Easy Decor, Ideas for Spring.

Spring is officially here, and the weather is going through it’s normal up and down temperatures, and everyone is ready for the sunshine, warm weather and fewer layers with our wardrobe options. It’s also spring cleaning time, which typically leads to a re-decor session in your living room, kitchen and your whole apartment or home. I’m sharing some simple tips to re-decorate your living spaces and make it feel like you’ve stepped into a new abode.

1. Plants, plants and more plants! – Head out to your local farmer’s market or plant shop and pick up a few fresh succulents or that plant you’ve been eyeing all winter. Greenery in the home is an instant decor refresher and certain plants can clear out some of the toxins in your home.

2. Furniture and decor clean – out – Have you done a closet clean-out or declutter? The same goes for your furniture and decor pieces. Pick out the furniture pieces or little knick knacks that are cluttering your space and aren’t adding any aesthetic value to the room and donate or pass it down to a friends or family. It will instantly make your space feel lighter and make room for some modern or vintage pieces you’ve wanted to add to change up your decor.

3. Add some new wall art to your decor. I love collecting art from craft shows and scouring Instagram or Etsy for some unique wall hangings, paintings and illustrations from many artists all over the world.

4. Rearrange your furniture! This is something I frequently do, it’s an obsession, but if it’s something you haven’t done in a year or more, it will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a new home and give you an instant boost of creative energy or tranquil feeling when you walk into the room. Start out with your living room or bedroom, and it may even make the room feel more spacious in the end.

5. A splash of color to your wall – Another easy way to freshen up your interior space is to add some color to your walls. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything bold or vibrant. Neutrals and shades of gray can create a calming effect when stepping into a room.

6. Change up your linen to go with the season. Fresh linens in a different color palette or pattern always feel refreshing and can motivate you each morning when you wake up in a newly refreshed bedroom.

7. Treat yourself to new kitchen accessories – Spring is the perfect time to add new kitchen accessories to prep you for that late spring dinner party or early morning coffee with friends and family. Think bold prints, mixed patterns and botanical motifs. Who doesn’t love a new coffee mug set or that chic serving tray you’ve had your eye on?

Maria Aldana
Maria Aldana


Maria started Earl Grey Style as a little place to document her adventures and favorites in style, beauty and decor. She recently began her journey towards a minimalist lifestyle and wardrobe and started switching out most of her beauty products to green and natural products.