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TWELVElittle Baby Bags are Practical and Fashionable

TWELVElittle baby bags are designed to hold all your baby’s essentials while being fashionable and high quality. The bags are made of genuine leather and water-resistant fabrics for any messes that might occur. Made in different shapes, with various colors and prints, there’s sure to be a bag that fits your style. Diaper clutches in leopard print and on-the-go stroller caddies are just a few of what TWELVElitte has to offer.

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Have Imaginative Fun with Adora Toys

Products Spot Light

Adora Toys strives to provide fun, and safe toys for children to play with that parents won’t have to worry about. From baby dolls to plushies, their toys are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, BPA free, and machine washable, so they can take on any adventures your child may take them on. Adora Toys is a company that encourages children to dream and be imaginative in every way possible and hopes to encourage kids by doing regular visits to children’s hospitals and military bases and visiting families in need. One of their popular products is BathTime Baby Tots. These baby dolls are small and adorable and can be taken into the bath for wet fun! They dry easily and come with their own fun animal bathrobes, from elephants to kitties.

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Bubba Hug Keeps Babies Hands Clean

For parents who struggle with feisty and fussy babies comes a new pouch that hugs your baby’s hands and arms while you’re changing their diaper. Bubba Hug was created by a mom and inspired by babies who couldn’t keep their hands from getting dirty from diaper changes. Bubba Hug is made with 100% cotton and is breathable, so parents no longer have to worry about messy hands or their baby’s discomfort. These pouches are made to fit babies up to 18 months old.

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Rookie Humans—Crib Sheets with Personality

Products Spot Light

Crib sheets have never been so fun and adorable. Rookie Humans has created fun and expressive crib sheets that are soft and comfortable and act as a backdrop for the millions of pictures you want to take off your baby. Your baby will be comfortable and happy while lying down on their crib sheet for a photo without fussing about it. Designs range from cute underwater backdrops to soaring in the sky. These make great gifts for parents who just can’t resist taking pictures of their little ones.

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No More Missing Socks with Vivi G’z

Vivi G’z has created special booties for infants who are masters of missing socks. These booties are specially designed to stay on your infant’s feet no matter what kind of trouble and adventures they get into. They come in many different colors and designs to fit your baby’s favorite outfit and make sure that their pants don’t roll up, keeping every inch of their legs nice and warm. For your little ones that are just starting to walk, these booties help them keep their balance with gripped soles, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping around. These booties are made for infants up to 12 to 24 months old.

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Bath Time Fun with Potty Duck

Products Spot Light

The Potty Duck is a new bathtime toy that shows kids the ins and outs of potty going through fun! The Potty Duck comes with a squirting rubber duck and a flushing toilet toy that can suction to the bathtub walls. Your child can play with the duck in the water and squirt it to make it pee in its toilet. Kids learn best through example, so the Potty Duck is a great toy that lets kids flush their duck’s toilet while getting used to flushing after going, even before potty training starts. They’ll want to go potty just like their ducks. Make potty training fun and easy!

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