Irina is inspired by Dad and her love of Photography


The gifted photographer, Irina, is known for her ability to capture moments in time. Irina also captures life, joy, and moments artistically. The strength of Irina’s photos lies in how she blends realism, fashion, and emotions. In her photographs, you will find spontaneous reportage. Her meticulously composed conceptual portraits are at once breathtaking, touching, and captivating.

Learning the art of photography as a child and practicing by taking pictures of her daughter and other children led her to become a professional photographer. Irina’s photography stands out from others for its distinctive style. It is her talent for creating beautiful and innovative portraits that capture the essence of each family. Any client who hires her would have a fantastic shoot on their hands!

When and what made you decide to be a photographer?
My dad is a photographer. He worked with many different magazines and traveled a lot around the world. He always took me with him. So basically, I learned a lot from him but never thought about photography as a career for myself.

That is awesome. Irina, how was it traveling with your dad and being on the set of his shoots?
First of all, I remember what fascinated me as a little kid was the darkroom where he developed all the images. In those days, photography was quite different from what it is right now. I loved going to his work with him and watching what he was doing. As for traveling, it was probably my favorite part. I remember multiple trips to Europe and Arab Emirates. It was all locations where my dad worked in a team with other photographers. They were taking pictures of models for different fashion magazines. I loved watching “pretty people.” That was what I called the models when I was 5-6, as they were posing in front of the camera.

Hahaha, I love that title, “pretty people.” Did your dad take many photos of you also as a child?
Oh yes. Millions. Haha. Especially when I was a toddler, I was making hilarious facial expressions. He captured that all, lol.

Haha, so it has come full circle with you taking those amazing photos with your daughter?
As mentioned before, though I loved photography, I never thought of it as a possible career. When my daughter was born, I began using my childhood knowledge about photography and implementing it in my work.

Yea, not the skills, just the love of a parent taking amazing photos of their kids. You and your dad end up doing the same thing. Lol
And I enjoy talking to my dad about my work, where he criticizes it or points out what can be improved, or sometimes he says that it is excellent.

That must be a joy for him to see his daughter take on his passion, and he can pass on the knowledge to you. As you were planning your future, what made you choose the finance path.
Well, finance is not my first degree. First, I got a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. When I came to the US at age 19, I thought of continuing my education in that field, but sometimes it is tricky to make a transcript of your diploma from a different country. In short, I would have to retake some classes that I already had before. So, I decided I would do something completely different. I always loved math, and I liked making analyses. That is how I ended up with a degree in finance.

That is a fantastic achievement, especially since both degrees are in entirely different fields. When did you have your first child, and was it during school or after you graduated?
My first boy was born during my second year at university.

As a mom working on attaining your 2nd degree while pregnant, how did you manage, and what kept you going?
My husband was and still is the greatest supporter. I had to take early morning classes while my husband was watching the baby, and then I came back home at 9 am; he went to work, and when he came back at 6 pm, I went back to universal for everything classes. It wasn’t easy at all. But together, we managed it.

I bet that is not easy, but it is great with a strong support system behind you. I am sure you were glad when you finally finished. Was it one of those “I can’t believe I did it and no more classes” moments?
I graduated when I already had my second son. So yes, it wasn’t easy, and I was glad to be done. But sometimes I miss those school days. I met so many people there that are my best friends now.

That is great. You said you started taking photos when your daughter was born. At what point did you realize you had a true talent for it?
When people asked me if I could take their pictures, multiple brands from all over the world began reaching out with business proposals.

Yea that is one way to confirm that you have a talent. Hahaha. Irina, your Instagram features your daughter. What inspires you to create such beautiful work with her?
I love art in general. Sometimes a particular location inspires me, and sometimes, it is an outfit that makes me want to create something, for example. Last Saturday, I was at the University of South Florida with my 11-year-old son. He was receiving a reward. And I noticed a beautiful place right on university grounds.

The next day I returned there with my daughter and created these images.

Incredible. To see the location and then your photo is just unbelievable. I love it.
Thank you.

Irina, we follow your Instagram, and we are not sure who the star is, your work, or your daughter, lol. How does she feel about shooting so much with Mom?
It is an excellent opportunity for her to spend time with her mom “without brothers”(her words, lol). Don’t take me wrong, she loves her brothers, but she also loves some girls only time.
We always try to make it fun. After the shoot, we usually stop for ice cream, do quick shopping, or go to a playground. My daughter also loves dancing. She is taking ballet, tap, hip hop, gymnastics, and playing tennis. She is a very active kid.

Haha. That is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Where can we see your work, Irina?
My Instagram: @irinkac33, Facebook: @oldclassicphoto, website:, and websites of all the brands I have photographed. Also, I wanted to point out that my daughter is not the only model that I photograph. I have a whole team of models. I post mostly pictures of her because she is my child, and I do not need permission to share her photos.

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