What or who inspires you?

This issue was extremely important, because it came after Mother’s Day and I have met some amazing mothers, and I have heard some of their amazing and very inspiring stories, one of which I will share in detail. So, thanks to you all, for taking the time to read this issue, and for taking the time delve into the readers’ stories that I am about to share.

Inspiration, it is that spark that people see in stressful times. It is one of the strongest catalyst that makes us do more when we thought we did not have it in us to the extra mile. There are so many ways to describe inspiration, but in this issue, I focus on the people who bring others inspiration. Some like Mckenna Grace, inspire us through her acting, while others like Danielle Walker, who inspire us through her experience with health problems that many would give in to and lose themselves in despondency. She took back control of her health, and now she shares her experience with others and has become that light in the darkness.

My position at Posh Kids Magazine, has afforded me the privilege of meeting many amazing parents and families, who share their stories with you, through my one-on-one interviews. One story that has had a strong impact on me was, Karyn and Sienna’s story. She shared her story of her daughter’s birth, and her experiences with raising a child with autism, with such candor and grace, that it moved me to tears and inspired me at the same time. I want to share her story with you, in hopes that it may inspire others, as it has inspired me.

Take a minute to imagine, a time that is supposed to be one of the happiest moment in your life: the birth of your first child– turn into epic situation, filled with confusion.

Five years ago, Karyn and her husband, started down their path of what Karyn calls, “perfectly imperfect”. There were no early signs that Sienna would have had issues during her birth, but upon her arrival, she went into respiratory failure, and had to be rushed to the MICU.

Karyn and Sienna, did not get the chance to experience what many newborn babies and mothers get to experience: being held and welcomed on her baby debut into a new family. Karyn was unable to see her daughter for over 6 hours, because she was still recovering from having a c-section and recovering from the effected of the medications that were administered to her during a long and difficult labor. Her husband did his best to go back and forth, with keeping Karyn posted and up to date with all the information he knew about the ordeal, as he dealt with her physician and medical staff. When she was finally able to go see Sienna, she was unable to hold her, because they did not want Sienna to move around too much, fearing that her fragile condition could worsen. She was incubated to help breathe on her own, while her lungs developed and grew stronger. The doctors updated Karyn and her husband, but the new parents were still overwhelmed and baffled. They did not know what was wrong with her. They thought it was fluid in the lungs that would eventually clear up, but when they realized that that was not the issue, they had various specialists get involved, so they could better assess the problem, and get a more rounded evaluation of the situation, but still, there was no clear answers to matter.

Over the weeks that followed, Karyn spent every day and every moment she could at hospital. From early morning, to late night. During this time, she saw other families in with MICU, with similar situations, and was able to talk with them. She gave them encouraging words and tried to assure them that they will be ok. She started to realize, that talking to these other families, also helped her. It gave her strength. She worked hard and became an advocate for Sienna. She learned everything the doctors were talking about, so she would not be lost when they were discussing her case. She learned as much as she can, and it paid off. She was able to take Sienna home after setting up her home with the right equipment, such as, a huge oxygen tank, they called “R2D2”, and other machines. She also had to undergo special training. She gave thanks to her mom, who was a nurse and because of that, she grew up feeling comfortable in a hospital environment. This helped greatly, once Sienna was home. She had to handle most of the hands-on work with Sienna, because her husband was afraid of hurting his frail little girl. I understand his feeling clearly. Dads are generally overprotective, but they are also gentle with their young ones and still their biggest fear is, that they might hurt their children when they are so small and fragile.

Karyn started Sienna’s Instagram, as a way to document her life with her family, because they were unsure of how much time they would have with her. But now, Instagram serves a greater meaning:Inspiration. It has inspired many mothers, who have children faced with disability and problems at birth. Karyn and Sienna’s story, gives strength to others and I am happy to use my letter to tell her story to our readers. You can follow Sienna on her Instagram, @Karynsphotobooth.

Maximo Hamilton

Editor In Chief

The goal is to create a content that the whole family can read.