Karyn’s Corner

Welcome to Karyn’s Corner! This is my little corner of the world where I can share insight, be creative, and hopefully inspire you all as parents. Although Mother’s Day has come and gone, we are moms every day of the year. I wanted to touch on the age-old question: What does being a mom mean to you?

To me, it’s waking up every day and putting the needs of my kids before myself. Wiping the tears, creating the memories, and relishing in the laughter. We make anything and everything we can possible for our kids. We are dream weavers, the biggest cheerleaders, role models, and our kids’ first best friend. I believe in my kids to the max, and they give me the inner strength to be a Super Mom!

However, I can’t help but recognize where that strength comes from. My daughter is a fighter and determined because she got it from her mama! My son has a heart of gold and charisma because he was raised seeing me be happy. Even on the hard days, my kids need me, and they deserve the best version of me. That means I have the responsibility to care for myself before I can be a good mom to my kids. We often forget that their first impression of self-love and respect comes from seeing how I carry myself. I love me!

With that said, here are some of my routines and favorite products that help me stay at Super Mom level:

Yoga: I have been doing yoga since I was 18, and it has always been a great release for me and helps me focus inward. Plus, after a good class or practice at home, you have an undeniable yoga glow! PS: any of my pregnant mamas out there, this was by far my favorite way to connect with my son before he was born. I love it so much that I now do yoga with the kids! It helps calm a crazy four year old, and also is an excellent way to do stretching for Sienna’s physical therapy. Namaste!

Oils Olé! I love essential oils. My family and I use them in our daily lives. Young living oils are so amazing, and you can guarantee the pureness from seed to seal! Feeling stressed? There’s an oil for that. Your kids run you ragged and now even that glass of wine can’t relieve your migraine? There’s an oil for that too! From respiratory wellness to digestion, oils can give you that much needed support. For more, take a look at my oil guru, Ashley @joydropcollective on Instagram.

Shine bright like a diamond! I can’t remember the days of sleeping in and not having tired eyes. The classic phrase, “oh you look tired,” comes up. Actually, I have kids, and this is just my face. It comes with the territory! These eye masks from Knc beauty are naturally infused with retinol and gold, keeping your eyes looking refreshed. Let it glow, girl! Take a look at Kncbeauty.com to check them out.

Speaking of letting it glow, one of the best things I do is show myself some love. A little makeover is a great way to get out of any slump from “mommying” hard all day, every day! Believe me, it is not easy! Throwing on yoga pants and putting my hair up is my go to, but as Tom Ford said, “dressing well is a form of good manners.” If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, go to Renaissance Salon and see Andrew. He will give your hair life! You are fabulous with or without your kids in tow. Don’t you ever forget that!

Finally, I love coffee, but I need more than a pick me up, and have found great constant support to sustain this crazy mama life. Enter Moringa Super mama tea. Take a look at my full review in our health section. Or visit supermamafoods.com Even if you do one small thing for yourself today, it’s a step to making sure that you will always be you. Before you first put on your mama hat, you were your beautiful self, and sometimes we all need that small reminder. Now go show yourself some love!