Ekki, the brand with an eye for the future


EKKI is owned and operated by Jelkica, a brilliant fashion designer originally from the Balkans. Jelkica’s passion for design inspired her to create an Italian brand called EKKI. It was only through creativity that she was able to start a fashion business. She has played a leading role in the fashion industry for almost 15…

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Irina is inspired by Dad and her love of Photography


The gifted photographer, Irina, is known for her ability to capture moments in time. Irina also captures life, joy, and moments artistically. The strength of Irina’s photos lies in how she blends realism, fashion, and emotions. In her photographs, you will find spontaneous reportage. Her meticulously composed conceptual portraits are at once breathtaking, touching, and…

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Rihanna’s pregnancy: A new take on maternity wear!

rihanna's pregnancy

The biggest trendsetter in the world is pregnant! News of Rihanna’s pregnancy came on January 31. Followed by nothing other than a set of photographs, it proved the above-mentioned. Pregnant Rihanna decided to announce this news in her style – with a photo session in New York – particularly in Harlem. She did this alongside…

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CCPA of 2018

Welcome to our portal for submitting California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) requests. Under the CCPA, California residents are provided certain rights in relation to their personal information. For more information about your CCPA rights and our data practices relating to your personal information, please review our Privacy Notice here. Right to Access Your…

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