Sleeping in Style

Since the birth of her son, new mum and blogger Rebecca Lambert, has become a champion of small business, particularly those set up by fellow mothers. Here she introduces us to Didi and Bud – a new baby sleepwear brand with a modern twist.

Beyond the high street, there’s a whole world of businesses and shops that I hadn’t known anything about until I had my son. While he napped, I began browsing Instagram and within a very short space of time, I became hooked. You see, within this network of square photos therein lies something rather special, a community of mothers… all supporting one another.

When I discovered that one of my all-time favorite Instagram accounts and mum crushes – @just_another_instamum, was launching her own baby sleepwear brand, I couldn’t wait to see what she had up her sleeve. I hadn’t been disappointed!

Launched this June, Didi and Bud ( is all about bringing a classic, yet modern, twist to baby sleepwear. The lady behind it all is Becky Hodges. If, like me, you follow her on Instagram then you will know that she’s partial to a good brew. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pretty cups of tea! In between sipping on a strong Assam with a drop or two of honey (her personal favorite), holding down a part-time job, being wife to Dean, and mum to her two babies, Willow (18 months) and Monty (three years),  affectionately known as Didi and Bud – Becky has been busy building the foundations for her new business.

Quintessential English designs
“I wanted to create something different, something with a minimalist feel and a real focus on the design element,”Becky says. “I’ve always loved the babies looking little and being comfy, but I wanted to see more grow-up designs. Yes, these sleep suits are for babies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be adorned with bright colors, teddy bears and Disney characters.”

Becky’s debut collection takes on a quintessential English, mini gent, and little woman theme. “English fashion is very much about ladies and gentlemen at the moment and I wanted to translate that to baby wear too,” she says.

Call me biased but the designs are truly beautiful. Think about delicate patterns on soft white cotton- striking yet minimal at the same time. To start with, there are four different patterns you can get your hands on: the penny farthing, top hats, lace umbrella, and the vintage bicycle in black, blue, pink, and grey respectively.

While proud of them all, Becky admits that the penny farthing is probably her stand-out piece. “I’ve got a big monochrome crush and I’m so pleased with how this one turned out. I hope it will be popular with all the other monochrome lovers out there too.”

Made in England
Everything about Didi and Bud is proudly home grown asBecky has designed all of the sleep suit patterns and prints herself while her nearest and dearest has helped to illustrate them. All of the production has taken place locally in the UK.

“From the start, my aim has been to create safe and comfortable clothing which I am ethically and socially proud of.” Becky says. “I was keen to support British makers but it was also important to have absolute confidence in the materials I was choosing. I’ve stuck to my aim, which was to produce everything from the sleep suits to the tags and labels here in the U.K..”

For now, only the smallest humans in our lives can wear Didi and Bud. Sleep suit sizes start at newborn and go up to 12-18 months but with more designs and pajamas for older children in the pipeline, there’s a lot to look forward to.

You can discover Didi and Bud’s debut collection at