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How does it feel to be only 10-years-old and have landed two fantastic films, Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life and Fist Fight?
Well, it feels amazing and sometimes it doesn’t even feel real! There are so many talented girls out there, so it mostly feels like a tremendous honor and privilege. My life is definitely exciting these days, and I’m so grateful!

Was it exciting landing these roles and how was the audition for these movies?
Yes! It was beyond exciting. Getting the calls that I booked these movies are days I will never forget! You sometimes dream of those phone calls. Having it happen was amazing. The audition for both of these movies were some of my favorites. “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” started as a taped audition and then a meeting with the director and producers. I knew the day I met that group that it was a movie that was going to be special. For “Fist Fight,” it was a similar audition. I remember going to my first wardrobe fitting after booking it and meeting our director Richie Keen for the first time. Ally Campbell was a once in a lifetime kind of role, so I was already on cloud nine. After sitting and talking to Richie for a while, I was totally overwhelmed at how amazing he was and how lucky I was to be working with him and this incredible cast.

Between the two characters you played in both movies, Georgia and Ally, which one can you relate to the most and which one did you enjoy? Tell us about each.
Oh wow! Well, I did love playing both of those roles. I honestly am so lucky because both “Georgia” (Middle School…) and “Ally” (Fist Fight) are characters I connected to and was so fortunate to get to play. I think I am probably more like Georgia in personality, but I relate more to Ally when it comes to family and the bond she has with her mom and dad. Georgia and I both are very energetic, fun and protective of people we love, but it was interesting playing Georgia. I had to really understand her family and where she was coming from when it came to them. With Ally, I used my real-life experiences as I am super close with my parents. She was more challenging when it came to personality! Ally has some shyness about her and struggles dealing with girls in school so it was really cool getting to play that kind of role.

We saw you drive in the movie, did you really drive the car in on set? That must have been exciting?
I loved my driving scenes. They were a blast to film! I really was in the car driving but of course had the help of a stunt crew! Because we weren’t being towed and the car was actually being driven on a live street, I couldn’t do it all by myself. We will call it movie magic! Lol! The scene where I take Bear’s car was so fun to film! I got to do stunts for the first time!!

How was it working on set, Middle School: Worst Years of My Life, with Thomas Barbusca and Griffin Gluck?
I love them. Both Thomas and Griffin are like big brothers to me and are super talented and amazing guys. I’m lucky to have met and worked with them both. I feel like I learned a lot while being on set in becoming a better actress and person from working with them.

You are starring in “Fist Fight,” tell us about the Movie.
I’m so excited for “Fist Fight”! On the last day of the school year, Andy Campbell who is a teacher and my dad (Charlie Day) accidentally crosses another teacher there who is a pretty tough guy (Ice Cube) and ends up challenging Campbell to an after school throw down! I play Ally. Ally has an amazing family. Her dad loves and cares about her and her mom (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) who’s this super awesome and caring mom/ wife! Ally is having some trouble with some girls at school, but with her mom and dad’s help, she faces her fears and ends up realizing she has more to her than you might think!

How was it working with Director Richie Keen?
I don’t know how to even put it into words. I love him so much! Richie is a director who truly cares about his actors and gives them a chance to feel heard, respected and supported. I feel like I became an entirely different person and actress working with Richie. He always encouraged me and treated me the same as the rest of the actors he was working with, who have been successful in this business for years! I would give anything to work with Richie again!

You also worked with Charlie Day and Tracey Morgan closely, how was it working with them?
Working with Charlie was a dream come true. I had seen a bunch of his work before I ever auditioned for Fist Fight. Getting to work alongside one of the industry’s most amazing comedians is an experience of a lifetime. Just to see him at work and watch his process is the best education a young actor could get! He was also the sweetest person and a great guy in every way. Tracy Morgan is an amazingly special person. He is hilarious and so talented, yet has this super sentimental side and it’s really powerful. Just to listen to him talk about life after the accident makes you appreciate so much! He also gives some of the best advice on life and family.

There must have been a lot of fun and laughter on set?
Oh for sure!! I mean when you put Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Ice Cube, Dean Norris, Christina Hendricks, JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Kumail Nanjiani all on one set, you can’t NOT laugh all the time!! I just had to try not to laugh on camera! When Charlie improvs, it’s just hysterical but trying to keep a straight face is super hard! Almost impossible!!

How do you get into character for your role?
For the role of “Ally,” just talking to the director about his vision really helped. When you are working with an amazing cast like I did, you work off their energy and talent as well. Being surrounded by so much talent, it makes you better! I also worked a lot with my acting coach before I started filming on who Ally was and how to bring her to life in an honest and funny way!

Ok, we found an awesome video of you on YouTube with you singing, and I am truly impressed. Do we see Broadway in our future or a musical?!!
Lol!!! Omg I can’t believe that video exists. My mom uploaded it to share with my grandparents and family and now it’s forever on YouTube. I actually love to sing and I just started taking singing lessons. I would love to be on Broadway one day. My first love is movies but I want to experience as much as I can in my career! I think the more you can do, helps make you a better actress.

Is there any other talent that we don’t know?
I love to dance. I used to be a competitive dancer and still take classes when I can. I’ve found that I am really good at makeup! I love it and have become really excellent at applying it. I do my own when my mom lets me, as well as on my friends and family. I have to say that it’s definitely becoming a talent. It’s a passion for sure.

If you had the chance to pick a dream character to play, like a superhero or something, what would that be?
Oh wow! That’s a great question. A Superhero would be fun. I’d love to play a dramatic character of some kind. A young kid with an emotional story or something like that would be something I’d love to do one day! And if it were in a movie opposite Leo DiCaprio I’d be totally ok with that too!! Lol!

Do you have any other special talent that most people don’t know?
I love to cook and bake, and I’m not half bad at it. My mom lets me hang in the kitchen with her to help cook and I really dig that!

Are you into Fashion, any designers you love to see and wear?
If you asked my mom she would probably say I’m obsessed with fashion!! I love looking on the internet and following fashion icons that I love. Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney do amazing stuff for young girls! I also love a fashion line out of Australia called Bardot. They make some great stuff for tween girls.

I am going to say three words, and you tell me the first things that pop into your head?
1. Snow – Cold, 2. Puppy – Snuggles, 3. Food – Sushi

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