Yoga with Gaby Maldonado

1. First and foremost how and why did you start yoga?
I started my yoga practice because I needed a holistic change in my lifestyle, mind-body-soul to be equal. Yoga made me aware of the power of being in the present moment, to breathe and to reconnect with myself. I’m so thankful that yoga magically appeared in my life.

2. Do you have a mentor/teacher?
Yes, my mentor is nature! Even the desert blooms.

3. Tell me about your practice style and how did you choose your yoga method?
I practice ashtanga and vinyasa, I love the inner strength that ashtanga provides and the flowing energy of vinyasa. I like to have fun in my practice and love modifying a regular pose while working with my feminine energy!

4. What are some types of challenges you’ve experienced during yoga?
My biggest challenge has been my own self-doubts and limitations but the more I opened my mind and heart the more I trusted myself. I was able to let go of fear and grow from the inside out! I believe yoga is a self-awareness practice, the more you love and accept yourself the more you grow, not only in your practice but in every single aspect of life.

5. How important is nutrition to you?
Nutrition is essential! It’s the fuel of our body! Loving and respecting our bodies is a divine responsibility, when we have healthy habits we feel better and our energy and joy is contagious.

6. How do you incorporate healthy eating at home with your children?
Homemade meals daily with lots of veggies and fruits. I try to stay away from snacks, canned or processed foods, artificial drinks and try to explain to them the importance of eating healthy but they are still kids so we just need to have a healthy balance.

7. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

8. Do you meal prep?
I cook daily, eating at home is very important for our family. I don’t have a plan but I have an idea of what is in my fridge.

9. Do you have a philosophy for yoga?
Love yourself first and the rest will follow!

10. How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga has changed my whole life for the better, it helped shift unhealthy patterns and beliefs.

11. Do you feel yoga is important for the times we live in?
Absolutely!!! Today’s life is full of activities and as a consequence we are always rushing from place to place. Learning to quiet the mind and taking some time for ourselves is essential to our soul, physical body and mental health!

12. What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome?
It helped me overcome grief and to forgive, to approach and to see life in a different perspective – that everything is a blessing!

13. How often do you work out or practice yoga?
I do both daily. The magic of yoga is that you can do it anytime- anywhere, no excuses.

14. Have you ever practiced prenatal yoga?
Never but I wish I did.

15. Do you incorporate yoga with your little ones?
I do, we love practicing together. Little by little my whole family is getting more into the practice.

6. What does Namaste mean?
The divine in me honors the divine in you.

17. Do you have a favorite yoga position?
Pinchamayurasana is my favorite yoga pose.

18. Do you practice dhyana (meditation)?
YES, meditation feeds the soul. I do it always before practice it helps me to get into the moment and free my mind!

19. Have you found more balance & clarity in your life since you started practicing yoga?
I’m a very calm but intense person. Yoga has helped to balance myself and have more clarity and understanding in my life.

20. What kind of music do you listen to during yoga?
Latin music.