designer spotlight: AISABOBO

What is the inspiration behind Aisabobo? How did you get started?
The inspiration behind Aisabobo comes from my passion and love for children and fashion. I feel there is a gap between adult’s fashion and children’s fashion; children can be more than just cute, they can be chic, elegant, classic, sharp and so many other things. Here at Aisabobo, we want to address children’s uniqueness and differences.

What does the name AISABOBO mean and how did you come to the decision of naming the brand?
Aisabobo (ī-să-bō-bō) is a gift for my future daughter, Aisa. The word “bobo” is the sound one makes when kissing on the cheek. At Aisabobo, we aspire to help our children express their unique personality and sense of style. Our slogan is “Be unique, be different.”

Can you tell us what your favorite part about being a children’s designer is?
Working with children and seeing how they interpret our designs in their own ways is my favorite part. Every child is unique and it’s quite fascinating to see their reactions and hear their feedback when they wear our designs. You will be surprised and amazed by their stories and opinions about our outfits. Children make us feel we are not only designing clothes, rather we are designing dreams, stories, and futures for them.

Do you have a specific piece that you find yourself as the designer particularly special?
I love all the pieces from each of our collections and they are like my children. Particularly, I have to talk about ourElizabeth dress from the AW16 Minuet Collection. Personally,I love clean cuts and simple designs and I believe“simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Elizabeth is the dress that shows the essence of Aisabobo’s design philosophy and yet it gives enough room for girls to move around and be comfortable in such an elegant dress.

What can we expect in the future from Aisabobo? Anything exciting in the works?
At Aisabobo, we don’t want to be predictable; we want to always wow our customers with something new, different, refreshing, and unique. We just finished our SS17designs, and I cannot say enough good things about this new collection. We will be releasing them at the Children’sClub Show in New York (July 31 – August 2) and the Children’s Club MAGIC Show in Las Vegas (August15-17) to media and our retailers.

Where can we find the designs- are you U.S. based or international? What stores are you currently in?
We are based in Canada, but our US customers can find our designs in many US stores, namely Eloise at thePlaza in New York City, Pippen Lane in Louisiana andGirls’ World by Pink Tulip Club in Ohio. Customers can also purchase directly from our on-line store as we ship worldwide.

Do you have plans to participate in the upcoming kids fashion week in NY?
We are always interested in participating in the kids’ fashion week in NY and in the process of considering which one(s) to attend; there are so many great runway events such as Posh Kids and Petite Parade.

Can you think of one time that really made you feel excited to be a part of such a fast-growing brand?
Once a customer ordered a dress from a remote ski resort in France from us, I was astonished by how fast word travels and how this customer found out about Aisabobo. We never spent a lot of time and budget on marketing our products as we believe great design and a great product will speak for itself over time.

What inspires you when sitting down to create the next seasons’ line? Do you have a creative process?
Music plays a big part of my life as I started to play piano at age 5. I often find my inspirations from either listening to or playing music. Our AW16 collection – Minuet was inspired by Mozart’s Minuet in G major. To us, the creative process is a combination of art and science.Art: we start with determining the theme and color palettes; Science: then move on to construct the designs around the selected art elements; Art + Science: we finish with the final fabric/trim selection that will go best with each design.

What sizes and ages do you cater to?
We cater to ages 3 – 12.When we first started Aisabobo, our sizes ran from 3 to7 years old. Since then, we’ve received many requests to expand our sizes, so we started offering sizes 3 – 12 from the AW16 collections. We also offer sizes 9 and 11, to provide the best fit for children at that age.

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