Thomas Barbusca

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Hi Thomas how are you?
Hi, I’m good, how are you?

Good, you are in L.A. now right?

Awesome and you just missed out on the nice amount of snow we had here in New York. So, we have just a few questions we want to go over with you ok?

I will try to make it quickly because I know you are extremely busy, so we will just make it fun and quick and you can go on being awesome and amazing in your film stuff ok?
Sounds good.

Ok, so Thomas how has the holidays treated you?
Great, I went home to New Jersey to my house for a little bit, I saw some of my friends, we went to the city, and we saw Hamilton which was very cool. I even put on a few pounds because of all the food they made.

That’s what’s great about being so young; you can just burn it right off. Do you and your family have any holiday traditions that you guys do every year?
Yeah we usually do the traditional ginger-bread house thing; I usually do it with my uncle and my cousins. On Christmas Eve my mom makes this whole fish feast thing. It’s really good, one of my favorite things. Every Christmas Day my uncle and I with my mom, will make lobster and that’s really cool.

Wow! that sounds so great, you are making me hungry right now, lobster is my absolute favorite thing to eat, so I am going to have to try that. At what age did you get into acting and when did you know that this is something you definitely wanted to do?
Early, I was probably two when I did my first commercial.

Wow, that’s awesome. And then after you booked that when you got older was this something that you were like, this is what I want to do, this is it?
When I was very young, like four or five, I didn’t really like it that much, but as I got older I started to like it more and more.

Ok, having a sister in acting, who started first?
She did, she is the reason why I’m into it, she inspired me to do it, I got really jealous of her, and then I wanted to do it.She was on a show with Debra Messing called The Starter Wife and I thought that was really cool and I wanted to do it. ThenI quit and did it again, then quit and did it again.

So, it must have been nice seeing your sister on TV, like, I know her!
Yeah right, it was really awesome.

Now can you recall your very first audition and were you nervous?
The thing is, my very first audition wasn’t really an audition, I just kind of walked past the room and the casting director saw me and he was like, ‘oh let’s bring him in.’ We did it and I booked a commercial from there. I don’t know, I thought it was really cool. I didn’t know what acting was at the time because I wasn’t on The Starter Wife so I had no clue what acting was, I was two. So I wasn’t really nervous, but it was like a cool experience.

Now, has there been any auditions where you went into super nervous? like oh boy… this is it. Perhaps, more nervous than usual? Has that happened?
Not really, the thing is you can’t be nervous for an audition.You have to be super confident going in.

Absolutely. It starts messing with you and you start messing up lines because the nerves can get the best of you. Now you starred in a show called – wait let me get this name right. You played the kid Cody, want to help me out with pronouncing this one?
I think you are talking about Microeconomics.

Yes, It is a big word for a kid. Now this is a kid who gets picked on, is this something you have had to deal with in real life?
Not really, I have never really been picked on thankfully. Ihave played a bully in a few things, but I am not a fan of peoplepicking on other people, that’s just not right, not very cool.

Not at all, I believe that most of the bullies are jealous, that is why I would ask that question; because a lot of child actors — their peers, maybe they think “he thinks he’s too cool for us” — just jealousy. Important to keep yourself grounded and that’s really good. So let’s move onto the next question. You have a long list of projects that you have worked on. What would you say is one of your best or most memorable projects that you worked on?
That’s a hard one. If I could pick something from each and every project I worked on that was memorable; Middle School:The Worst Years of My Life, that was a really cool experience that was really fun. We shot in Atlanta; I made some best friends there, that was probably one of the best experiences.

You brought us into the next question; you recently filmed ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life’ which is hilarious. Can you relate to your character?
Yeah — he is similar to me, he’s funny, but sometimes he don’t always have the best idea. He would do anything for his friends.

That’s really nice, especially if that is something you can relate to. That’s really awesome when you can play a character that is so close to home and can relate to. Kind of helps to get into the character a lot more. Alright now, we love the Geico commercial you did as Peter Pan, you know the one you did as Peter pan? Now explain that character and not laughing through the whole set.
Laughing so much during the take. Took way longer than it should have because of me. The director really let me have fun with it. One of the scenes I was eating a ton of shrimp; it was so fresh and nasty. Every single take I would spit it out. I still haven’t eaten shrimp since that day.

Now, when you were strapped onto the device, were you afraid at all? Was it more like an adventure? Any fears?
A little bit at first yeah, but we did a whole day of training and after the first ten minutes I was super cool with it.

Now tell us about your new show.
Well yeah, ‘The Mick’ is really cool I am really proud of this show. It’s is about my parents, they get arrested for federal fraud and then my Aunt Mickey has to take care of us and she is not really a typical aunt, she is a drinker, she is a smoker and she is not used to taking care of herself, let alone kids. so, we just happen to be spoiled brats and clash with her. It creates really funny stuff.

How is it working with Kaitlin Olson? We love her from, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Is she constantly just making everybody laugh on set and just having a fun time?
Yeah definitely plus It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is literally my favorite show of all time, so getting to work with her is the coolest thing ever. I am still learning how to keep a straight face with her. She is hands down the funniest personI have ever met. She is super cool, I love her.

That’s amazing, now this is kind of like a piggy back to the last question, how do you handle being nervous on auditions? If you happen to get nervous, how do you get through the audition by being cool and getting through it? Or is it like no, I got it in the bag, I am not nervous.
That’s the thing, I never really get nervous, I always make sure I am super confident during auditions. I do have advice for people who do get a little bit nervous before auditions. If you put on headphones and listen to a couple of songs, that will help cool you down, be yourself and then you can do the best you can.

Now, you worked with some directors that are super funny, Randall and Todd, how was it working with them?
They have directed really funny comedy shows, Randall is an amazing director. I have been a fan of his since he directed, “The Office” and it’s one of my favorite shows, he is such a good guy. Todd is super awesome; he is a really nice way and has a calm way of directing. He is very easy to take direction from.

That is so awesome, now — if you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing instead as a possible career in your future?
I’d love to be an NBA player, that would be super cool, even though I am trash at basketball, I feel like it could happen.

Hey you never know. Practice makes perfect. Would you have a particular team you would want to play on or just anyone that would take you?
I would probably go with the LA Lakers or the New York Knicks.

Is that because you have a particular player that you like or just like the team in general?
I love the teams they both have my favorite players on them.

Do you want to share those favorite players with us?
Maybe I do, hahaha. L.A they have this guy Jordan Clarkson whois super cool.

That’s nice. Now, do you have any hobbies or hidden talents that you want to share with us?
Hobbies I love basketball and skateboarding. I am not a super like talented person, so I don’t have many hidden talents. I am good with card tricks; I can do like one card trick. I am super proud of it.

And then you said your hobbies were playing basketball. Your talent of being an amazing actor is not hidden, it is really out there so. We are going to have to see your card tricks some time.
One day.

You may have to video tape it and send it over. Now — when you are not working, what do you like to do for fun?
Hanging out with friends, I like to hang out with my friends as much as possible and like — I have been to a couple of basketball games– I am a huge NBA fan as you can tell. That is like one of my favorite things to do now.

That’s nice. Now — what is your favorite food? I know it’s not fresh raw shrimp huh?
Yeah, let’s see, I love Chipotle. It is one of my favorite restaurants. Wings, I love chicken wings, I can eat those any time of the day My mum makes these amazing stuffed shells. She takes all day because they are perfect, they’re the best thing in the world.

Aww that sounds good, you are making me hungry. When you are not filming or working, do you have chores at home?
Yeah, I have to make my bed every morning, take out the garbage, clean up my room obviously, just like the usual stuff.

Ok that’s good, keeps you balanced. So what advice would you give young actors on handling rejection or being turned down for a role or a project?
Yeah, all actors go through rejections. I have got rejected so many times. You just can’t take it personally, because you don’t know what the director, the casting director, whoever it is, what they want — it could be your hair color, something else, they are very particular about that. Just don’t take rejection too personally.

That’s some good advice. Now, what actor or celebrity would you love to have the opportunity to work with in the future? And why would you have chosen them?
Let’s see, Robert DeNiro, he is one of my favorite actors of all time. Leonardo DiCaprio, he can do it all, and maybe Steve Correll, that would be cool.

And why would you particularly pick them?
Robert De Niro he does it all, he is a great serious actor, great director — great with comedy, side by side that would be cool to do. Leonardo DiCaprio — he is an Oscar winner, every single thing he has done – he has been amazing in. Cool to work with him. The Office is one of my favorite shows ever and his timing is amazing, so that’s another reason.

Which one of Robert DeNiro’s projects is one of your favorites?
Meet the Parents and The Godfather.

Ok, and Leonardo DiCaprio?
The Wolf of Wall Street, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, he has so many amazing films; I could go on all day.

I love the movie with him — Shutter Island.
I keep seeing that on Netflix but haven’t clicked on it yet,I need to click on it.

You will not be disappointed it will take your love for him to a different level.
Ok, I am going to do it.

A highly recommended movie, I was reluctant to watch it as first, my husband and son kept on that I had to see it, I am like ok I will give it a shot. I have seen it maybe two or three times already, still just as time as the first time, it’s really good.
I am going to watch it.

You can thank me later Thomas. We are done, and I want to first thank you so much for taking time out of your amazing time and busy schedule and giving Posh children’s magazine the time to have an interview with you, and we are totally grateful, thank you a million.
Thank you.

Ok, we look forward to working with you again, doing something else with you, keep on the great work you are doing and we look forward to seeing more of that face of yours on the screen.
Thank you so much I really appreciate that. I will go watchShutter Island now.

Have fun and make sure you have no bathroom breaks.
Thank you, bye.

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