), while trying my hand at photography – something I always had an interest in, but never really pursued until then. A short whirlwind later and Daphnie was walking in Petite Parade in NYC and signed by a talent agency! I started the blog initially as a way to share more into our lives and the crazy world of my little industry kid, but as her agency-booked jobs took a lull, {we don’t exactly live in a great market for it} her influencer presence grew. With the growth of her influencer presence, I got a lot of questions about myself and our life and our family, so I ultimately decided to join my daughter in front of the camera and make the switch to more of a lifestyle niche with a focus on both mom and mini fashion and mom-life with a side of STEM.

How long and why have you been interested in fashion? Did your daughter get her love of fashion from you?
I have always been obsessed with fashion. I remember specifically starting to really love clothes and watching trends when I was in the 4th grade. I remember making my own trends {none of which are notable} and wearing some crazy hairstyles. I wanted to stand out in my own way. My mom did not understand my love of clothes and fashion so I had to work doing jobs like babysitting, working at a firework stand, and then in an ice cream shop to make my own money so that I could buy the clothes that I wanted to wear. I definitely think that Daphnie got her love of fashion from me. It’s been incredible to watch her over the past few years go from loving everything I picked out for her – to having her own opinion when we shop. She picks out everything that she wears now and is selective about what she likes. I enjoy getting to watch her formulate her own ideas on what she thinks looks great. Trust me, she has plenty of gym shorts and t-shirt days, but for the most part, I think she does a really great job!

In what ways do you inspire Daphnie? How does she inspire you?
I hope to inspire Daphnie not only through our shared love of fashion but through many other aspects of life. I hope to inspire her to be confident and strong with the determination to do amazing things. I hope to inspire her to be intelligent, to use others’ doubt to fuel her determination to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to, and to ignore any stereotypes that the world wants to put on her whether it be the common misconception that ‘all models are unintelligent’ or ‘girls can’t succeed in STEM’. I hope to inspire her to keep her heart of gold and be empathetic, but never let anyone take advantage of her. And finally, I hope to do my very best to inspire her to be a great mom one day. Daphnie is such an inspiration to me. She has taught me how to be a mom, most importantly. She has inspired me to be patient, to make time to stop and smell the roses {literally, it is a rare day that I’m not in a hurry, and a beautiful flower or cloud catches her eye and requires immediate admiration by everyone in the near vicinity}. It’s so cliché, but Daphnie truly inspires me to be a better person. She is the first one to share anything she has, {even if it is her last Reese’s peanut butter cup, true story}; Daphnie made this mama’s heart explode the other day when she asked what she can do over summer vacation to help the homeless and the poor, she is so much more inspirational than she knows.

What are your favorite things to write about besides fashion? Why?
I like writing about anything and everything in our lives, but aside from fashion – I really enjoy writing about teaching Daphnie all things STEM related. She absolutely loves science and technology, and at her age, I want to do everything I can to foster her learning and exploration of the various aspects of STEM. I think that growing up with two parents in technology and engineering has definitely helped spark her interest, but she always wants to know more. There are so many opportunities that arise throughout the day to teach little bits of science or technology here or there. For example, just today we were outside and saw a little bee buzzing around the flowers – so my husband jumped on the opportunity to ask Daphnie if she knew why bees were fuzzy – and then went into why they are fuzzy and ultimately pollination. We have done a lot of experiments with her, some of them on the blog or her YouTube channel, and I would love to inspire other parents to do the same with their children. You don’t need to know how to write code or solve differential equations to get your kiddos interested in STEM.

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Why do you think it’s important to encourage interest in science and technology in young girls and women?
I genuinely believe that it’s important to encourage your child’s interest. No matter if they are a boy or a girl or what their interest is {I can’t help but feel sorry for the boys right now – with all of the girl power going around, I don’t want them to feel left out – after all, it’s about women’s equality – not superiority}. However – it is crucial for parents to ensure that our girls are getting the information and exposure that they need in science and technology so that they can decide if it is a possible area of interest. Since science and technology are still very male-dominant fields, girls and women may need reassurance that they can be successful and to make sure they are getting the encouragement that they may need to stay with it, even if they are the only girl in class. Having women in science and technology is essential for progress; many great women have already accomplished so many incredible things. I feel empowered as I lead my very successful software development team as the only woman and will always encourage girls and women to follow their passion in STEM and achieve their goals because they are extremely capable and should never ever feel discouraged by demographics. After all…“Who run the world…GIRLS!”

What are some of the things you and Daphnie love to do together?
Daphnie and I are two peas in a pod and do basically everything together. Our favorite things include shopping, getting pedi’s, singing way too loud in the car, doing random science experiments, having dance parties, and baking. We both love to bake – you will also see recipes on the blog of the fun things we like to make, the blog is very diverse. Amanda and Daphnie sound like the ultimate mother-daughter duo, and I’m looking forward to whatever they have to show us next!

Check out her blog,, and follow her Instagram: @daphnie.pearl.