Moringa Tea

Being a super mom at any stage requires extra support, whether pregnant, nursing, or chasing around two kids! Moringa Tea by Supermama is a fantastic herbal supplement that contains essential amino acids, carotenoids in leaves, and components with nutraceutical properties.

Let me break it down: for the breastfeeding mamas, Moringa is a galactagogue that will help you keep up milk production for your baby’s needs! Moringa is the best lactation tea for breastfeeding moms to boost their supply. A happy mama means a happy baby!

Mom-brain got you down? Moringa has been shown to improve memory and post-baby fog! Not to mention the fog of taming your six-year-old party girl that wants to start her day at 4 AM! I love the Royal tea for keeping me sharp and its delicious Earl Grey flavor.

Rejuvenate and reduce inflammation: our bodies are powerhouses that create, grow, birth, and take care of our babies! We need to rebuild our proteins from the inside out. Mother’s best

friend, tea, can help your body through any stage of motherhood, starting from pregnancy and beyond. Be sure to take a look at their site to see more flavors and join the century-old tradition of caring for our bodies with this fantastic and magical tea!

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