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Lizzy Greene

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to talk with Lizzy Greene, who plays Dawn on “Lizzy Greene”. She was such a humble and “down to earth” person. She shared with me that when shopping for the holidays, she ended up being the one carrying the bags and sitting outside the stores while they shop.

Hi Lizzy.
Hi, how are you?

So obviously, we know that your career just began in 2013; I heard that you were selected from an audition, for a talent show.
Lizzy Greene: Yes ma’am.

Ok, do you want to tell me more about that, how did that all come about?
Absolutely, so when I was around 6 or 7 or actually much earlier than that, like 4 or 5, I just really was into performing in front of people and making people laugh. I really started out singing. I would do all my school talent shows and I was like, I want bigger than this. I really want to get into the theatre and acting business because I have always seen people on TV and they all look so good. It looks like such a fun job and I am a huge theatre jock, it was my favorite thing to do. So, I just decided to get involved in the local theatre and that’s where I really started out for sure, 100%, that’s where I really pay all of my accomplishments, like 100%. Because that is where I first started out, at the time when I started theatre I was like 7 about to turn 8. I was getting into these really dark plays. I was playing Joseph Stalin or something like that. I just played all these really weird but really funny characters. Definitely at comedy theatre and it was all about making people laugh. The feeling of like making someone laugh when you are onstage and you get an uproar of laughter, it is literally the best feeling in the world. Nothing can top that. 100% the best thing. One day I was just doing my thing on stage, and an agent actually came to the show. She was friends with the director of all the plays and she came and she summoned me. She was like, well you’re different, I have never seen such a little kid playing these dark roles and the laughter you are getting out of this’. Of course, this was all new to me and I haven’t even done theatre for like three years and now someone wants me to audition for TV. It was literally like, a strike of lightening for me because I never expected to be up there, I only expected to continue theatre. So, I went out, I did a few auditions and eventually, I got recognized by a manager, when I was doing an audition for an agent and he said ‘you are very different, I have never seen such a small child wanting to do things like this.’ So, he signed me and I got a few auditions out in Los Angeles. One of them, which was, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and that was everything to me because auditioning for Nickelodeon is every kid’s dream. Even auditioning for it I was insanely excited. I already felt like it was literally exciting as getting the role, being able to audition for something like that. I went into the Nickelodeon building after about 14 different auditions because you have to be the one kid they want. So, I had like 14 auditions with different amounts of people, some of them were live in front of producers and things like that. Then I got the role, incredible for me. And so, the next day we started shooting the pilot and then I flew back home and waited two months. I went back to school and back to being a totally normal kid, then two months later we realized the show got picked up. We temporally moved out to L.A in an apartment, and we had been shooting the show ever since, and it an absolute dream.

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Oh wow, that sounds amazing. Such an incredible journey.
Yeah, I find the story really cool for me, because I was the kid at school who was always sticking up for people and always hated for it. Because all the popular kids they would be beating down on the other kids and I would be the one like, ‘hey that’s not nice.’ I would love to stand up for people and so I was kind of the one getting beat down and all that stuff. Now I look back on that I have moved on, I have gone on to such bigger and better things and — it’s just crazy for me.

I can imagine you look back and you see how far you have come.
Exactly, exactly. Since then all those girls are trying to be BFF with me now, and I’m like, uhm, no thanks.

Always that way, in the beginning, they want to be envious and hateful, then suddenly you become successful and you are doing so well for yourself and they turn around and say, hey.
They are like, ‘hey want to have a sleepover?’ I am like no, not really.

No definitely. Stay true to you.
Thank you.

I know you are in the Thunder man and Damage Goods, which was your first acting gig? Or were you in anything else apart from the three I am aware of?
Well the first like really — acting gig I was I got, it was a pilot and it was local filmed in Texas where I live and it was like a thirty-minute drive from there. So, it was like a very local show and it didn’t really get picked up but I did a few more things. I flew out to L.A for another song gig where I was singing and it was for the Disney Channel. That was another big deal for me; I met Richard Sherman and all the Mary Poppins, people. I actually recorded a song that plays at Disney Land; I went for the first time like a year or so ago. I heard the song I was singing in the gift shop and I was like ‘woah, that’s crazy!’ So, I was like ‘oh wow two different channels that are really cool.’ Another thing I did, was a pilot, it was called Damaged Goods with Anna Camp and I played the younger version of her and that was also really fun for me. That was out in L.A. that was my first L.A gig I went and did the Disney thing, but yeah personally only a few things. I was very new to the business when I got on Ricky, Nicky, Dicky & Dawn, I was just used to the local theatre it was a huge step for me.

I can imagine, obviously the first time you did your acting gig for TV rather than theatre, how nervous were out? Obviously, you had the experience with acting in the theatre but, is it a whole lot different when you are in front of a camera crew and a producer? Or is it similar? Are the many similarities?
Well the first thing is, I am not really the type of person to get nervous, I am a very confident person. I have never really been nervous in my life, I am just always excited and live in the moment and just ready to try new things and stuff. I am real, I try to be a real go-getter, always about new things and doing different things from what I had only known. The difference between the pilots and full on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn were the pilots were like — since they were really small productions they were all single cam and only like a few producers sitting behind the camera, and very small stages. Some of them were like low budget, so it was not really a lot of crew. But on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, it’s a completely different story. You have like four cameras sometimes five, including a jib or something and you have up to like 300 or 400 crew on the set all working 24/7. And you have so much stuff that goes into it and a lot of people don’t understand when your child is an actor you are literally working like an adult. You work nine and a half hours a day, five days a week, sometimes six. So, it is a very like — how do I say it? Very different from what most people know. We work — we literally work like adults and we are always working, there is not a time in the day when we are not really doing something. Like even at lunch we are expected to go over our lines and things like that. But – besides all of that, it is seriously like the best job in the world 100%. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That’s amazing and you sound so passionate about it, Lizzy. Such a great thing because as long as you have that passion you will go very far.
Yes, Thank you.

So obviously, you were saying about Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, you are the only girl character. How is that, surrounded by these teenage boys?
Well I mean, we have had our ups and downs, but it is definitelythe sort of challenging but — since then I have had my best friend onthe show, Kyla. She has been made a re-occurring character so she ispart of the main cast now. I have her and I have the mum on the showwho I absolutely adore, I love the parents on the show like 100%, likethey are seriously some of my best friends and they are like so funnyand so fun to be around. I just look forward to coming into work andgetting to see them every day. So, it is really not as hard as people expectbecause, the reason I like hanging out with boys more — or why it iseasier is because girls tend to cause a little bit more drama and – whenyou are around boys, boys are — you know what I mean?

Yeah, definitely. I get how you are feeling, 100%. That is really nice about your best friend, was she your best friend prior to the filming or have you two just got really close since?
Oh, no absolutely. She has been my best friend for three years now. Ever since we first met it was something that clicked and she definitely is a big part of the show for me. It’s always like — she is so fun to be around

That’s amazing, you have a job that you love and you get to be around your best friend every day that is so amazing. So, I know you have three brothers, I know you say it is not as difficult as other people would imagine, is there much rivalry between all of you?
No, not really. We have had our ups and downs but we seriously act like siblings.

One day you’re fighting, the next day you are all hugging and jumping all over each other?
Exactly like seriously it is like a brother-sister relationship. But my brother he is definitely not into the acting business at all. He just wants to sit at home and build computers. He is a very techy guy so we are always first to call him when our TV needs fixing or stuff like that. He is very involved in the technology world and so my parents really have two completely different kids, to be honest. I am all about acting and doing like professional things and like being on screen and have all these different opportunities. My brother is the type who wants to stay home and build things. He wants to have his own company someday. That’s the type of kid he is.

Well your parents should be proud because they have two very ambitious children. Even though you are going in your own direction, sounds like you are both very ambitious and I am sure you will both be as successful as each other.
Thank you, ambitious is definitely the word I would use to describe that.

So, going back to your character Dawn in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, how would you compare yourself to your actual character? Are there similarities?
To be honest it is seriously the easiest job because I am walking in and playing myself because Dawn and I are both same. We both enjoy to laugh we are funny we are kind of quirky at times and we are very confident people. But the major difference between us is, Dawn loves pink and I don’t.

What is your favorite color?
Dawn is all about wearing rainbow colors and her hair always has some barrette or something in it, little tiny bow. I am the type of person that would be fine walking out in a full black outfit.

You like your neutral colors?
Oh, absolutely. Those are my favorites; I love blacks, nudes, lights and greys. But, don’t worry I am also the type of person who will wake up and put on a yellow sweater someday. But it is rare but it will happen.

Awesome, sounds great. Now I just wanted to go back to some of the things that you have started in, Thunder Man and Damaged Goods. You were a special guest, right? Or do you have minimal starring roles in those two?
Oh, yes, I am so sorry, I totally forgot, that was another thing I did before Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Actually, it hadn’t got picked up yet, we hadn’t heard from it, but that was the first thing I did. Another thing on Nickelodeon, beside the audition for Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. They were all like super fun production to film and it was a bit step for us. They were all very different, sorry, I don’t know what the word is to describe them but, it was just an absolute blast to film.

Oh ok, good. Which would you say was most challenging? Requirements for you that put you out of your comfort zone?
Definitely like the biggest challenge wasn’t even part of the acting at all or not really part of the preparation, it was really the having to commute back from Texas and L.A. That was very hard because I was leaving my family back in Texas, while me and my mom would fly out to L.A. So that was like one of the big challenges.

Yeah I can imagine. I mean, you are still quite young and traveling a lot takes it takes its toll on everyone. You sound very family orientated which is amazing. You still have your feet on the ground, very family orientated. That is amazing.
Yeah, thank you.

If you had a chance to star in a movie with one actor, who would it be and why?
I love Jennifer Lawrence and I love Blake Lively and I would absolutely love to like — be in a film with them one day.They are two of my dreams.

I am sure you are looking forward to the new movie coming out, Passengers, right?
Oh, yes, I have already made a pact with my friend in Texas; she is a professional golfer so I have already pact with her to see it together. I am so excited, but another thing I forgot to mention is — I have a lot of really good friends out in L.A. Like I am all from Texas and that’s where I am born and raised, but ever since I have been out to L.A I have made a ton of great friends, like I have made friends with the girl in the Thunder men, Maddison?

Yeah, I am really good friends with her and I am friends with a lot of kids on Nickelodeon. Ever since I have gotten out there I have like been and very involved with all these other people because I have gotten to meet all these awesome people that are in the exact same position that I am in, they are all actors.The cool thing about that is, like the kids in Texas how they all want to be friends now. The thing I love about having friends out in L.A is there isn’t really any jealous going on because we are all doing the same thing. We are all out there for one reason and that is to do a job. We are all in the same position, we are all going there, filming doing our job. It is a very good relationship to have. All you do is support each other.

That’s great to hear you say that because it kind of surprises me, you would think you would expect a lot of rivalry and envious co-workers etc. because there are some actors and actresses who obviously take off and there are others getting all the roles. You say it doesn’t seem like that and you are the one with the hands-on experience so it is quite surprising.
Yeah I am friends with a lot of kids on Nickelodeon and it’s all about just about supporting each other because you are all there to do the same thing, which is to perform and just work for Nickelodeon. I do understand what you mean by the devious people that are trying to be at each other’s throats. I am not sure about that, but I am only talking about the kids roles right now, so I have only met really nice people and ever since then. I have made such good friends. I have made a lot of them because everyone is just so supportive of each other and it is such a great quality to have, especially in this business.

Is there anyone, in particular, you aspire to be like? It doesn’t have to be an actor or actress; it can be anyone in the world. Anyone you look at, a role model.
For sure definitely! I don’t even have a person right now. I only strive to be someone who is a confident person and someone who is a go-getter and knows what they want. I strive to be someone who is a kind person, someone who is trustworthy, honest. But — one person I do have in mind is — Zendaya she is very like — a complete fashion icon. Another thing I would like to be is like a fashion icon because that is one of my favorite things is like couture, all the Chanel stuff. I would love to do that someday, be one of those people and I hope I can one day.

Well, where there is will there is hope and there is a way.
Thank you, I love that saying.

Do you have a favorite movie and TV series at the moment? When you have some downtime, you can chill out and watch Netflix or something — relaxing.
Actually funny you say that, I’m really into Grey’s Anatomy.

Oh my gosh I love Greys Anatomy. I used to live in Paris and I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy back to back and — a new serious would come out and I would watch it all the way from the first series again. Are you a little medical geek in there in the background?
To be honest yes. 100% I absolutely love that show. I will be talking to my mum and we will be on set and there are these mannequin heads and one of the boys… You know those foam heads that people stick wigs on? One of the boys was just sticking a wig on, I just happened to stop them for a second and was like, ‘ do you know what it’s called when you drill a tiny hole to drain the blood out for an aneurysm?’ And they are like, ‘ what are you talking about?’ I’m like, ‘oh I’m sorry, I am talking about Grey’s anatomy.’ I have seen all the operations and all that stuff and of course, the names are so long and hard to pronounce. I am just like, you know when you like to drill a hole in someone’s head and drain the blood out and they are like, what are you talking about. I’m like I’m sorry. I love that show 100%. It is my favorite show. Another person I would love to work with is Ellen Pompeo.

Oh yeah, I love Meredith I feel so sorry for her with what went on a few series ago. She pulls my heart strings.
I know she does, she is a complete heart throb, 100%. I love her so much.

Well that’s amazing.
I love that we can just bond over Grey’s anatomy.

Let’s sit down and recap the last review. So funny.
I know, exactly.

What is your favorite holiday song, or tune of the moment, like your jam that will come on the radio? I say holiday songs obviously because since November, they have been playing Christmas songs. Are you into another song right now that’s in the charts that you just love?
Well I love the song, “Bad Things” by Camila Cabello. I love all the Christmas songs like, let it snow, and Mariah Carey stuff. But really current song that I am really loving is another thing people don’t know about me, I love the play Hamilton. I am all about listening to that soundtrack, I listen to that a lot.

That’s in New York at the moment and everyone is going crazy about it.
Oh, yes I am one of those people.

You should make a little quick trip to New York before they take it off, Broadway.
Oh, I forgot about that, well they are coming to the Pantages theatre in L.A so hopefully I will get a chance to catch that. The sad thing is, I am debating whether to see it because Lin-Manuel and the entire original cast are gone. Will it still be the same? It probably will but it won’t be as hyped like when the original cast was doing it.

Yeah, exactly. What are your near year’s resolutions for 2017? Have you made a list yet?
I haven’t made a list yet but I would love to get more organized, I would love to do more boxing and get into that more. I would love to get with more organization and companies to like benefit, different charities for sure, because that’s one thing I love to do, give back to others.

That’s really good, that’s amazing that you say that, that’s wonderful to hear, that you do so much and want to give back.
Thank you

I am assuming one of the ambitions ahead is taking on new roles or new jobs.
Oh yeah new projects, stuff like that. I am excited becauseI have a few new things I have with Nickelodeon but I can’t really talk about. But they come out mid next year or late next year and I am very excited about it.

How Exciting. Hush Hush!
We start to work on them mid-February.

I said I saw a video of Carson, the dog from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and how funny he is. His little puppy personality and he look like a royalty doggy when he went for his walk and making you carry him.
Yes 100%, he is like seriously one of my best friends. He is the main dog in my life, besides my own dog because I see him every day. And every day, some people don’t know this, but at lunch time every day I go and I walk him. We go and walk around the paramount lot — do his business and all that stuff. Of course, I will have to carry him back or otherwise he will just sit there and not move. He is literally demanding to be carried. I love that dog so much.

Bless you, you are so funny. The video I saw was hilarious, so funny. You have your own dog, what is he called?

Awesome. I love to swim. Do you get any opportunity to relax or enjoy hobbies when you have free time and you can enjoy to do yourself?
I love to box. That is really relaxing for me. I just go to the gym and box it out

Are you just boxing or kickboxing too?
No usually just regular boxing with an instructor and private lessons and stuff like that. I love it, I find it so fun. One of my new things that I decided to try out a few months ago; I am absolutely in love with it and enjoy it so much. After I will get a protein shake or a tea or something but I love it.

Well after a hard day of working nine and half hours with all your acting and everything, you can go and have your down time and get your frustrations out.
Yeah, of course.

What is an ideal day for Lizzy? What would an ideal day in your life be like?
Like a Day off?

Either or tell me both. In, your normal life a weekday, what would you usually be doing?
Ok, so, I finish school, so if I was doing school I would wake up at 7 and do school till 10. But since I am not in school I can come in at ten which means I get to sleep in. So, I come in early, not too early, afternoon wise, and I come in and I immediately go and grab my script, which is in my trailer. I will read over that and have ten minutes before I have to go to rehearsal. Rehearsal usually lasts about four hours, up until lunch, and then we will have a thirty-minute lunch then rehearse for another three hours. Then after the rehearsal is done we have a big run through, that is where all the Nickelodeon executives come and the producers that have been writing all day. While we are doing rehearsal and all that stuff with the director, the producers and the writers are up in the writer’s room and they are writing new episodes and all that stuff. So, then we do the run through and that will last for about an hour, then we go home. But, on a shooting day, we come in at around 8am and shoot all the way up till lunch which is about2pm. Then at lunch we have a thirty-minute lunch, then after that, we have a read through. That’s when we get the script for next week coming in, so we have to have memorized the script for the episode we are currently working on, and the table read script which is for the episode next week. So really like I said there is no off time. Usually, at lunch, we are reading over the script that we need to table read. And table read is which the Nickelodeon executives come, sit down and we will read through the script for next week, go up to the writer’s room and do more changes and all that stuff, revise it. Then we go right back to shooting and shoot up to maybe like, 6 or 7, depends on what time we come in because we can work nine and a half hours exactly, it is against the law to hold us any longer than the exact time. So, it depend show late, because if you come in late you are going to stay really late. If you come in really early you will potentially get out around four or five.

Wow, ok. Well, it is good that there are laws anyways or you would be working nonstop.
Oh yeah, there is a long, about the size of an encyclopedia, book of rules is for the show. It’s by law, so many rules. It is really hard to remember them all, but the teachers on set are always reinforcing them. Sometimes we will go a little bit over time and just a tiny but like five minutes, we will have stayed for nine hours and thirty-five minutes, but if we do that the teachers, our set teachers, the people who do the school with us, they will literally walk on to the stage, take us back the hand, while they are shooting and walk out. Because the time will have already been up and it will have been against the law by then. They walk onto the stage and grab us by the hand and then pull us off. That has happened maybe two times, then the producers and stuff get the hint, we can’t do that because our teachers are very serious about the rules.

Oh dear.
They are really funny; they are so funny to be around. The teachers are awesome, love them to death.

Aww good. So, what is your favorite item right now in your closet? Do you have anything that you love to throw on whenever you are home.
Like I said, I am all about those neutral colors, but I love bomber jackets, I have a few of those. I have a few different colors and I absolutely love those. Another thing that I am really into, this is just like 100% staple that I have a pair of black Lululemon leggings. Those will go with anything and you can dress them down. Those are 100% my absolute favorite things.

They are perfect for the day. They are comfy. They are like my pajamas.

So, do you have any other specific brands apart from Lululemon that you tend to wear quite often?
Designers or Regular Clothes.

Well, you could say both. On your regular day, what do you throw on? What label do you like to wear?
Oh well, usually I am wearing a lot of stuff from Top shop or Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and just like comfy but cute because I am very into the style. It needs to match and all that stop. So, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, places that are cute, but stylish.

Awesome and obviously if you have special affairs or birthdays. Are there any particular designers you like to go and buy special outfits?
Absolutely. Yeah I love Ted Baker and Kate Spade, I wear a few Urban Outfitters dresses, because they are simple but they have some like really good pieces. I love a lot of stuff fromTop shop and we go to Nordstrom’s a lot and get a lot of good stuff, because Nordstrom’s has everything.We will get things from Nordstrom that are awesome. I loveRebekah Taylor and all those good brands. They all holdup and they won’t fall apart in the wash. They are durable and stylish so that is what I love.

Yeah, that sounds amazing. I know previously you did say you had some projects that you can’t really divulge any information. Are there any sneaky snippets you can let us in for is there?
Well, think Christmas, that’s all I can say.

Think Christmas? Hmm.

Next Christmas

Obviously you are starting mid-February and should be late next year, so…..
Yeah that’s all I can say but, yeah Christmas.

We can let our imagination run and see where we will see you in a years’ time.
Awesome, yeah and hopefully it will fly by as quickly as 2016 flew by, so I can get it out there and everybody can see it.

Aww, that is one thing about your job, with rules, you can’t disclose thing. That must be why you are there biting your nails like, I just want to tell somebody.
I know, that’s probably one of the hardest things, especially with Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, we haven’t been on the air for a while. We have shot all these great episodes and all of these really amazing projects that I can’t really say. Really long episodes that are two-parters and stuff like that. Different and amazing episodes like, our characters have like grown up a little. I can’t even say anything but I am serious, I want to tell someone so bad but I can’t really reveal any of these things till early to mid-2017. So, because Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn does come back on the air on January 7th and we will put out an episode a week, but there are just so many things that have gone on since then. I want to tell someone but it is all part of the contract that you have to keep your mouth shut, otherwise the iron hammer will come down. That is definitely one of the downsides to the job, because you are not really allowed to say anything.

Even in life, when you get news or you get some exciting news it is so hard not to share it.

Well I mean, I am going to come to a closing now. It has been amazing getting to know you Lizzy, and if one day you come to New York, please e-mail us, we would love to meet you in person, meet the Posh Kids Magazine team and yeah. That would be amazing, and hopefully, you can live up your dream of coming to visit New York and see the sights.
Awesome. Thank you so much, it has been such a pleasure.

Wonderful, well enjoy the rest of your evening and we can’t wait for the magazine to come out and your piece to be published, I’m sure it will be fantastic. I am sure your photoshoot went amazing, didn’t it?
Yes, it was so fun and very high couture and high fashion, so that was fun to do. Especially the fact I got to be in all these crazy, fun, cool outfits and I absolutely can’t wait for people to see.

Aww amazing. Ok, well, have a wonderful evening, thanks so much for your time I appreciate it. I know you are a busy lady. But — I wish you all the best with every project and all your future endeavors and — we will see you in the near future I’m sure.
Thank you so much and enjoy New York. Enjoy the cold and the snow. It really doesn’t snow in Texas but — enjoy your time, enjoy the cold weather.

I know, I hope it does snow because my little son I know will be looking forward to building a snowman so I hope it does snow sometime over Christmas. Fingers crossed.
Thank you.

Alright then, all the best, speak to you soon, have a nice evening.
Thank you so much it was such a pleasure.

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