Last year, I wrote an article about “Simple Tips Traveling with a Baby & Toddler” in the August 2016 issue. I focused on tips related to traveling via any type of transport. Lately, I’ve been hearing stories from friends about flying solo with their little ones and the tips they have shared to make their short or long-haul flight go smoothly. When traveling without your partners, friends or family to support you, it can sometimes be a challenge. But, with these tips from Cynthia Carolina of @Cynthia’s postcards on Instagram, you will surely feel more confident on that next flight out of town. As Cynthia has been traveling with her son since he was a baby on a long-haul flight from England to San Francisco, she shares some top travel and style tips to make your next flight more comfortable. And my favorite part, she shares her top carry-on essentials and travel outfits!

1. What do you like to wear when you travel?
I like to plan my travel outfit around the time my flight leaves and total flight time. If it’s a red eye flight, I’ll wear the most lightweight and comfortable outfit. Stretchy leggings and a thin long sleeve cotton shirt – usually a stretchy one too. Cozy socks to wear in-flight after I take off my Converse sneakers. But, I’ll change into jeans and a shirt at the destination airport, maybe even change shoes… into something less casual. And if it’s a short one hour flight then I will wear my complete outfit, (always denims for bottoms and cotton shirt) for the day to go straight into exploring my destination. No matter the weather I always carry a shawl, it’s multifunctional and you never know if a place can get windy or a coffee spot may have A/C on full blast. I have a favorite olive green jacket with deep pockets, it even fits my son’s iPad perfectly among other things. In short, I dress for comfort. And only pack a capsule wardrobe with me because I only ever travel with a carry-on even on international flights.

2. Describe your travel style?
Spontaneous, full-on itinerary, explorer, etc. My travel style is a mix of bringing in spontaneity to add adventure, finding something unexpected is always fun. Itinerary is not so much my style but I’ll definitely have a list of things I’d like to do and places to see but I am very relaxed about.

3. What are your top tips for traveling solo with your baby/toddler?
I have traveled solo with my son three times. Once at 11 months from England to San Francisco. Another at 2.5 yrs from San Francisco to England and the other time from San Francisco to San Diego at 3 yrs old. My tips for traveling solo with a child is get plenty of rest and sleep before a trip. You’re going to need the energy and most of all the right attitude and sleep will have a lot to do with having the right mind set. Always be sure to have a substantial meal before a flight. Happy belly, happy mommy. Pack light. Always take a stroller. Especially one that will help carry many things in the stroller’s basket. My son loves to take headphones on the flight to watch cartoons if he doesn’t want to play on the iPad. Get snacks at the airport unless you’ve brought them from home. I never buy airplane food. Some coloring pads that are travel size, some of his favorite toys, but not too many things. In my experience, my son loves traveling. At least he has always been entertained. We walk around the plane to stretch our legs. If I need to use the loo I bring down the changing table for him to sit on it while I use the loo. At destination: a day out and about is the same as being in our hometown. We just happen to be someplace else geographically.

4. What are your carry-on essentials?
My travel style is to travel only with a carry-on luggage. But my “must-have” would be a shawl that doubles up as a blanket, comfy socks for long haul flights, Santa Maria Novella rose water spray to rehydrate my skin, lip balm for long haul flights, a travel size brush from Sephora. A brush & disinfectant wipes are always a must for me. The usual suspects: iPhone & charger. At the airport, I always buy a travel magazine for in-flight entertainment. As for my son, I always make sure to take favorite healthy snacks, fruits, nuts, etc; a few of his favorite toys, his iPad, wipes, diapers/pull-ups & butt paste, & a set of extra clothes.

A special Thank you to Cynthia for sharing her top travel tips and if you want some wanderlust inspiration, be sure to follow her on Instagram @cynthia_s_postcards where she shares her postcard-worthy snaps from around the globe! Happy travels!

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