Sphero SPRK+

We are in the age of the great learning toys. Every parent would love to give their child a toy that makes learning something new The Sphero SPRK+ is an incredibly waterproof, shockproof scratch resistant and Bluetooth controlled robot. The SPRK+ allow your kids to program it with the easy drag and drop options via the app on a smartphone or tablet. The kids can program the SPRK+ to navigate a maze they have created, swim through the pool, and more. You can also purchase accessories to increase your child’s creativity.

ABILIX Oculus 5

Getting the kids to help around the house can sometimes seem like a chore. But ABILIX came out with a great tech solution. Introducing the Oculus 5 a futuristic looking learning vacuum. The kids will be running to help clean the house with this little robot. The ABILIX Oculus 5 comes with three sensors (Visual Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor & Collision) and Voice & Face Recognition. From the age of 3 up to college, they enjoy teaching the Oculus 5 new tricks.


Wouldn’t you want to know what’s happening in your baby’s diaper? This amazing device does that. The Digisense is an ultra – compact sensor is the first of its kind. By simply attaching the device to the diaper using Velcro. You can keep track of everything happening in their diaper. This wearable device contains real-time technology that is designed to respond to the needs of a babY. These devices are especially critical especially during the stages of a baby’s life that could help to prevent crib death (SIDS). This device is set to monitor everything from hydration levels, urine, poop and even their sleep quantities and quality and will help to minimize discomfort and irritation. This product is a true must have for all parents. An easy to use App is provided along with the device which allows you immediate monitoring and review using any smartphone.

In and Motion smart motorbike vest

In motion creates a fantastic wearable smart protection system that helps reduce the risk of serious injuries due to falls. With the concept of airbag technology measures and analyzes the rider’s movements in real time. The system detects an unavoidable fall to inflate and protect the most sensitive body areas to minimize injuries. Think of how many people this can provide protection for? From motorcyclist to skiers and even horseback riders. This revolutionary invention is set to saves lives. Not to mention it’s pretty fashionable at the same time. The airbag vest can be worn under any jacket and includes a certified back protector. This product takes safety to a whole other level.