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Briana is a talented braider who runs Instagram and You-Tube accounts that are absolutely unbelievable! She’s a mother to two girls ages 6 and 4, who have the patience to let her be creative with their hair. During her interview, she explained that since her daughters are still very young, the only product she uses are water and Argan oil.

As far as starting her Instagram account, it was her husband who suggested that she should. She’d been braiding daily, and he thought it would be great for her to share her work with other people. One thing she loves most about braiding is the fact that she can create different looks, and let her imagination run free and come up with interesting styles. “I love the freedom of braiding, there are no rules, no limits.” What makes her happy is seeing the look on her girls’ faces when they check out their braids, and that’s why she does it.

The amount of time it takes to make each braid really depends on the style. Each style can range anywhere between 15 to 40 minutes. On school mornings, Briana tends to spend no more than 20 minutes, while on the weekend she can get more adventurous. “I’m lucky that my girls are patient and let me get as creative as I want to,” she says.

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Briana started braiding about three years ago. She went on You-Tube and watched a few tutorials, after getting tired of ponytails. After trying a few styles, she discovered that braiding came naturally. “I’m still just as excited about braiding as I was at the beginning of this journey.”

Briana started with the classic braids, French and Dutch, since they were the beginning level. Her favorite braid is still the Dutch braid! She loves the look of it, and it’s her go-to braid. Briana’s braids can stay in for as long as three days. But she loves to braid daily, so she usually takes it out. Her words of wisdom for people wanting to start braiding is to begin with French and Dutch Braids. Once those have been mastered, the other braids/techniques will be easier and allow one to move on to more complicated styles. “Be patient with yourself, practice makes perfect!”

Thank you so much Briana, your amazing! Follow Briana and her girls on instagram at @brianasbraid

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