Another incredible invention is the SNOO, the safest and most effective baby bed for newborns to 6-month-olds. For parents with newborns, you can rest easy knowing the new addition to the family will be safe and sound and much more comfortable. The sack is designed to keep the baby nice and snug and ends their crying with a touch of a button. Its intelligent design increases the rocking motion in response to the amount of crying. You can see from the video on their website, babies crying and then calm or asleep in an incredibly short amount of time. It takes newborns up to a month to develop better sleeping habits but that time is cut to a few days. More sleep for them and more sleep for moms and dads. This will allow the stay at home mom and dads to get more done instead of constantly picking up the child every time they cry. It’s also elegantly designed to look attractive in the home while providing a safe place so everyone can be less stressed, especially your baby. For more info visit: