Summer is almost over and you would begin to imagine that traveling with your little ones has come to an end as well, but with Fall coming up and all the holidays right around the corner, traveling is an all-year round activity for most families! Whether you are traveling by air, train, or the good old-fashioned road trip, being prepared mentally and physically will almost always ensure a positive trip experience for you and your family. I personally contacted a few mama bloggers from around the globe who have traveled with their babies and toddlers and they happily shared some of their best advice for traveling with children, specifically of the baby & toddler age:

“I rotate his toys so whenever we go on a road trip, I pack those toys that have been tucked away and that he will be excited to play with. Especially for road trips, I would suggest to pack snacks generously. If everything goes according to plan, then you don’t need them. But I’ve been stuck in traffic often enough to not underestimate the mood lift a banana can bring to a toddler. As for flying, I highly recommend using a carrier. When we flew with a four-month old, we used the Ergo and in September when we fly to Japan we will use our hiking carrier.”
Kate @aheartymatter of

I only went on one flight/holiday and our son was two-years old. Being relaxed and doing most of the prep work before is probably my best advice. Pack activities and snacks and hand them out every half our or so. Plus, my experience is that the traveling itself is fun enough for a curious toddler! In regards to packing, we brought the necessities and bought the rest in Spain (milk and diapers).”
Marloes P. @marloespelupessy of

Los Angeles based mommy blogger; Ruby Hunt of lists a few in-flight tips that helped put her mind at ease when recently flying from LA to the East Coast this past summer:
– You’re not alone – there are probably more children on the same flight, with parents who have (and had) similar challenges
– Hearing someone else’s kid cry on the plane doesn’t bother me as much as the sound of my own kid… so when my kid is making a ruckus, I shouldn’t worry too much
– Most passengers use earbuds or headphones and are busy entertaining themselves, so the sound of your kid is the least of their problems
– It’s not likely you will see the people from your flight again

If you are looking for more creative tips on traveling with a toddler and what types of gadgets, fun activities and recommended snacks to bring on cross-country plane rides, I would suggest checking out one of her recent blog posts- “How My Toddler Stayed Enter-tained on our Cross-Country Flight”.

Having just recently flown from Los Angeles to New York City with my 3-year old son, my advice is to get a good night’s sleep before hand to prepare your mind and body for the travel day ahead. I also like to dab a few drops of lavender oil on my neck and my wrists to keep the anxiety away. But most of all, the best advice most parents would have to agree on is to have fun, pack light and be prepared ahead of time! And as Kate of A Hearty Matter says “Keep your chill game on!”

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