Living your Dream

ISSUE 11. I would like to welcome you to the “Living your dream” issue. I am grateful to include both Fashion Designer and Social Media influencer Egreis, who I got to meet during fashion NY Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week, and the Black Panther star, Seth Carr. Reading these two interviews, you won’t help to be inspired by them.

This issue we also explored behind the blog and behind the lens with two with two talented individuals. Behind the blog, we talked with blogger Amanda Lauren who is the blogger behind the Daphnie Pearl, which is named after her daughter. Behind the lens with learned more about photographer Mai Tilson. These two inspiring women let us learn how they got started and what inspired them.

Before I end this, I want to touch on a serious subject, Depression. Many of us face it, but many of us feel ashamed to talk about it. We worry that people would think less of us or not take the time to listen to us. Depression is an important issue that should not be ashamed, and we should always find someone that we can share what’s on our mind at that time. It can be a friend, a stranger, or a professional. Sometimes, you don’t need someone to respond, just listen to you, as you talk it out. For deeper issues, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek professional help. No need to keep suffering. I had my battle with depression, and I was lucky to have great friends and an amazing daughter that I can talk to and help me get to a better place. That is why my photo with this letter is so important. It captures my true happiness.

Russian-born artist Tatyana Long began painting and drawing before she learned to walk. She graduated college with a major in Fine Arts and started to work as an Art teacher, to share her love for art with people of different ages. Currently, Tatyana lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. Being a mother became the biggest inspiration and happiness in her life. In time free from teaching, Tatyana Long illustrates her Motherhood and all women who love their kids, their men and themselves.

Maximo Hamilton

Editor In Chief

The goal is to create a content that the whole family can read.