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Christina Milian & Violet Madison Nash, are “The” Hollywood Mother/Daughter Duo. Christina and Violet’s relationship, is far beyond just mother and daughter. You can see the great interaction between them both, all over social media outlets. Violet is your typical seven years old little girl, that is full of life and enjoys spending time with her mom. The Hollywood mom, who has managed to be an inspirational mother, and has been able to maintain a very successful career throughout the years. I have followed her phenomenal career for years and I was thrilled to know, that I would have the opportunity to interview Christina. Once I got on the phone with Christina, it felt as if, I was talking to a friend that I have known for years. She was just a sweet and down to earth person. As we started the interview, I was looking forward to talking about her new projects, how she’s accomplishing being a successful mom in the industry, taking part in the upcoming LA Fashion Week, and who is warming her heart these days.

photography by | LESLEY EDITH

Hi Christina, how are you?
I’m fine, thanks for asking. How are you?

I’m doing well. I want to first thank you so much for taking off your time to do this interview with us. We really appreciate it.
It’s not a problem, we had a great time doing the shoot as well.

That’s awesome! I was able to preview some of the photos and you guys look totally adorable, just so cute! Looks like you both had a lot of fun.
Yes. We definitely enjoyed it… and it was funny, because at the beginning Violet was being a typical 7 year old, since she doesn’t do this type of stuff all the time. So, at the beginning she was being really funny, but once she got into the mood she was very relaxed and just having fun. I like to see her in her zone and having fun.

That’s so cool, I’m so glad you guys had a great experience. It was our goal to have you both do this shoot together and most importantly, have fun doing it together and not have it feel like work, but just having fun. And the images came out beautifully.
Yeah… the pictures were coming out so nice, I can’t wait to see them all.

How do you find a balance between being a successful business woman, and being a mom?
Hmm, praying- just praying to God, that I’m doing the right thing and taking the opportunities as they come, but making sure I keep a balance between work and my family. That’s always been my number one thing- growing up anyway, so to me, making the most of your time is the most important thing. There are people who are around their children 24/7, but aren’t really spending that quality time with them. They don’t really talk to their kids, or they even forget the kids are even there, and they don’t want to do the type of stuff the kids want to do. So, I make sure I spend quality time with my daughter and get as much done while Violet is at school, so as to not take away from her time. Even though, the work day doesn’t really end until about 5 or 6pm when it comes to business. And if there is more work that needs to be done, I’m set up where my family is able to help me, if I need to do anything afterwards or handle business. I’m very lucky that I have my family to help me and keep me balanced when it comes to that.

So, we know that you have just become a new aunt. Congratulations, he’s totally adorable!
Thank you, he’s so cute.

So, is that giving you baby fever? Because the smell of a new baby can be dangerous….
Oh man, there are moments, I think even Violet gets baby fever, because she has even said to me, “I want a baby brother or sister— doesn’t matter what I get, I just want a baby.” So, I’m like… okay, I’ll work on that really soon. So, I’m like, the pressure is coming from her because she wants one, but she has brothers and a sister from her dad’s side. But a lot of the time she’s with me, especially during the school year, she’s with me and kind of wants to have her own sibling to claim to be her own. But honestly, my nieces and my nephews are all very close, so they’re like brothers and sisters for real.

That’s great! That can definitely help with buying you some time.
YES! Just a little bit of time, just a little….

So, is there anyone warming your heart these days?
Hmm, you can say that. (laughs) Technically you can say, I started dating again, after some time, and you can say, I have grown fond of this particular person. I’m getting to know them and it’s fun, and it’s cool, and nice to be free to rest your time and worries with someone outside of work and family, and just have a companion.

With you being a mom and growing up in the industry, what would be your advice, if Violet wanted to be an artist or in the industry?
Well, the first thing to tell her is, ask her if you love it, or do you like it? I would ask her the reason why she wants to do it, and if it’s in her heart, and if she wants to do it, then I say lets go for it, but it’s not gonna be easy and you definitely always should be working on your craft, whether that be acting classes or singing, and even if you can’t afford it. Sing it at home. There’s always a way. Don’t make any excuses, there’s a way that you can create what you want, but you gotta be patient. So patience is key, and having full faith and being focused.

That’s definitely great advice. So you being a mom, what is your view on the industry? Now that you are a mom, are you able to see things in a different light
Well, as a working entertainer who’s a working mom, I recall back in the day being scared of the idea of being a parent you know, it was like your life was over. No one is going to want you anymore, you’re not hot. So, it’s so great that we have evaded that, and there is working women in the industry and everyone is able to create jobs for ourselves and for other people. In this industry everything is an emergency, especially due to social media and stuff. So when I look at the industry I have no problems with it, so if my daughter wanted to, I would just let her know it’s hard work and you need to love yourself always and not to be mistaken. You will have doors shut in your face but there is always a window opened, you just have to find another way in and not give up.

Again, excellent advice! Well, now that you hit a little on social media, with bullying being so massive, how do you handle negative comments and what advice would you give those who are experiencing it?
For me, I just ignore them honestly. I just think about it like who the heck is this person and what morals were they raised with, that you feel they have to teach somebody. Like, they have way too much time on their hands, and a lot of the times, it’s just people looking for a reaction. So at the end of the day, you just have to focus on yourself and not care what anyone thinks. Just make the best and wise choices for you and your future. If you worry about what people think, you are not going to be happy.

Absolutely, because people can be so mean, especially hiding behind a computer or on their phones and honestly if they are not putting money in your pocket or making you happy, then what they have to say, is pointless and totally irrelevant
Exactly, they are irrelevant.

So what’s a typical day with you and Violet? What do you guys enjoy doing together?
We like doing a lot of different things. Well she loves to eat, so somewhere in there we are going to eat sushi, because she just loves sushi. I don’t even bother asking her what she wants to eat, because I already know she’s gonna say sushi (laughs). So, we either do that or meet up with my sisters and the kids, and go over to my mom’s house and hang out there, and catch up on family or we would go over to the Grove and hang there, just do something eventful and get out and just have fun and go to dinner together. Then we could bend the rules a little and stay up and watch a movie or something depending on how late it is.

Just a little bending of the rules (laughs). Its so funny that she’s only 7 years old, and loves sushi. Usually kids at that age are like, yuck, sushi!
No, she loves sushi and so do I, so its cool.

Now, does Violet go to a regular school?
Violet is in regular school.

How does she deal with being the daughter of Christina Milian, the super star? Like, is she aware of who you are?
(Laughs) She is definitely aware of who I am, and she even jokes about it, like “oh Christina Milian!” So, she is very used to people stopping us and taking pictures. Sometime she wants to be in the pictures, and other times not so much. Violet, has a really good grasp on it, since she’s been dealing with it and has been around with me publicly, and people are even noticing who she is since she was born, practically, so she’s used to it. She, she handles it pretty well.

Now, how do you keep her grounded with being the daughter of Christina Milian?
I scream at her… (laughs). No, when it gets real it gets real. When she has her moments, where she wants to everything that she mentions and sometimes I do, like… if we are at the place then, why not! But then… there are times that she has to be reminded that, you’re too young for an iPhone 6. Then she’ll cry and I’ll keep quiet and I’ll keep living my life until, she figures it out or eventually, you’ll have to put your foot down. Stop. I’m like any other real mom. Sometimes a kid can be stubborn, and sometimes we give in, but you want to work your way with them, making them listen and understand, and just communicate to them why you are in the position to have this conversation with them.

Now, I personally, saw an episode of Lip Sync Battle and saw you channeling your inner JLo… how much fun was that? You were amazing, definitely killing it.
Oh, thank you. It was so much fun, oh my gosh! I kind of took the show because it looked like a lot of fun, and I did it with my co-star and figured it would be fun, but when I go there it was intense… like this was real, you’re gonna literally dress up and learn choreography in the next 30 minutes, and your gonna perform live in front of all these people. So, I just went with the flow and I’m happy it went well. I had tons of fun… I actually had Violet with me the whole time, so it was really nice and she loved it. You did such a great job and you look like you were having so much fun. It was pretty rad and I had so much fun doing it, I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Do you have any new projects you are working on now, that you can share with us?
Well, I have a new TV show coming out June 12, 2017. It’s a show called, Super Human, and its going to air on Fox. It’s a talent driven show, but with people who have neurological skills like great memory, or that can see things that no one else can see, because of like a magnified vision. I’m on the panel of judges along with Mike Tyson, and Neuroscientist Rahul Jandial MD, PhD. It’s a really cool show and every episode someone gets the chance to win $50,000. This show sheds a lot of light on other types of talents. It’s really fun to watch and I’m excited for everyone to tune in.

That’s really something different and not your typical talent show, so I’ll be sure to tune in and watch.
Yeah, it’s really cool and different.

Are you working on any new music?
Yes, I’m actually going to Atlanta this month to start working on some new project. I have also been actually working on my DJ’ing. So, that’s another aspect of music that’s exciting to me, because it allows me to listen to music and kind of gets me inspired for whatever I make and I’ve been working on the tech side. I have a company called Persona Bots and we create online experiences for celebrities to connect with their fans, using Facebook Messenger. It’s pretty cool and I’m totally invested into these things. I also have a wine company called Viva Diva Wines.

I’m going to have to check these things out, especially that Viva Diva Wine…(laughs)
Yes and it’s delicious, you can find it online.

How’s your clothing line going —“We Are Pop Culture”?
The clothing line is good. I took a pause for a minute, because I really want to focus my energy on the other things I’m working on right now. The clothing business is a hard business, especially when you’re an online seller. I wanted to take some time to restructure the business and on top of that, brand and really figure out what direction because as I’m growing, my style is changing as well, so I’m trying to find that happy medium that fits all audiences, but it’s coming from me at the same time.

Would you consider adding a kids clothing line?
Oh absolutely! I would love to! Yeah for sure that’s easy.

Well, you already have your #1 Model.
Oh yeah (laughs) tell me about it.

Well, Christina thanks so much for your time and being a part of the Posh Kids Team and we’re looking forward to having you walk in our LA Fashion Week Kids Show.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity and we can’t wait to be a part of your show.

photography by | LESLEY EDITH
produced by | FRAN NAZARIO
stylist | SANDY PHAN