How would you describe Zoe’s personal style?
Zoe is only 6 years old so it’s hard to define a specific personal style for her. Like most kids her age, her likes and dislikes change on a regular, if not daily, basis. As her mom, I prefer to dress her in pieces that are different and stand out from what you see in major retail stores. A bit edgier and out of the box.

When did you decide to start an IG account to showcase what Zoe loves?
I started Zoe’s IG account just over a year ago. I did it more to separate all of my kids’ photos from my work IG account and Zoe seemed to really enjoy being in front of the camera.

Do you try and keep up with the current fashion trends or do you follow what Zoe feels she likes best.
We do both! My eldest daughter is 14, so she’s always on the pulse of what’s ‘in’ in terms of fashion. I love translating styles for women into mini versions for Zoe. She loves trying new things, so she’s usually up for anything style-wise. Zoe definitely has her favorite pieces though, and we get good mileage out of those.

Tell us what an average day consists of for Zoe?
Honestly, we aren’t very exciting on the daily. An average day for her is getting up and getting ready for school. School from 9 am – 3:30 pm. Home to do homework and play for a bit, have dinner and then she goes to Taekwondo (she’s a black belt) from 7 pm – 8 pm. We come home, bath, snack, and bedtime. And then we start all over again the next day. Occasionally she has an audition or a photoshoot, but for the most part she’s a regular kid.

What is Zoe’s favorite part about being “IG famous”?
Wow, I don’t think Zoe has any idea about being “IG famous”. I don’t really consider her to be famous myself, but we love that people can feel inspired by our images and styling.

What other interests does Zoe have?
Aside from posing for the camera, Zoe loves to draw, read, dance and do anything that involves being outside. She has been doing Taekwondo for 3 years now and is also learning to play tennis. And of course, she loves to play dress up.

What do you see for Zoe’s future self? Do you plan to keep up her IG for years to come?
Zoe has such great determination that I can’t see any obstacle ever holding her back from achieving her goals. I hope she will have a future full of happiness, love and success in whatever she does. I think we will keep Zoe’s IG going for as long as she enjoys doing it. The minute it’s not fun is the time to stop.Until then we are so thankful to everyone that has supported us and watched Zoe grow so much in the last year.

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