Yeehaw 3D Printer

Technology has advanced more rapidly given the tools currently available and it has helped shape the world we live in today. It has advanced to the point where young kids can learn programming with easy-to-use technology built into toys, apps and other gadgets. One of the biggest industries helping humanity is 3D printing. It was originally used to print small scale designs but has evolved into much more. Today, 3D printing is used to provide prosthetics, build homes, car parts and more.

The Yeehaw is a 3D printer designed by kids for other creative kids and adults. It’s sleek design and easy-to-use interface allows kids to unleash their unlimited creativity. The Yeehaw is connected through the cloud via an easy to use app or via the web on the desktop to bring your creations to life. Most printers are bulky and look like a commercial tool but this reminds me of something Apple would create. It’s attractive and can be placed anywhere in the home. More importantly, it’s very user-friendly for smart young kids and adults to use, which was a design perfected by Apple that made iOS a household name. Kids as young as 2 have mastered the iPad and apps designed for it. Now you have a printer connected to bring their creations to life.

They surpassed their Kickstarter goal by almost 300% and will be on the market soon. It’s priced to be very affordable and something you might see in many households. For more info visit,