THE HAIR FAIRY TALES: Save the Tangle Fairies

The Hair Fairy Tales is a magical way to make the not-so-magical task of hair care fun for the whole family. Every morning I have to brush my daughter’s hair, and she screams! I cannot explain how many times I feel like a monster while just trying to brush out her beautiful locks. So, before bedtime, I sat down with her and her brother, and we read the story of the magical fairies that like to have a fun-filled party all night bouncing around her head while she dreams. They are so silly that they get tangled in her hair, and come morning, need help to be set free! Hence our magical wand, aka the trusty hairbrush, waves its power and voila! The fairies are set free! They were laughing and giggling the whole time and asked me to read it again! The concept is so easy to understand, and the illustrations are perfect to use as a great visual when the time comes to get down to the brushing—I mean, freeing the fairies the next day! As I brushed her hair, my son kept blowing as we sent the fairies out of her hair and back to their home to embark on another adventure. She has very severe sensory issues and reading the book before we brushed, and alongside the task made a huge difference. I couldn’t sing higher praise for this innovative and creative take on a children’s fairy tale!

book written by DUANA GOURLEY
illustrated by CALLISTA DAWSON

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