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In the parenting blogging world, you see a lot of mom bloggers. At first glance, you think only mothers want to share their experiences. But that is changing now. It is becoming the age of the dad bloggers. The dad bloggers are popping up now, and it is awesome. It inspires other dads to get out and do more. The dad blogs cover a range of subjects, such as, Fashion, Lifestyle, Cooking, Traveling and more. These blogs are exciting for dads viewing these blogs because it serves as a resource guide. A cheat sheet to excellent things to do and get. One great dad blogger I came across while browsing Instagram is, Eric Wertz from, Blue Collar Prep. His fashion sense and his lifestyle are very inspiring, and it is easy to see why by viewing his Instagram and his blog. Eric and I had the chance to talk, and I got to learn more about his blog.

photographed by | Sarina Adams

When did you start Blue Collar Prep?
I began blogging about two years ago. My wife got me started. She works for a girls clothing company, Little Miss Matched, and she works with mommy bloggers through them. She suggested I start a blog.

Growing up, were you a stylish kid or was this something started as an adult?
I think, compared to the kids I hung out with I was stylish, but compared to stylish people, I was not.

On your blog, we see that you have an amazing family. Can you share with us how you met your wife?
I met my wife twelve years ago, at a local bar in White Plains. She was working as a bartender and we just kind of met on the dance floor.

With her being a photographer and you being a blogger, do you find that you inspire each other?
Yes! We definitely inspire each other. My wife inspires everything I do, one way or another. We both like to go shopping, and we ask each other opinions on whether we like stuff or not. She doesn’t always get every look I am going for, but I still value her opinion.

We love the pictures you take with your son. Do you have a favorite brand that you tend to like for Nate?
No, I wouldn’t say a favorite brand. I like brands that have kids and adults so we can put our looks together, but not super matchy pieces where we both are wearing plaid but like to coordinate our outfits for the pictures, it’s fun.

photographed by | Sarina Adams

The dad and me trend is growing, you are big into that with you son?
Yea, which is weird because when I first had my son, I told my myself I wouldn’t be wearing matchy matchy outfits. I always thought it would look cheesy but if it is done the right way it looks cute. I think what started it was that my son gets so excited when we have a matching outfit, so that changes my views on things.

I think for me as a dad, the fact that there are so many choices for kids clothes now, I would definitely do the dad and me look if I had a son, so I see where you are coming from.
Yea, it’s hard because I am super into clothes, but at the same time, I don’t want that to be his life at such a young age where he is too into clothes. I want him to be a kid still, but I want him to look good. Maybe not at his age, but I feel like when you dress good, you feel good.

It’s all part of the puzzle, having fun and being a hard worker but still care about appearances.
Yea, exactly.

What are some of the essential pieces of clothing, that a trendy man should have in his closet.
I am pretty basic when it comes to keeping up with the trends. I think every guy should have the basic such as a pair of Chelsea Boots, quality leather jackets and lots of denim.

photographed by | Sarina Adams

You’re into traveling with you family, right? What are the coolest places you have been?
As of now, we just started traveling, since Nate is at the age where we think it is worth traveling around. Right now, the coolest place we’ve been is Grand Cayman, where we went last year. That was his first time seeing clear waters and having a turtle swim past him. There was a lot of stuff there that was hands on. We got to take him to a turtle farm. At the end of this year, we are taking him to Turks and Caicos, which should be pretty exciting. My wife and I are into scuba diving, so most of the places we go to are in the Caribbean waters.

What are the perk with traveling with the whole family?
The perk would be, getting family time without the distractions. On a day to day, they constantly want your time but you have work, chores and my wife has her job and her second job. I am the same with the blog. It’s like a second job. It’s tough trying to find time with my son, so when we are on vacation, it’s the one time it is all about him and all about the family.

You have a lot of fans that follow you. How do you handle that much attention?
I wouldn’t say that I have to cope with all the attention, but it feels good that people dig your style and what you have to show and share. Interacting through video and IG stories is still uncomfortable. I know a lot of people talk to their followers, but for me, I still have a hard time trying to figure out why do people care what I have to say, but hopefully, I will get a little more comfortable interacting.

Any advice you would give a dad who is trying to create his unique style.
I would say, keep it simple and to have confidence in what you wear and trying new things. Also, spend as much time with your family as you can.

Visit Eric on his blog,, and his Instagram, @bluecollarprep and follow his journey.

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