Designer Spotlight: BLU & BLUE

What inspired you to start the line Blu & Blue? Blu & Blue is born from a family heritage of designing and manufacturing premium quality denim clothing for more than 35 years. We have been working behind the scenes until now and have launched our own brand. Behind each of our products is our expertise from years of experience in creating high quality clothing that is well-designed and completely safe for kids, which I wanted to bring to our customers. This is what inspired me to start the line. Blu & Blue is focused on premium denim clothing, which is super soft and 100% safe for kids. Hence, the name Blu & Blue. What really sets us apart:

For us, quality is the single most important factor. We produce each garment in-house that allows us to achieve superior quality. We have a quality assurance team that is specifically trained to monitor quality during and after post-production. We hand select our fabrics from best mills around the world such as Kaihara mill in Japan, Turkey, Italy, Korea, China.

We have our own washing facilities with specialists from Italy and Turkey who work on our denim washes. We also use special softeners and wash cycles to make our clothes butter soft. We test our fabrics for comfort, shrinkage, color fastness, bleeding to ensure long lasting color and texture.

We provide safe and tested products to our customers. Each garment is tested for durability, construction, and strength. For example, we pass every garment through needle detector machine for 100% safety of kids; all the hardware and buttons that we use are nickel and toxins free.

We demand a higher standard not just in wardrobe, but also in our production and practices. We believe in sustainable manufacturing. We use solar panels for heating water used for washing fabrics. We process and treat 300,000 liters of chemical water everyday.

What sizes do you carry? We carry all sizes starting from newborn 0-6 months up to toddlers 5 years. We also have collections for younger kids from 6-16 yrs. Do you plan to branch out in the future to larger sizes or do you have more of a focus? For now, we cover a significant range of age groups from new born through 16 years old. We want to focus on the design and making the best styles for these age groups. We have also expanded our product lines to accessories where we have hats, hair-bands, and bow ties all in chambrays and denims.

What inspires you when sitting down to plan out the following season’s line? My inspiration comes from my belief that stylish clothing can be comfortable and also that less is more. What we offer at Blu & Blue is not seen any-where else. Our styles are elevated denim styles that are beyond the regular jeans. They are more chic, smart and elegant day wear, classic yet contemporary styles that have multiple lifecycles and can be worn throughout the year. The fabrics we use are very easy to care for and durable. That compiled with the fact that we use best quality fabrics and experts who create these garments is incomparable value we bring to our customer.

What markets are you in currently and where do you see your brand in the future? We are currently selling in specialty boutique stores all across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, China, and Taiwan. We are also selling at online retailers as well as department stores nationwide. We have the capability to meet growing demand from our buyers and are open to larger volumes as well.

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