Return of the Vintage

Girly feels, it’s hard not to fall in love. Beautiful pink collared shirt and super soft linen skirt, paired with handmade authentic Latin American leather Sandals just to add some fun.

  1. Hubble and Duke shirt
  2. Little A Handmade suspender skirt
  3. Bek Halliday woven bag
  4. Baby Bow Club bows
  5. Mosov Mini
  6. Zilvi wooden fern

Vintage and woven pieces are making a comeback this year and this bag is pure perfection. A special piece to add to your littles collection or even your own wardrobe with The Ivory Fawn ‘mummy and me’ so you can be twinning.

7. The Ivory Fawn Bag
8. Baby Bow Club Bow

Raffaela Morello


She is a first time mother to Indigo Rose. She lives in Melbourne Australia and loves to share her passion of beautiful products and brands with her followers for the little people in their lives. She always had an interest in design and photography and found instagram to be a great platform where she can have fun while exploring her interests and promote some great boutique products.