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Kristina Pimenova, a ten year old model who began her career at the early age of three while being at photoshoots with her mother, Glikeriya Pimevona, who is also a former model herself and was constantly told how beautiful Kristina was as a baby. After she moved to Los Angeles from Moscow, Russia, she began to expand her modeling career and signed with the modeling agencies LA Models and New York Models. Kristina has worked for high-end designers such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli, just to mention a few, and has been featured in editorials for Vogue Italia. Her resume continues to grow with A-listers in the fashion industry.

Posh Kids Magazine got to learn more about who Kristina Pimenova is besides all of the fame that is coming her way in such short amount of time. From her busy schedule, her mother Glikeriya, who also manages her daughter’s social media network sites, gave me the opportunity to interview Kristina. It was an interview that showed that no matter how young you are humbleness and caring for others is what matters the most. Kristina is a young girl that expresses herself very well and has an old soul that allows her to find comfort in things like classical music and the arts.

How do you feel about modeling?
I like it very much, yeah, I like it because first of all you get to meet people, travel around places, and I actually have a lot of friends because of modeling.

What is one of the most interesting shoots that you have done?
Ummm, you know I have ones in really good locations, with a big crew and its really creative stuff. I don’t really have one but I have a lot of shoots that are like that and they are all my favorites.

Basically, they are all your favorite?
The ones that are my favorite are the ones with really good locations- an old-fashioned house or at the beach. There’s a huge crew and it’s like really creative, not just changing clothes.

So, you like how everyone puts a little bit of everything to make this photoshoot interesting and make it you?
Yes, like teamwork.

Is teamwork something that you do when you’re in school?
Yes, we do a lot of projects and work together.

How do you feel when you’re on the runway?
Very excited! I love it! It’s like a photoshoot but it’s allsqueezed into ten minutes and there’s a lot of people aroundand everybody is watching. And there’s music, how you walk.I love walking the runway!

You’ve mentioned earlier that with modeling you have traveled to many different places. Do you have a favorite destination so far?
So far I’ve traveled to many places and all of them areamazing and lovely, but I thought very hard and I think it’sItaly because, first of all, the food it’s very pretty there, for example, we’ve been to Florence. I really like it there, theyhave a lot of picturesque, lots of painters live there, museums,old villages, and it’s very pretty there.

Wow, Florence! With the holidays that are coming up, what’s the worst Christmas gift that you have ever received?
I think there’s no such thing as aworst gift because somebody has putkindness on a gift for you to makeyou happy. So, I don’t think thereis. I’ve never thought of a bad giftbecause every gift I like it, evenif somebody just gives me acard, like a normal card, forme I like it.

You’re right about that when a person gives you a gift they are putting their mind into it, are putting their mind into it, it’s just special and it doesn’t matter the object or whatever it is as the thought is what counts.

Has anything caught your eye this upcoming season?
Like, you mean something I want for Christmas?

It could be that or anything in the fashion industry…
Oh, well then. I’m not into fashion and trends. Whatcaught my eye, as I’m a Harry Potter fan, is that I want somestuff from “Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” is coming up and since I want to be a film director when I grow up, I want to get a camera.

Oh, a camera! Interesting, so that’s something that captures your attention; being behind the camera, taking pictures?
Well, videos.

Oh, like an actual recording camera?

“ hidden talent is that I can, if a person is sad I can actually make them happy and understand them and make them feel kind of warm and cheer them up.”

That’s pretty cool! With Christmas almost being here, do you prefer a warm Christmas or cold Christmas being that you’re now in LA?
Definitely a cold Christmas because most of the Christmases I have spent in France and it’s very pretty there and cold; andthe snow, and the fireplace. It was amazing. I like Christmases that are cold and the decorations colored red. It was like, snowand red decorations, like it’s just very pretty with the snow.Yeah, I like cold Christmas better. Sometimes we have spentChristmas in an island that is called Maldives. It was very warmand it even had decorations, but it didn’t feel like Christmas.So, I like a cold Christmas better.

I like a cold Christmas better myself- I think that’s something we have in common. When you hear the word Christmas, do you think about snow, drinking hot cocoa, doing all the fun things like skating?
Yeah, snowball fights…

Building a snowman and all that good stuff. I am with you on having a cold Christmas myself, and I noticed something very interesting and that is that your birthday is actually two days after Christmas. It must feel as the world is celebrating alongside your birthday?

Tell us what is the good and bad about having a birthday so close to Christmas?
Well, I think there’s nothing bad about it and it’sjust amazing. Like, you get double excitement andI love it, but my birthday is not on Christmas, sobasically it is on the 27th so wedon’t celebrate it until twodays after Christmas. Ithink it’s a really goodway to celebrate mybirthday.

Tell us what is the good and bad about having a birthday so close to Christmas?
Well, I think there’s nothing bad about it and it’s justamazing. Like, you get double excitement and I love it, butmy birthday is not on Christmas, so basically it is on the 27thso we don’t celebrate it until two days after Christmas. I thinkit’s a really good way to celebrate my birthday.

What about shopping? Do you like to go shopping?
No, no I’m not a shopper, like some people likeshopping but I don’t really like shopping. I like whenmy mom gives me clothes for whichever situationhappens, when she gets me clothes, I’m like I don’tlike it and she say but it’s cute (laughs).

So, basically you just trust your mom’s judgement on what to wear.

Do you have any hidden talents? Do you like to sing, act, draw, or play any favorite sport?
Yeah, but I think my hidden talent is empathy, that if a person is sad I can actually make them happy, and understand them and make them feel kind of warm and cheer them up.

You’re very humble at heart and you like to make others feel good when they are around you. That’s something very nice to have and that’s actually a talent that many people should have.
Yeah, thank you.

During your photoshoot for us you were interviewed by a TV show. Does that happen often?
Umm, it’s happened just about 2 or 3 times. Not too often.

Sometimes you feel a little overwhelmed when you do too many things at once, but for me I find it so interesting how you were able to do two things at once like how you did the photoshoot and also took time to complete the interview for the TV show. I just thought it’s a good quality about you.
Thank you.

Do you have a favorite outfit from the shoots that you’ve worn, one of the outfits that stayed in your mind from all the photoshoots you have done?
Umm no, because there are so many.

I know, it’s bad to keep track.
Yeah (laughs), there’s a lot that are very interesting, some adult clothes, some normal and pretty colors, so I don’t know (laughs).

What about your personal style, how would you define it? Do you have one? Do you like to wear mainly girly fashion or tomboyish?
I like clothes that are… I don’t like bright colors, sparkly, and very girly either. I like very comfortable clothes that’s of natural material.

Lots of cotton…
… that it feels good and it’s not very over sparkly. Skirts?I don’t wear skirts.

It sounds you’re into the comfortable clothing you can actually, move and feel comfortable in, not itchy, because sometimes you want to wear them and they’re sparkly and that just makes your skin itch.

What about a favorite movie? Do you have one?
Well, right now all of the movies that I like were not made now but like a long time ago. Like, I like, like (laughs and states she says the word like too many times). I like comedies with Marilyn Monroe, I like movies with James Dean. I like old movies that are sad and have a meaning and I also like the movie… I don’t know how to pronounce it, it’s “Gathica” have you heard of it?

Yeah, “Gathica”.
I really like the idea of how he tries everything just for a dream. I like these kinds of movies but I also like (I say like a hundred times and laughs), I like the movie “Harry Potter”.

Oh, that’s one of my favorites!
Yeah, because I’m a fan of Harry Potter and I like magic.

Me too, nice. Like the wizard- what they do and how they make certain things move.

I’m pretty interested myself in Harry Potter, I think I enjoyed it more than my son. Last summer we went on our family vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando and I was amazed at how real the section of Harry Potter with the village, rides, and foods all made it feel so real as if I was in the movie. It was pretty cool.
Yeah, I had visited the one in LA and it was an amazing experience. I want to live out there.

Have you ever thought about acting? Is it something you would like to do?
Yeah, I do acting classes, I want to be a film director and an actress when I grow up.

If you could meet anyone in the world right now, who would it be and why?
Ummm, there’s a lot of people I would like to meet, butI think four: Robert Redford, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, andMeryl Streep.

Wow, those are very, very big names that you’ve mentioned.
Because they are very talented and amazing and they can give me some advice with the acting. They can teach me a lot of good stuff like if I was in the movies that I would not know so much now. So, if I’m in a movie, I could just talk to them.

They would be good coaches.
Yeah, they can tell me their experience. I think they’retalented people, like I can ask them.

I think they are amazing too. Those four names are very big names. With advice, so far what I can see is that your mom is your best friend.

Yeah, because you do everything next to your mommy. What has been the best advice you’ve received when it comes to photoshoots and walking the runway and everything that you do?
That there is more about life and not just about modeling, so there is a lot that is very important, but let me just tell you, let me think of one from the thousands and one hundred I have received (laughs). You have to think about your problems to solve them. What I mean right now, don’t be like “I can’t do this”, “oh, I’m horrible at this and won’t even try”, and “I’m so horrible, I can’t do this and blah, blah blah, and just think about everything negative about you”. Try to be better than what you are and be better. For example, if you like somebody and a girl is jealous of everybody, but don’t try to be better than her, be better than yourself.

Oh my gosh that is very good advice because you are so right, people should eliminate from their vocabulary the words “I can’t”, because that’s when you put a limit to yourself and then you are not able to probably accomplish better things from whatever you put your mind to. So, working on yourself, it’s pretty good advice. To not underestimate yourself, in other words.

That’s pretty cool. On your downtime what do you like to do, like when you’re not in school or working with the modeling or anything?
I usually play with my friends and all the kids because I live in a community with a lot of kids! We play games outdoors and I read a lot. Sometimes I watch movies, and let me see… I draw too.

You like to draw?
Yeah or I just create something. I just play. We play a lotof role play and my favorite thing right now is Harry Potter.When I play outdoors and have lots of fun. I have a collectionof Harry Potter so we use that stuff to make it more realistic.

That sounds pretty cool. It sounds to me like you enjoy the outdoors, doing physical activities instead of being inside in front of a laptop, computer, or cellphone.

Yeah, my favorite song, umm… is I think… “The Show Must Go On”.

“The Show Must Go On”. It’s a pretty cool song.
I like a lot of singers but I also like rock & roll and classical music. I like the instruments, the melodies. I’m not a fan of pop, but some of them I can dance to it. I like music very much. I think that painting, music, movies, and books combined together is basically like life.

That is so true. It sounds to me like you have a very good head on your shoulders and you speak very well. I love the idea of having met you, even if it’s over the phone. You seem as a girl that is full of life, that is humble, that enjoys relating to other children, and actually just being you and treating everyone the same. I hope that someday we can meet in person.
Thank you. Me too.

It was a pleasure interviewing you, Kristina, and I only want to wish you the best. Not only with your career in modeling but also in school and everything you put your mind and heart to.
Thank you very much.So here you’ve been able to read and capture who the “Most Beautiful Girl in the World” is. She is a beauty inside and out and she has this idea that her fame is not all that matters to her, but more so of her ability to care for others. This was such an insightful, fun, and easy going conversation by the one and only Kristina Pimenova.

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