Hanging with August Maturo

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It was easy to see the level of diligence written across the young actor’s face as well as his ability to simultaneously maintain a certain level of silliness and seriousness. This is a trait that August most likely carries with him onto the set of his current project, the hit Disney-channel series “Girl Meets World”.

August worked on a variety of shows including the likes of “Weeds”, “Bones”, and much more. The adorable, curly-haired boy can also be found in other shows as a minor role and many commercials. It is obvious that upon meeting him that his bubbly nature is portrayed just as well in real life as on the screen. The team was extremely excited to have August grace the pages of Posh Magazine. This talented kid is certainly going places and he knows it!

What made you initially interested in show business?
Well I didn’t know it was “show business” I just knew I wanted to be on a stage since I was 4 after I was in a church play.

You’ve been on such a variety of shows ranging from a drama such as “Bones”, a more mature comedy like “Weeds”, and your current show, the Disney sitcom “Girl Meets World”. What’s been your favorite genre to work on?
I love working on Girl Meets World because even though it’s funny, we get to do drama too. It’s different from other sitcoms that way. I love to do funny roles, but I love the serious stuff too.

“Girl Meets World” has an incredibly star-studded cast. How does it feel to be working under the influence of actors and actresses like Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, and so much more?
It’s great they are my family now forever. They teach me so much.

How is the atmosphere on set?
The set is so much fun. Today after we were done working we played “running charades” on-set. Even Rider Strong played! We have so much fun! We have two teams and run back and forth between the classroom set and Matthew’s apartment.

If you were to have dinner with anybody in the entire world, who would it be and why? 
The President of the United States! I want to know what it’s like to be President. I would ask him so many questions!

So, we know that you have very severe allergies and that your family has gone so far as to get involved with the EpiPen campaign. How do these allergies affect you on a day-to-day basis?  
Well, I have to check everything I eat. My mom reads all the labels and now I do too. We have to be careful when we eat out. We always talk to the chef and let them know about my allergies. My mom always makes sure she carries safe snacks for me also.

Any advice for kids suffering from severe allergies just like you? 
I would say don’t let it get you down. Everyone has something they have to deal with. Just try to be safe and try to use your allergy as a way of teaching others about what it means.

Your character, Auggie Matthews, has a very explosive personality. Do you think you guys are similar? 
Yes, I think we are similar in a lot of ways. I would say that I’m not so girl-crazy in real life though. 

You’re able to sing, dance, and act a triple threat! Would you like to branch out from acting in the future? 
Yes! I would love to be a singer like Sabrina Carpenter someday. Maybe I’ll do more musical theatre. I just know that whatever I do I just like to make people happy.

photographed by ANNA GUNSELMAN
styled by NAZ MEKNAT
make-up and hair: Tokiko Inoue J
wardrobe provided by: T.O. Collection