Kids’ rooms are very important for our little ones as they act as their own special universe where they can be whatever they can imagine… pirates, princesses, astronauts… and everything can happen because imagination rules there.

Nicolás’s room is the perfect example of a circus tent has been created on the ceiling to wrap everything with the magic circus world. We can imagine the clowns, the trapeze artists, the lions, and the elephants sharing our children’s funniest adventures. This creative space was created by Nimú, an interior design studio created in 2005 by two partners with lots of talent and imagination.

They wanted to keep all that wonderful light in that huge space while they added a childish look according to the room’s use. They have clearly got it. Those white walls focus the attention on all the details that show bright and brilliant colors to enliven the whole space. From the circus tent painted on the ceiling to every single toy, we can feel that fantastic kids’ spirit around this room with vintage touches. Everything is simple but also necessary, there’s nothing missing and anything is too much, as they have chosen each part carefully to guarantee a balanced and comfortable atmosphere.

If we take a look to the furniture we will soon realize that every piece tells its own story with the charming vintage style that make you fall in love at first sight. We can imagine all the memories they could talk about if they spoke… this is an extra bonus for the functionality and exclusivity present in all of them, don’t you think?

Apart from the spectacular look of the room, we must mention its functionality. Nicolás’ parents wanted to find a way to keep toys perfectly organized and Nimú found the perfect (and coolest) solution: great vintage hangers with fabric bags to keep lots of toys in a chic and functional way.

Toys play a main role in every children’s room, especially if they are as cute as these ones that can easily be considered as little vintage treasures and fill the whole space with personality and are the perfect way to define the play area. They remind us of those wonderful glammy antique toys shops from the Old Continent but with a new chic look provided for that natural bright light that covers them with an updated energy. Have you seen that wonderful carton rocket? It’s perfect to travel to the furthest corner of their imagination but also the original touch that makes a room special.

The whole set has been perfectly created by combining pieces with different origins. The crib was created by OEUF NYC, the wardrobe is from La Europea (Madrid), the vintage chair comes from Pez (Madrid), the table and the shelves are from Ikea, the paper plane comes from a Portuguese market, and the rocket was purchased at Kids on the Roof. As you can see there are lots of sources where you can find the perfect details to transform their room into their own amazing world without losing functionality or comfort. Do you dare to dream about magic spaces like this?



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