Looking for that good light, MARINO BAMBINOS

I’m so excited to introduce one of my favorite people. Her blogger name is Marino Bambinos but I met her first as Friend/Wife/Mom… Marino. Not only is she one of the kindest people I know, has a successful blogging site, an extraordinary photographer and a leader in humanitarian causes. All this and incredibly humble.

Hi Marino! Thank you so much for fitting this interview into your busy schedule. What did I tear you away from?
Thank you for the kind introduction. There is no tearing me away – I’m more than happy to chat with you.

I remember we were at the “Grass Park” when you shared this blogging idea with me. How many years ago was that?
It’s hard to believe that it was over eight years ago!

Tell us the steps you took? You work with so many companies. How did that happen and how did it evolve?
I had the intentions of beginning a blog to update family and a few close friends. When a brand (that we love) reached out to me about a sponsored opportunity, I figured I would give it a go. They shared my content with their parenting audiences on their social channels – and soon after, partnerships with other companies came my way. I also began working with networks and agencies and really enjoyed the creative component of helping brands engage their audiences through thoughtful partnerships. Over the past few years, I’ve been focusing more on freelance work for vehicles other than my own.

Your blog is so touching because you tell real life stories. This week it’s about your Mom. Does she know she’s in your blog?
Sometimes, experiences in parenthood are deeply colored by my childhood memories. Truthfully, I don’t think my mom fully understands the work, as someone who’s not on social media – but writing often makes me pause to tell her the specific details that remind me of a memory, my overall gratitude, and her incredible mothering. I know she appreciates that.

I remember especially in the earlier years, your kids playing or wearing the products you talked about.
I’ve always only partnered with companies that I can stand behind. The kids were a bit more involved when they were younger – although I have never shared anything that is any way personal.

Your photography is breathtaking. What camera do you use?
I use a variety of Nikon lenses, (35mm and 85mm continue to be among my favorites), along with my iPhone X, and GoPro when in water. I’m tempted by the new mirrorless cameras and am eager to see where they will go in the future. I’ve been using my iPhone when I can for social-only work, and it often beats lugging a DSLR and camera bag full of lenses around the city.

Can you offer any photography advice?
Shoot what inspires you. Experiment with perspectives (when photographing kids get down to their level). Look for beauty in the candid, organic and seemingly mundane moments. Follow the rules, but also throw out all the rules and create your own way.

There seems to be a much larger number of bloggers than ever before, do you think the market is saturated?
There are a lot of bloggers, and I continue to be amazed that creative work can come from websites and social channels built from scratch. The great thing in this sort of saturation is the ability to find helpful content in any niche. I’m constantly inspired by photographers, health and wellness sites and the profoundly personal writers who are willing to share their vulnerable and raw stories to help others in similar circumstances.

Do you have a personal as well as a business goal?
I’m always trying to learn, grow and challenge myself both personally and professionally.

What would be the dream blog entry for you?
I think that dreams are found in things that carry meaning. I hope to continue with advocacy work, push creative limits and stay connected to my public health roots.

What is the funniest product you ever tested or did any backfire?
I do often receive unexpected products in the mail and although I’m unsure of the funniest – the most fun are often family travel features including a few trips with Disney.

You recently did an incredible humanitarian act. Please tell us about it?
I worked with Amnesty International to help tell the stories of mothers and children fleeing horrific violence in their home countries only to be detained here in U.S. “baby jails.” I too would do everything in my power to protect the lives of my children if I met similar circumstances. All of it made me want to be a better human rights activist.

I know you have a film crew coming in at any moment so we will stop here. Thank you so much for chatting with me today. You can follow Marino Bambinos on her site and her social channels:

Twitter: @MarinoBambinos
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Instagram: @marinobambinos
Pinterest at: pinterest.com/marino/boards/