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As a parent of a teen and an 8 years old sons I was amazed and in disbelief when they brought to my attention sometime last year that Netflix was releasing a new series “Fuller House”. I remember being 12 years old back in 1987 and not missing an episode of “Full House”. I shared with my sons I watch for many reasons, first because I had a super crush on “Jesse” played by John Stamos who reminded me of John Travolta; laughing hysterically at “Joey” played by Dave Coulier and his silly jokes and personality; and admiring how great is a dad “Danny” played by Bob Saget was to his three daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle on this sitcom played by Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. As teen girl who didn’t want to live in a home ran by men with great personalities that proved that men can raise a family too. So, just to learn that a new version, a continuation of such great show was being released, made me excited and I binge along my two sons watching the Netflix series and it was great!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Campion, who plays the teenage son of DJ Tanner. It was such a great interview and to find that this talented young man has such a humble and amazing heart that everyone needs should know. Here’s my interview with Michael that amidst to having such a busy schedule took time to speak with Posh Kids Magazine and shared about himself, his work and his aspiration in this industry. From filming TV commercials, to acting in community theater like The Wizard of Oz, to filming movies

Hi Michael, how are you?
Hi, I’m good and yourself?

I’m great, so happy to speak with you. Posh Kids Magazine has been following your work and we’re so excited to getting to know you better. Have you heard of Posh Kids Magazine?
Yes, I have! McKenna was in it.

So, you know McKenna.

How did you meet?
She worked on the show (Fuller House).

That’s nice, she is amazing! Such a humble, cool and amazing girl.
Yes, I agree.

How were you discovered?
Well, it all started by doing plays at the community theater. I was 5 or 6 and it sparked my interest. I later did a featured film “ROBO-DOG” and “Christmas Trade”, from there it boomed.

How did it come about being in “Fuller House”?
I actually live in Florida and you have to do video auditions for LA. I did a few, they liked it and they flew me out to LA. The audition was about 5,000 kids and I got the part.

Wow 5,000 kids auditioned and you got it, that must have felt great!
Yes, it did.

Have you gotten used to the popularity you’ve gained from the show “Fuller House” and the list of movies you’ve been in?
Yes, I think so. Is not… to be honest I haven’t gotten used to it. People know me when I’m walking down the street.

What’s one of the most interesting roles you’re done?
Jackson, definitely Jackson. He’s like a goofball, he’s sweet, funny, so much like me.

I can see the similarities between you and Jackson. On the show “Fuller House”, which is on its third season, you play the teen son Jackson Fuller on CJ Tanner, do you identify with this character?
Yes, I do, Jackson like I said is very much like me. It’s easy playing him because we’re very similar.

How is your relationship with the cast of “Fuller House”?
It’s like they’re my family. My family on set is much alike my own family.

Are there any secrets or unknown facts about the show you can share with us?
Season 3, I can’t share too much, but we’ve had guest stars on the show from the original show “Full House”. So that’s something to look forward to.

“Full House” was one of my favorite shows growing up. That must be exciting to meet the cast from “Full House” and have them as guest stars on the show.
It is.

The cast has been doing a lot together, what has been the most fun thing you guys did while not filming?
Going to Disney back in January, that’s one of the most fun we had together.

Do you think there’s going to be a next season on “Fuller House”?
There’s definitely a next season, there’s a lot of cliffhangers on the show.

What is the hardest part of being an actor?
On man! I wouldn’t say the hardest part, but getting into the character and getting to identify with them.

What do you like to do on your free time?
One of the coolest thing I do is “airsoft” with my friend Isaak Presley from the show “Stuck in the Middle” and we go together. It’s lots of fun! I actually like it better than paintball.

As a fashion magazine, what is your style and do you have a favorite brand?
My style is a lot like Jackson. I love H&M, Zara, Express and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Great brands, I love all of those for my son’s too. Is there an actor you would love to work with and who?
At one point, I would have loved to worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, but today I would love to work with Tom Holland from “Spider-Man”, he’s awesome!

I can see why you would love to work with him, in Spider-Man his personality is much like Jackson and you doing mischievous things.
Yes, it would be awesome to work with him someday.

Are there any hidden talents that you have?
No, no hidden talents, but I do play the piano.

I see your birthday is today or was it yesterday?
My birthday is actually today.

Well Happy Birthday Michael from all of us here at Posh Kids Magazine. We only want to wish you the best. Are you doing anything special to celebrate?
Thank you and yes, we’re celebrating. First, we’re going to Dave & Busters and then bowling.

That’s going to be so much fun! Well I can see that you have an amazing career ahead of you and only wish you more amazing opportunities to continue coming your way for you to show your talents. It’s been such a great pleasure speaking to you and hopefully we’ll meet in person soon.
Thank you Posh Kids Magazine!

story | ANNY MEJIA
photographed by | RYAN PAVLOVICH
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