The Big Holiday Issue with Cece

Welcome, I would like to present, issue #12, our big holiday issue. I am excited to present it to you. I want to introduce you to this awesome little girl, Cece, but first, We already know the holiday “finding the right gift” struggle has begun. Many of you have already started shopping for great gifts for your friends and family, and it is nerve-wracking trying to find them a gift they will love. I hope this issue help. We have 37 gift suggestions that will surely have things for everyone in the family.

Baby Cece

Halloween has just passed, and we were tagged in some fantastic costumes. I wish I could share all but here is a special one. Meet Cece, age 5. She is one of my Halloween all star! Cece is on the Autism Spectrum. She was nonverbal until she was over 3 years old. She really likes playing dressing up, since we’re constantly playing at home in silly costumes and accessories.Thank you Meredith for sharing these awesome photos of Cece. Follow Cece on instagram at @mere.brown.

isaiah with family

I also must add one of my favorite instagram travel family, the Rodriguez family.Their photos are always inspiring their Halloween smoke images captures the fun of family time. Follow them on instagram at @isaiahphotons.

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