Woodlands Nursery

Woodlands Nursery

Designing a nursery is always a special task, but when the parents don’t know the gender, it adds another layer of intrigue that is wonderfully exciting. Let’s take a look at our Woodlands Nursery.

The brief for this room was a space that was gender-neutral but was a little more exciting than the standard grey and white palette often found in these types of rooms. To achieve this, we designed a room that made subtle use of greys and pastels but would also allow the parents to easily add dashes of pink or blue once their little one arrived and have those colors integrate seamlessly into the space, Woodland Nursery.

We decided on a woodlands nursery theme, as it’s rustic, neutral, and –most importantly – absolutely adorable. The walls were kept neutral but added a feature turquoise wall to add a lovely pop of color to the room. We then layered in woodlands decals that we sourced from Canada. Decals are always a great way to transform a space as they are quick and easy to install, but they are also easy to remove as they create minimal damage to the walls, which is ideal for rental properties. Tree silhouette material was used for the blackout drapes, and a cute etching of a rabbit was hung on the wall. Special pieces of art are always a great addition to any nursery.

There are many animals for our little clients to discover as they grow. From a deer peeping out from the drapes to a squirrel perching on the doorframe, a well-designed nursery is one that not only looks good but is functional. It considers how the room will be used to determine furniture placement and looks into what activity takes place in each area to ensure items such as side tables, sidelights, and nappy bins are placed within easy reach. When you strike a balance between functionality and design, you create a beautiful room like Woodlands Nursery.

About Kinderoo Childrens Interiors

Kinderoo Children’s Interiors create beautiful, safe spaces to be enjoyed by children and admired by adults across the world. Specializing in nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms, the Kinderoo team craft accessible children’s interiors that are thoughtfully designed to grow with

your child. Taking into account their personality, likes, and development stages,

they create an engaging environment that is aesthetically pleasing to both

child and parent.


Top Tips for Designing a Nursery Like Woodlands Nursery.

1. Consider layout:

Maximize the space you have and ensure there is space for sleeping, playing, reading, and storage.

2. Visualize the future:

When designing a nursery, visualize it with a single bed and decorate accordingly, so you don’t have to completely redecorate when your child moves from a cot to a big bed.

3. Identify the main wall:

This is the first wall you see when you enter the room – it’s usually the largest one without a window. Use this as the ‘show piece’ where you might display artwork, use wallpaper or decals, and where you would position the bed.

4. Choose a bed for longevity:

White and timber are considered neutral and timeless. Position the bed against the feature wall. If you have a ‘busy’ wall, use block color, neutral, or plain bedding to provide a contrast.

5. Somewhere to play:

Create a zone in the room for your child to play or read. It could be as simple as a comfy cushion, bean bag, tent, or teepee. I often place clear Perspex shelves on the wall in which to display books to create a reading corner.

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