POSH KIDS & PARENTS beauty product reviews

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1 Bio Oil:
This oil is a special skin care oil that can be used all throughout the body. The oil is formulated to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones. It should be massaged nicely into your desired area so the oil can deeply penetrate the skin’s layers. If you’re a mom who is concerned for stretch marks apply this oil 2x a day every day for a minimum of 3 months suffering from after pregnancy stretch marks. Ingredients including Vitamin E oil is proven to deeply moisturize the skin and fade scars/marks naturally.

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2 Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser:
Being a newly mom you are taking care of your newborn and barely worrying about how you’re looking yourself. Having something to use at least once a day to help rejuvenate skin. Not only does this cleanser deep cleanse the skin and help get rid of dead skin, the natural ingredients gives your skin, a nice glow. Not being able to take care of your skin especially undergoing all the hormones and skin changes from pregnancy, it becomes dull and tired looking. The willow bark which is rich is salicylic acid is a natural exfoliate while apricot seed kernels has the same property, while getting rid of dead skin its also moisturizing the skin with the aloe vera. The pink clay pulls out impurities from your face so your pores stay clean from acne causing bacteria. With this cleanser, it’s like a day at the spa for your skin.

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3 Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer:
Give your skin moisture. Having a baby can drive you away from self-pampering which can lead to dull dry skin. Having a great moisturizer after using a deep cleansing can replace the moisture that the cleanser has stripped. This moisturizer soothes, softens and hydrates for glowing skin. This product is lightweight but packed with so many natural products avocado oil, Vitamin E, a natural source of antioxidant beta-carotene. These ingredients lock moisture into the skin, rejuvenate the deepest layers in the skin, smooth and soften skin. Being a mom you want to look your best without even trying your best.

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4 NYX Professional Makeup BB Cream:
Dealing with kids, especially newborns, you don’t have time to take care of yourself especially when it comes to makeup. Putting on a full face of makeup just to accomplish a flawless look takes too much time, that’s why there are BB creams. BB creams are creamy foundation like products but are more lightweight on the face, it feels like second skin. While being lightweight it also evens out complexion while it leave a flawless base. This BB cream specifically gives a clear complexion while hydrating and priming the face. This paraben and sulfate free cream delivers radiant benefits to the skin.

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5 Shea Moisture Marshmallow Root & Blueberries Kids 2-in-1 Extra Gentle Body Wash & Lotion:
There are so many body washes that have harmful mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, etc. Being a child the skin is extremely sensitive, so being introduced to harmful ingredients can cause major problems. Shea Moisture is a product brand that only uses natural ingredients in their items. The organic Shea Butter, Marshmallow Root and Blueberries leaves skin feeling soft and clean. The other natural additives such as Avocado Oils help replenish the skin’s moisture in the deepest layer. This is a great product for the mommy’s who are looking for a natural based body wash/lotion.

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6 Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Lotion Sunscreen:
Kids at a young age have extremely sensitive skin and the sun can cause major skin issues in the long run, the most known one is skin cancer. As a parent, you want to create a skin barrier for your child to protect them from the harsh sun rays. This sunscreen has SPF 50 which gives a greater protection against the sun’s harmful rays. It doesn’t contain any ingredients like dyes, parabens, or unnatural fragrances. Not only is this protecting the top and deepest layers it’s also moisturizing the skin with soothing natural oatmeal.

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7 Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion – Calming:
Show your baby some love with this natural shea butter based moisturizing lotion. Made with the calming aromas of both Vanilla and Lavender can relax your bundle of joy before bedtime. The shea butter that comes straight from the Karite tree gives a nourishing, moisturizing feeling to penetrate deep in your child’s skin… even for yours too. So many parents have fallen in love with the way it made their child feel and smell, they decided the try it out for themselves as well. The deep penetration also helps with reducing fine lines and wrinkles that can improve skin’s elasticity. Incorporating this product into you and your child’s regimen can have so many long-lasting benefits.