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As parents today, we all seem to be juggling how to raise our kids, incorporate self-care, focus on our spouse or partner and find happiness in our work. Sometimes, it feels as though this can be particularly tricky in the world of social media as bloggers, Instagrammers, and influencers. I recently interviewed Kathleen Galloway, Photographer, Social Media Influencer and mother of 3 girls who appears to be managing her daughters’ lives with grace and style while documenting much of it on social media! Read our interview below for her thoughts on when her girls will get an Instagram account (hint: maybe 30, ha), tips for photographing your own kids and also how to squeeze in some mama self-care! Because in this age of social media, I think we can all benefit from sharing advice, strategies, and find some humor in this parenting gig. It takes a village indeed! Sarah Wilson:

Tell us about Mrs. Galloway and your family and work?
My name is Kathleen Galloway. I’m a girl mama 3 times over! I’ve been married to my best friend for 10 years. He was actually the one who encouraged me to start an Instagram account because I enjoyed taking pictures and was posting on Facebook for friends and family.

What is your perspective on parenting in today’s social media landscape?
The world can definitely be scary — especially surrounded by technology. I often find myself scrolling our Instagram followers to see if anything “off” catches my eye and blocking people who seem sketchy. I know I won’t be able to protect my girls forever, but I’ve taught them to be very aware and cautious of their surroundings the best that I can.

What is your perspective on kids’ fashion as a mom?  How has this changed as your girls have gotten older?
I definitely think the style that I dress my girls has changed a lot over the years since I had my oldest 8 years ago. I also think there are a lot more options as far as where to shop online since I first became a new mom. Our options were so limited just 8 years ago. Also, Instagram wasn’t around to draw inspiration from or find all of the small online shops we have now which I love! I do love to match them for photos, but I’d also say that as I’ve grown in style, I’ve learned to coordinate them more than match them. I love when the girls add their own flare so that they can be a little different or unique and begin finding their own style too.

How do you balance motherhood, work, and self-care?
Self-care!? What’s that!? JK, but seriously I do make it a point to have “me” time. It’s usually small windows of time between dance class, school, and homework, but I make it a point to go get some pampering (I love getting my lashes done every couple of weeks), and for me, it’s so important to have moments of quiet when I can relax. Also, my girlfriends are hands down the best friends a girl could ever ask for, so when they see that I need a moment to recharge they are always quick to whisk me away for a night out.

What advice would you give to parents photographing their kids?
The biggest advice I could give is to have fun! On many occasions, I have stopped taking pictures of my girls when they weren’t enjoying the process. In such circumstances, we take a break, and then come back and focus on enjoying it. My husband is our biggest cheerleader — he is usually behind me and my camera making silly faces and acting a fool to get the best smiles and giggles from the girls. If they are not having fun, it isn’t fun for me, either. I truly only want our photos to be a representation of their happiness.

What about kids and social media – any thoughts or advice for parents?
The girls won’t have social media accounts for a LOOOONG time. Maybe when they’re 30 I’ll consider it, lol. Honestly, they know what Instagram is and they know what doors this platform has opened for them and our family. Also, we’ve been able to take trips, attend events and receive gifts through this unique platform. But that’s where the line is drawn. They don’t need to know much more than that for now.

Briefly, share a day in the life of you and your girls?
Weekdays are kind of hectic for us, the girls have school, and dance and homework. These things are a priority for us. On the weekends, we dedicate time to shoot for products or collaborations or for pieces I’m working on. I do take pictures of my youngest Mila during the week while the girls are in school! All of her nap shots are done when they’re in school!

One last Question I have to ask: Do Mrs. Galloway own a Target grocery cart for those incredible shots?
Oh, how I wish I did! That would make it so much easier! I just wait till nap time and we go shopping!

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