Tell us how Ethan and Evan are different in their individual styles?
Ethan has a more edgy kind of style and Evan also has an edgy style but he also has a touch of “cute” in his style. Their styles are strongly influenced by “street style” but also by what is trending now. I also try to style them in a way that hasn’t been seen before. So, trying to think outside the box.

Have they always been close? What made you decide to have one unified account rather than two?
Ethan and Evan are only 18 months apart so they’ve known each other all their lives, they are best friends and have this strong connection (although they also do argue a lot). I never really thought about having two separate accounts for them so when I decided to create an IG account I just made one(plus it’s easier to manage).

How does it feel being a parent of two fashionist(o) boys who have gained quite the following on IG?
When I created this account early last year I never thought they will get so popular! I just wanted to have fun and do what I like which is styling them.I am so grateful of all the love they are getting and the friendship they have formed with some of the other brand reps! I also got to make new friends so that’s an extra bonus! I love supporting small businesses.

What are some perks of being “IG famous”?
I’m not sure they are really “IG famous”but some of the perks would be to that we get to meet new amazing new friends, we are also getting the attention of some amazing small shops who would like so see their threads on Ethan andEvan and also the attention of magazines such as yours! My husband and I are so honored to have our boys featured in pages and magazines; it feels unreal!

When the boys are not styling for the camera, what can we find them doing? What are their favorite activities?
They love hanging out at the playground, riding their bikes & scooters at the bike park, and playing basketball. Ethan also really loves swimming! Evan loves his superhero toys especiallyBatman and Superman. So, as you can see, they are just regular little boys who enjoy life to the max.

If the boys could only choose one favorite fashionable item to wear, what would it be?
If I had to give them the choice, Ethan would grab his SnapBack for sure andEvan his new Vans (they are obsessed!).

What is your favorite item for them to wear?
As it’s really cold in Australia now (it’s our winter), I love them in warm wool beanies. I love winter fashion as I get to layer their clothes which means rad jackets/coats/hoodies!

Plans for the future: what do you see the boys growing up to be?
Ethan is only 5 and Evan almost 4 so thinking about what they will be when they grow up is kind of hard. I just want them to be themselves and do what they love most. At the moment Ethan wants to be an NRL player (AustralianNational Rugby League) and Evan wants to be Batman! If they still want to pursue a model/acting career I will be happy to support them.

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