Fashionnista Khloee Jae

Posh Kids Magazine: First we must say, Khloee Jae is one of the cutest little models. When did she start to become such an amazing little fashionista?
Khloee Jae Mom: Khloee Jae started as a shy “threenager”. I heard about a local model search for a boutique and entered a photo of Khloee. She was chosen out of hundreds of models vying for the spot. Khloee Jae came alive in front of the camera. She was a natural!

PKM: Wow, that is awesome! How long has she been modeling?
KJM: She has been modeling for two years, and has modeled for over 100 shops and boutiques on Instagram.

PKM: A 100 shops and boutiques!!! Very impressive. What are some of her favorite brands?
KJM: Some of our favorite brands are Joyfolie, Kardashian Kids, Rags to Riches, and Tutu Du Monde. She is a girly girl that loves to dress up, but be comfortable.

PKM: We love her tastes in clothing! Those are some of our favorite brands also. We know every child has a celebrity they would love to meet, who would Khloee want to meet?
KJM: Khloee loves to sing and dance. She is obsessed with, and loves Carson Lueders. She wants to meet him someday.

PKM: Who is not obsessed with! So what other talent does your little Fashionista have?
KJM: Khloee does tumbling and cheerleading. She loves drawing and coloring and wants to be an artist when she grows up.

PKM: She is so multi-talented! Ok, so before we wrap this interview up we want to ask some fun quick questions so our readers and her fans get some random facts. What is her favorite color?
KJM: Her favorite color is pink and purple, and all of the colors of the rainbow except green.

PKM: Is she a cat or dog type of girl?
KJM: She wants a little cat that stays little and never grows up.

PKM: What is her favorite toy?
KJM: Her favorite toy is her Little Mermaid house with Ariel and Flounder.

PKM: Hahahaha, that was awesome! We learned so much and it was our pleasure to interview you about your little sweetheart, Khloee Jae. Everyone be sure to follow her on Instagram at @khloeejae

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