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Michelle, I have visited your Instagram several times before I was asked to conduct this interview of you. I have completely been a fan of your blog style since the first time I laid eyes on your work. I think you have such a creative mindset. Your photos are just phenomenal and give me such a feeling of life! Every-time I see your posts they make me feel like I have been with you in the moment you take your photos. I am sure they make your followers feel the same way. Let’s start this, shall we!

When did you start blogging and how did you start?
When I started, Londyn was only 4 days old. I created this page originally because I wanted to post all the baby photos, I wanted without being overbearing to my friends and family, then anyone who wanted to see them could follow along. Originally, I started just posting baby pics and tagging all the shops etc. we then started to brand rep for our fav shops then turned into partnering with our fav companies and then actually having paid partnerships with brands. I eventually rebranded from londyns page to our family page.

How often do you blog?
I usually only post 3 times a week as I do work full time and Londyn is in full time daycare so getting content is limited to weekends only

Where do you find inspiration for your topics?
I basically use Londyn for inspiration. Also, during our family outings I like to find places around that would make for a nice photo. Also, I use my house for inspiration. My husband said to me before when it was only photos of Londyn, that I should be including myself (and him) in these photos are they as about making memories and we are a part of that. So, they are the best inspiration.

How would you describe your blogging style?
I like to think it’s real, what it’s actually like in our everyday life. If I’m prompting a product, I’ll only partner with brands and products I actually believe in or a genuinely interested in trying or if it’s something we need. My photo style is always as light and bright as possible as that makes me feel happy.

How do you envision your blog few years from now?
We would like to keep expanding and growing and keep doing bigger and better partnerships. We also plan to expand our family and would like to document that journey as well.

What skills do you think someone should possess to create a blog?
I would say they should have creativity and the ability to express themselves in their own unique way. Also have a decent camera and ability to do some simple photoshopping! Michelle, thank you for taking the time to respond to the questions I had for you! Your family is gorgeous and I had such a good time reading your responses. I might just have to try out blogging myself. 😉 We can’t wait to interview you again when you add that new addition to your family.

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