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So how much fun was it working on this project?
I bet there was tons of laughs on set. Oh my goodness! The Boss was super fun. There were sooo many laughs, of course! When you are with so many comedic genius-es it is almost impossible not to laugh. I think Kristen had the most trouble of all of us not laughing though!

Did you enjoy working alongside Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Bell?
Yes, of course. It was so much fun. They are both so kind and such amazing actors. We had such a fun storyline with the Darnell’s Darlings and as silly as it got, there was also so much heart to the movie. Kristen and I hit it off right away and our mother/daughter bond was very real. She and I were both born in Michigan so we had a Michigan bond as well. Melissa is not only so so funny, but, she is one of the sweetest people I have met in my entire life. She is, of course, is an improv master from her time at the groundlings…I had always wanted to take a class at the Groundling Theater in Los Angeles, but I was not old enough (you have to be 11 and I was 10) and so I got the best groundlings master class ever working with her for 2 months!

Who’s on the top of your list of stars to work with?
If you can work with anyone in the world? Oh gosh, that is a hard question. There are so many people I hope to work with someday. To be honest, after I saw the movie Room, I have become obsessed with Brie Larson…I hope I get to work with her one day…and Will Ferrell…yep… Will Ferrell too.

You also play Piper in Nickelodeon’s TV series “Henry Danger”. Is her character much different from your own personality?
100% YES! Piper is a crazy one. She is always yelling and angry and I am pretty much the opposite. Piper yells at her brother Henry a lot and bosses her parents around. I don’t think that would go over too well at my house with my brothers or my parents!

Is there anything that you want fans to know about you that they might not?
Fans? That is a weird word I am not used to yet. Not sure how to answer that question. Um…I like to turn the music up as loud as it can go in the car and sing at the top of my lungs with my mom. I think that is fun.

We’ve teamed up with Animal Haven Shelter of NYC. I am a big advocate for shelter animals and I’m really proud to have had a part in this shoot to bring awareness to so many animals needing good homes!

photographed by MICHAEL CREAGH styled by SOPHIA BONNY

We also hear you have a second movie coming out soon. Can you tell us a little about that and what character you play?
In the movie Mother’s Day, I play Vicky. I live with my dad, Bradley (played by Jason Sudeikis) and sister Rachell (played by Jessi Case). Our mom has recently passed away and we are celebrating our first mother’s day since her death. We are all having a really hard time because we miss our mom so much and our storyline deals with how we get through our first year without her.

Wow so busy for 11yrs old and so successful! Is acting something you plan to continue doing for years to come or do you see yourself breaking into anything additional?
I can’t really imagine doing anything else other than acting. I hope to be able to continue for sure!

Anything you want to tell kids out there trying to break into the business?
I would say they should start by taking an acting class for sure. If they are involved in a church or have a community theater in their town they should audition and see if it is something that they enjoy. You have to love acting and becoming other characters and if you love it and are passionate about it then ask your parents to help you get an agent. A lot of people think you have to live in a big city like Los Angeles or New York to have an agent, but my first agent was in Michigan and that is where I booked my first 4 jobs!

Great Advice! We just wrapped up your shoot with Posh Kids Magazine and we did something a little different than what you’re used to with some roles you play, went a bit more high fashion with you which you seemed to love (haha)- am I right?
I loved the fashion today!!!!! I still can’t get over these clothes and the hair and the DOGS! Fashion plays such a huge role in creating the character I play on TV or film. Piper on Henry Danger has a very specific sense of style.. she wears a lot of pink…haaaa. I don’t wear pink really very much so when I put on her wardrobe it helps me get into character. Today I felt like when I put on each different look I took on another character. It was so in-credible to watch as they added pieces to each look that I would have never thought to add. Just when I thought they were done they added one more element…like the belt with the long skirt!

How did you feel on set?
I really felt amazing today on set! One of my favorite show is ANTM and so today I got to play and used what I have learned from Tyra! haha

Do you have a favorite designer or fashion inspiration?
There are so many great fashion designers out there and I don’t really have a favorite, but I enjoy wearing all different designer’s clothing.

What’s your favorite thing to wear, what’s Ella’s style?
I like to wear anything from my favorite soft cozy jeans to a glamorous dress and rock it with a pair of edgy boots. Boots are my favorite thing right now…and bomber jackets…I love my bomber jackets. (giggles)

And this shoot was also special for you I hear for one other reason?
YES! The best part, we’ve teamed up with Animal Haven Shelter of NYC. I am a big advocate for shelter animals and I’m really proud to have had a part in this shoot to bring awareness to so many animals needing good homes! I wanted to take them all home but we already have quite a few at the Anderson household.

photographed by MICHAEL CREAGH
styled by SOPHIA BONNY
Styled by Sheilae Agency Director: Sheila Barry
Make-up: Diana Kraut
Hair: Naja Jones
Retoucher: Doctor Raw

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