Rihanna’s pregnancy: A new take on maternity wear!

rihanna's pregnancy

The biggest trendsetter in the world is pregnant! News of Rihanna’s pregnancy came on January 31. Followed by nothing other than a set of photographs, it proved the above-mentioned. Pregnant Rihanna decided to announce this news in her style – with a photo session in New York – particularly in Harlem. She did this alongside her partner, the rapper ASAP Rocky. And it was not the news of her expecting a baby that left the world in awe. And it was her style, appearance, and fashion choice. For the big announcement, the singer was dressed in denim, heels, and a pink down coat which was fully open. It put the bump on the spot, instantly changing the perception of what society expected for a pregnancy announcement.

As soon as the photoshoot set was published online alongside the announcement, the fashion take on maternity wear instantly shifted. It went into a new, unexpected, and skeptical direction. For all the next outings and events Rihanna attended, she continued to bare her bump. It was a clear pointer, and a public rejection of the traditional maternity wear. She did not wear oversized shirts and dresses and jeans and pants with elastic waistbands. Rihanna took fashion into her hands and decided to go over the top. She did something that no one before her had done. Every new outing was accompanied by a new style, always putting the bare bump in focus. Many of her outfits were see-through or just cut out to that area.

Rihanna’s Pregnancy does not stop her from remaining a fashion icon.

Rihanna’s pregnancy is considered a celebration of life. Rihanna encourages the world to see how to celebrate Black pregnant joy. And she fight for equality and representation of the Black woman in the modern-day society. And all of that, she does in the most prominent fashion style possible. Whether it is just an outing to shop for baby clothes or a fashion week attendance, every style and outfit Rihanna presented was truly one of a kind. It was unexpected and extraordinary to a certain point. It forces you to not take your eyes off her growing black baby bump. And that is definitely the message that she is trying to spread. According to her, the fashion and the maternity wear can coexist in a much freer and looser style. Not framed by the traditional fashion exceptions.

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