One of the toughest things for many men is upgrading his closet to be trendier. You see many great images of suits, but when it’s your time to order, it is overwhelming. One of those hard shopping items is suits. When you’re shopping for a suit, you want to have something that looks great on you. Custom suits are now more popular than ever. I had the opportunity to talk with Noni Balian of InStitchu, a custom design suit company that makes the whole suit buying easier. InStitchu believes in individuality which already makes their customers feel special. Their simple process of suits designed by us (with the help of course), made by them and sent to us. Noni cleared up some of the questions that needed to be answered for anyone not familiar with custom suits.

What’s the difference between a store-bought suit and a custom-made version of that?
The biggest difference obviously is that if you buy off the rack, you’re getting a standard size and then spend additional money to alter those items, to get the best fit for you or you just accept the fit however it comes. That’s one of the biggest differences. Also, with a store-bought suit, you are getting exactly what that design is. With a custom suit, it is made tailored to you, and you are picking the designs, the fabric, and the lining. You also get to leave the things you don’t want out and adding the things you do like. You get something that’s your style, that you love and it is fitted perfectly to you.

That’s great! I also know that there are some smaller differences. I’ve recently had a custom suit made, and I was reading about custom suits a little bit on men’s fashion blogs that talked about the difference in custom suits. One example is, the shoulder pads comes out too far which signifies it is a store-bought suit rather than a custom brought suit. What other small differences is there, that you will notice, even if you alter a store purchased suit?
Well it doesn’t have that feel because it’s not made to measurement. The way you’re saying the shoulders too big you know someone’s obviously wearing whatever they get. They don’t get that choice to have it perfectly flush to their shoulders and fitted well. As far as quality goes, it just boils down to where someone shops. If they shop somewhere little higher end and off the rack, then they are going to get the same type of quality, but the fit is really what makes the difference per suit. A great fit that you can’t pass. Often you can’t get that when you buy off the rack.

Other than a basic black one suit, what other colors should men have in their closet? I think that’s the biggest problem for men. When we are going to buy a suit, we don’t know what colors to buy. And most shoppers tend to go to the basic black.
Yea, I think a black suit is obviously one of those items that you need for a black-tie event or whatever those more serious events are. But other than that, a navy and charcoal are the two-wardrobe staple that I think every man needs. Those suits are versatile. They can wear the pants on their own. You can mix jackets in that can have a pattern with them.

When I went to have, my custom suit made, they asked me what style I wanted. What are the different style of suits?
The most common suit style is a single breasted true bottom jacket, and it will have like a normal front pocket, and it will have a notch lapel. That’s what you see most guys wear to work or everyday business suits. There are so many varying styles, some other ones you might see is a, double breasted six buttons, where it overlaps by two buttons down the front and then some of the different lapels; peaked, shawl, notched, there are so many different options. So, I think the most common that you’ll see is a single breasted two button jacket with no more flap pockets and a notched lapel. Then from there, you could change the lapel. You can alter the style at the front and so on.

Tell us about the ordering process for someone ordering their custom suit from InStitchu.
If they were to come into our showroom, they would come in, and they would look at our whole fabric range. We have over 160 suit fabrics over 300 shirt fabrics. They would view all of those fabrics narrow down to what they like, and then they get fitted by one of our style consultants. They would get some advice, and then they would design their suits in that fitting, then they would place that order. Our style consultants would give guidance and direction on design and things that people might not be so sure about and help them along with questions. They then place their order and in three or four weeks later that order will arrive wherever they want it sent. It can be sent to their home or work if they want it or wherever it might be.

Great! Now, what are some of the trends you see lately? Some we see, like, different styles of ties and pocket squares.
Yeah absolutely. One of the other things we see is men making their pants a little bit shorter than what was commonly normal. The normal break is starting to become shorter and shorter, and they want their socks a little visible. So that’s one thing that we see. The slim fit is everybody’s sort of preference, but there’s something much more of a trend, a very skinny pant. We see it all the time now, people going much tighter with their pants. And then as far as design styles go, people are getting to be more daring with fabric choice. They are going a little bit bolder with prints and then things like trying the double- breasted jacket. They’re one of those controversial options where some people hate them, and some people love them, but they’re definitely more of a popular choice now.

Can you give dads a few style tips that will help upgrade their closet and go well with the suits itself that they order?
Yes. If they already have or getting a navy and a charcoal the easiest thing for them to do is get some custom blazers. They can pick different fabrics so they have options to rotate so they could wear plain pants with a different color blazer and it can be a really fresh and modern look. And then different style shirts, different patterns, different colors styles are an excellent way to upgrade your wardrobe as well.

This was truly amazing. I want to thank you so much for speaking with us. I think that the dads are going to be happy with your advice and help them upgrade their looks. And I know a lot of the moms would love to see their husbands trendier, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us.
No problem. Thank you very much.

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