The Stylish Tyler Huan

Hi Stella, once again thank you very much for having us! Hi, Tyler’s Mom! Let me be the first to say that we adore Tyler! Such a cutie.

So tell us the inspiration behind the IG famous Tyler, tell us about you.
[To be honest] I was disappointed when I knew I had a boy. To me, boy’s are boring to dress. Nothing much other than dressing them up in a top and pants. Girls can wear pretty dresses, cute rompers, high knee socks, hair accessories, ponytails and so on. Before I joined the Instagram community, I was so inspired by a few other boys mama accounts who dressed their boys in so many cool styles. Boys can have a lot of accessories also such as sunglasses, snapbacks, beanies, scarves, shoes, etc. Girls can have ponytails while boys can have top knots and stylish hairstyles too!

What is being a “Social Media” mom like for you?
To be camera-ready all the time to make sure I capture all of Tyler’s milestones. His bad, his laughter, his cheekiness, his cuteness!

And how did it get started, was Tyler always a ham for the camera?
Instagram allowed me to see what inspires people and how creativity is drawn from everyday life. I use Instagram to capture what makes me smile, what
brings joy to my life and what I am passionate about before I had Tyler, I was crazy about my dogs, my first IG account is about my furry babies @zuboyzz. After I had Tyler, I created a IG account just to capture and record all the precious moments for my first born. Through Instagram, I come across a lot of awesome small shops who made and sold kids clothing and we started to take part in the brand rep search.

Do you find it hard to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends for children?
No, it’s easy to keep up with the trends. In fact, I try to ensure that Tyler remains trendy. The trick is to pick the right clothes and visualize how Tyler will look in them. Of course, comfort and personal style play a big role in choosing his clothes.

How would you describe Tyler’s personal style?
Tyler will be more on the side of cool, swag, bad boy style. I think it’s so true that kids really develop a style, and you just know when you are dressing them if it’s them or not.

So true! So what can we expect to see from Tyler in the future?
I won’t know what the future holds. Tyler will grow up and may want to have his own style. Or he may not even want to pose for me anymore. As long as he is happy and still willing to take photos, I will continue to style him according to what I feel best suits his personality. How exciting! We can’t wait to see what his bright little future brings. Good luck and thank you so much for chatting with us!