Six Senses, Yao Noi in Thailand

Indeed, the one word to sum it all up is “paradise”. That’s where we had just been. Before the dreaded holiday blues started to kick in hard, I thought to remind myself once again: the paradise. It’s where the only thing that is blue… is the sky.

Deciding upon where to visit on holiday was quite hard for us because there are so many places we have yet to discover. While there are a lot of destinations to consider, our priorities include Hayden’s comfort. As he is almost 3 years old, we feel that he is still too young for many vacations that are more designed for older kids. We took him to Hong Kong Disney Land once and he didn’t really enjoy it as much since he couldn’t go on any rides and the weather was hot and humid. One thing we do know for sure is how much he enjoys being in the pool.

We also wanted somewhere with good food since we always travel with our belly in mind, a spa for us, and a suitable pool for Hayden, all of which being necessities. Overall, we just wanted somewhere that we can truly relax and be a hide away! We have had such a busy time of late and, not having a proper holiday last year, we were aching for some luxury of quietness and especially family quality time. In the end, we chose Six Senses, Yao Noi in Thailand and opted for the Hideaway Pool Villa experience.

“The Villa” was exactly that: a hideaway, with lush tropical greens surrounding us. In the morning you can hear all of the birds chirping away. It was lovely to sit outside with my coffee listening to them sing to me. I felt like I was in the jungle.

We have been to Thailand before and had stayed on the sister island of Koh Yao Yai so we were familiar with the travel that’s involved (we are very lucky that Hayden travels well over long distances) and what is usually on offer from their island resorts. The minute we had arrived at our destination this particular time, we felt the welcome like no other. From the airport pick-up to the boat transfer and finally to setting foot on the private jetty of Six Senses, we were transported to a land of pure bliss. I’d like to credit Tanya, our lovely GEM (Guest Experience Manager) for this as well as for being a sort of personal butler. If you do happen to go there and meet her, please say hello for me, give her a big hug, and tell her that Hayden misses her!

Each villa is designated with their own GEM who make your stay at Six Senses as memorable and comfortable as possible. They look after you very well and it’s always with a smile. From making sure your choice of fresh fruits are delivered daily to organizing memorable trips across the surrounding islands, they are always only a phone call away regardless of the time of day.

On Food..
Food contributes heavily on our decisions when it comes to our holiday destinations. Six Senses did not disappoint on this part with cuisines such as Japanese, Indian, Italian, and of course Thai- all of which had exceeded our expectations. During our stay, as lovers of Thai food that we are, we opted towards the local cuisine.

The authentic flavors of Thai food had me eating fish curry for breakfast. You might squirm at the very thought of this but, oh boy, it was so delicious! Our stay included the buffet-style breakfast that was catered very well for our international palates.
Other favorites included were Gaeng Neung, which is Wagyu Beef Red Curry that has simmered for 24 hours where the morsels of meat just melt in your mouth, and the River Prawns Pad Thai each ranking at the top of my list of must-eats. The prawns I’ve known before didn’t quite match the sizes of these where they look more like lobsters!

Surprisingly, Lee really enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Curry from Chef V’s specials. He doesn’t usually prefer Indian curries but he couldn’t get enough of it on this holiday and he even had it specifically for our last dinner. As expected, Hayden really enjoyed the Italian Meat Spaghetti. I’m not exaggerating that it tasted just like the spaghetti I had in Sienna and was very impressive for being off of a children’s menu.

They also hosted a Seafood barbecue feast while we were there where the choices were unbelievable and everything was so fresh. I cannot fully describe in words how special that night was so instead I’ll just use my favorite one:
“AMAZING”! Even when we went on our Island hopping, we were spoiled with the vast selection of tasty lunch boxes. Oh, and free ice cream. All day. Everyday! Need I say more?

If you are thinking of going, my advice would be to lose 10 pounds before you go to this place just to make room for all the amazing food to be had (here we go again with that word).

On things to do.
There are many activities and excursions on offer from cooking classes to castaway island experiences that will spoil you for your choices.

We chose to do the island hopping, Sunset Castaway picnic, cooking classes, island tour, the Sunrise breakfast at the Hilltop Reserve, and of course, the Wellness Spa day. We didn’t want to do too much more as the very aspect of our holiday is to relax and enjoy each other’s company in our hideaway villa.

One might say that this place caters more towards honeymooners or couples in general with the limited amount of activities for children on offer, yet this didn’t seem to deter many families from coming here as there were a few with children of all ages. You’ll mostly see these other vacationers during breakfast and dinner as they tend to stay in their villas to relax or out attending the excursions.

Speaking of breakfast, one of the more interesting things that you can do is to collect your own eggs for your breakfast from the chicken huts. While Hayden really liked the idea at first, he did get a little bit scared of the chickens when we had arrived. He preferred to simply watch outside of the fence.

There is also an outdoor cinema located by the beach. We went one evening after dinner but didn’t stay too long as we were a little frightened of the mosquitos and with it being so dark. Quite surprisingly, on the whole of our holiday I had only been bit twice and there were hardly noticeable. The boys got away unscathed, of course. Something important for this type of destination to note is that they seem to have the mosquitos under control surrounding the resort.

Six Senses truly is a luxury resort. I had not known that there are over a dozen types of pillows to be had and choose from (imagine silk pillows). You can also opt for scented ones where we loved the lemongrass.

Overall, it had been a wonderful holiday for us. Six Senses has certainly played their part in creating the memorable holiday that we wanted and their personal service is second to none. Will we go back? Most definitely.

Mae Gabriel
Mae Gabriel


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